Premier League 2010/2011; Torres Dua Chelsea Kosong.

Hari ni hari bersejarah. Tak pernah lagi gua turun Anfield twice in a week. Last time was an Europa League match against Napoli and we nailed it like we all wanted. It was a great comeback. Ah, lambat lagi nak sampai Anfield. Kali ni gua turun dengan harapan Anfield kembali bergegar dengan sorakan gila dari Kopities itu sendiri. Chelsea is our opponent for this time. They are on top of the league, 13 points gap between us.

Cole "Wow, tingginya awak lompat. Kagum lah saya"
Kuyt "Watch this kid. This is the way to struck a ball using your forehead. Tengok macam mana gua buat."

 Pak Cik Roy with his guards-men. Skinheads from Merseyside. Still young but dangerous. Romper Stomper versi Liverpool.

Yesterday was not a good day since Park Ji Sung scored twice for his team, one of it was in dying minute. Lagi buat gua panas. Takpe lah, forget about it, sekarang gua kena fokus untuk game ni. Dalam flight gua online pakai Acer Travelmate 2400 gua yang menjadi teman seper-online-an gua sejak 3 tahun dulu. Gua usha page-page untuk previu game nih. Banyak sekali komen-komen liar yang gua baca.

Acid from Nigeria "We are the blues and can never loose to the Reds."

Sean from Canada "Chelsea got what it takes to defeat Liverpool with 3-0!"

Bumbaz from Ghana "Chelsea will suprise the whole world by beating Liverpool by 5 goals to none!"

Josh from Singapore "I'm afraid that Mikel and Zhirkov will own Gerrard."

Oyeniyi from Cote D'Ivoire "If Liverpool want to score against Chealsea, they should go and beg Mourinho to release Alonso for today's match. Liverpool 0 Chealsea 2"

Amin from Iran "We will bury The Reds at their home because we are the champions."

Nathan from USA Today "Liverpool will feel the venom of the blues."

Mark from Denmark "Dont worry Chelsea, John Terry and Ivanoic are more than enough to eat Gerrard and Torres up and Drogba will kill Reina,so Liverpool should lose to Chelsea."

Giancarlo from Italy "Liverpool 1 - Chelsea 3. Liverpool are very poor. The win against Napoli means little."

Lantak lah, tak terjejas pon. Since three to four years ago I was mentally ready and prepared when it involves any Liverpool haters from all over the world. A-ha, dah sampai pon. As usual, I just need to show my VIP season pass and they let me in without any arguments and any songeh. Sampai-sampai je Daglish dengan John dah sapa gua.

Daglish "Dude, come and sit next to me!"
John "You owe me a match bro, come here! I have so many things to discuss with you regarding LFC future"
KeCiK "Sori my dearest friends. I'm going to watch the game among those crazy supporters. Relek ah, nanti habis game gua spend time dengan lu olls k."

Gua tunjuk V sign kat diorang sebagai tanda victory dan gua terus berangkat ke target seat gua. Pergh, ramai gila. 5 minutes before the match starts, gua sembang-sembang dengan uncle sebelah gua. Nama dia Uncle Tom.

KeCiK "Agak-agak PakCik game ni kita boleh menang tak?"
Uncle Tom "Are you one of the Kopities?"
KeCiK "Of course I am, that's why I'm here"
Uncle Tom "Let me tell you kid, as a real supporter, there's no such thing as 'agak-agak' or hesitance before the match, keep optimistic and the match is yours, win or lose."

Gua terkesima. Gua rasa humble. Gua rasa gua antara supporter LFC yang paling crazee tapi Uncle Tom lagi crazee dari gua. Gua makin semangat. Lagi beberapa minit nak start kami sing along lagu YNWA macam biasa.

Players dah keluar. Eh! Martin Kelly? Kuyt? Gua terkejut. Gua memang tak expect Johnson will play as our right back because I think Carra will cover that. But Kelly the youngster? Kuyt is also there? This is very interesting. Pak Cik Roy tak cakap pulak dia nak pakai Kelly instead of Johnson or Carra. Takpe, gua percaya kat lu Pak Cik, you are our gaffer and I have faith in you.

Gua baru nak order air oren dengan kuaci tapi gua hold dulu niat gua. Bola di kaki Kuyt, great first touch by Torres and wtf !!! He scored !!! Punggung gua tak panas lagi tapi Torres dah score !!! A splendid pass from Kuyt as he lofts a ball over Terry. Torres controls well and hits his shot into the ground and up over Cech. Oh my oh my, this is all that we wanted. Early goal to make it comfortable. Gua excited sangat sampai lupa nak order air oren dengan sepeket kuaci tadi. Cis, ni semua sebab gol awal.

Lucas "Awak ni comot lah, ada tahi hidung di situ. Meh sini saya bersihkan"
Torres "You such a gentleman dude but please stop. Geli gua."

Ni yang gua tak berapa suka. Chelsea is enjoying 60% possession so far after that goal. Risau jugak gua kalau main deep defending macam ni. Tapi risau gua pergi begitu sahaja, huge roar from the Kop as Kelly slides in to make a challenge on Malouda. Kelly is awesome. Same to other defenders, best gila tengok diorang defend. Macam ni la baru convincing!

WoW, is that Lucas? Terpesona gua melihat gaya permainan beliau. It's not that he dribbles the ball and beat four player, it's not that he does a bicycle kick. The way he plays is so convincing as a holding midfielder. He hounded Chelsea out of possession with some fine interceptions and tackles in a superbly committed and energetic display. Oh my, he begins to win the Liverpool fans over with this performance.

Anfield kembali bergegar bak kanak-kanak bawah umur bermain meriam buluh. Torres scores again! Gila lah! Superb goal from Torres !!! Ashley Cole is caught in possession by Meireles who just gives it to Torres on the left of the area. He cuts inside on to his right foot and curls the most delightful goal into the corner of the net. Cech had no chance. My El-Nino is back mengembek !!!

Can you listen to this roaring Anfiled chanting my name?

What a 45 minutes for Liverpool.

Oh shit, Drogba is on replacing Kalou yang gua rasa give up dengan defenders kita yang sungguh awesome during the first half. "Pergh, bola macam tu pon lu boleh save !?" jerit gua kat Reina. Stunning save from Reina tepat pada minit ke 66! Drogba put in a superb low cross into the six yard box and Malouda is there to sweep home but Reina somehow manages to bat it away. Gua rasa Reina was a little bit unlucky because the ball struck right in front of him. Nasib baik dowh.

Wah, Ivanovic out, Bosingwa comes in. Zhirkov is off and Sturridge comes on. Fark, sikit lagi nak gol ! What a chance! Kuyt spins on a ball inside the area and fires in a low shot and Cech's right foot diverts it behind for another corner. Superb stop by the only mamat in Premier League who wears a rugby cap. Tengok jam kejap "Nice, still got 10 minutes to go. Kamon Redsmen! U ken duwit !" jerit gua sorang-sorang. Gua sempat text Pak Cik Roy...

"Pak Cik, gua tengok Kuyt dah pancit lah. Dia baru elok injured, you better pull him out from the game. Bagi Shelvey main, leh bagi experience kat budak tu"

Pak Cik Roy nyata yakin dengan tactical gua. Jonjo Shelvey on for Dirk Kuyt. Gua harap budak botak ni useful when it comes to counter attack. Fresh legs la katakan. Aik? David Ngog is ready? Gua ingat dia ni injured. Mesti replace Torres, takkan nak main 4-4-2 kot. Taakulan gua tepat. Torres gets a standing ovation as he goes off. On comes N'gog. Wow, dah tiga orang youngsters main ini malam. Kelly, Shelvey and Ngog. Then I notice the linesman pull out the gadget, used to show minutes added. 3 minutes only? Yes, this will be a dream come true. Still got 3 more minutes. Gua baru nak text Pak Cik Roy untuk masuk lagi sub, burn the time tapi Pak Cik Roy lebih tahu dari gua. Another youngster will be playing in this vital match. Meireles comes off and Jay Spearing comes on.

Woi Maxi! What are you doin' mate !? Bangang lah, you should have scored in that position. Yang kau dive apasal? Nasib baik tak dapat card. But who cares? There's the final whistle and my Liverpool have our third league win in a row. A fantastic performance from the Reds and we have picked up our biggest win of the season. A superb victory for Liverpool, and we thoroughly deserve it. Two superb goals from Torres, and Chelsea suffer their second defeat of the season. KahKah.

Ancelotti "Ok boys, meh sini salam Pak Cik Roy. You all patut belajar dari dia"
Pak Cik Roy "Woi, nanti kat dressing room lah. Malu lah gua kalau player lu semua salam gua kat sini"

Only two weeks ago we were 19th, and now we are 9th. We nailed it! 2-0 baby! 2-0!

 Lepas game gua sempat meeting dengan ahli-ahli lembaga pengarah. Gua sorang je dari Malaysia, sebab tu tak pakai kot. Kat Malaysia panas, celah mana nak pakai kot.

After the meeting, they decided to pick me as the assistant to Damien Comolli. FYI, Damien Comolli adalah Pengarah Strategi Bolasepak buat Liverpool FC. So tugas gua ada lah meninjau, mengenalpasti dan merektut bakat-bakat muda serta pemain baru di kawasan Asia. At first they ask me to cover Africa and South American but since I'm still a student, covering Asia is the best that I can do.

Lepas meeting gua sempat singgah Santiago Bernabeu, tengok Real vs Atletico. Saja jumpa member lama, Alonso. Dia former The Reds so gua rasa tak salah gua sokong dia as a player for that particular team. Tahniah gua nak ucapkan kepada Real Madrid atas kemenangan 2-0 mengatasi Atletico. Mourinho ajak gua lepak lepas game gua terpaksa tolak. Gua tak cukup tido dan mak gua dah bagi tugas untuk cat depan rumah awal pagi nanti atau lewat petang karang.

Last but not least;

*Most of the pictures were taken from Eurosport, and ESPNsoccernet.

The last picture showing a makcik saying 'Syukur Alhamdulillah' was originally taken from Obefiend. is written by Effi Saharudin. You may click on the picture and it will direct you to the entry about it. An awesome blog written bravely without any hesitation. It's not easy to be bold when you're in doubt though.
p/s: Liverpool win, Federer wins, Chelsea and Arsenal lost, what a great weekend !!

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  sale_ehs gerrard

November 8, 2010 at 11:33 PM

kecik.. aku rasa ko patut ler ganti sammy lee tu.. hahhahahah


November 9, 2010 at 12:09 AM

wud love dude...wud love to be on that position, just next to our gaffer!

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