Another bore draw; Wigan Satu Liverpool juga sumbat satu.

Okay. Another bore draw. We don't deserved to get a single point from this game, Wigan should. No urgency on the ball, toothless performance and lack of build up play. What was that? I assume we were lucky to get an early goal. We defended too deep. We waited, we waited and we waited. It looks like we rely on the counter attack. Pancit? Angin takde? I'm not sure, ask Pak Cik Roy, he should have the answer.

Apart from that, the goal was awesome. Pin-point through ball from Gerrard. Sweet first touch by Torres and buried with smart and calm finishing. Sebijik macam gua main masa wakil rumah sukan dulu.

Shelvey - I'm not sure why he was used to replace Meireles. I think Jay Spearing deserved to get his chance since that is his natural position, playing as a central midfielder. Helping Lucas on defensive area and Gerrard on offensive area. Shelvey doesn't look fit at all even he started in the second half.

Meireles - Flop of the match. I don't know exactly what is his position. Roaming all around without contributing. He deserved to be substituted, I'm not sure because what was the reason. Injured? Maybe. Performance? Yes.

Ngog should play in this match to play alongside Torres and inject some offensive force while attacking. Cakap banyak pon tak guna, what's done is done. Lack of winning mentality is our main problem, for now. We need consistency. Gua ngantuk gila, time to sleep. Adieu.

My MOTM - Charles Darwin. Eh bukan, Charles N'Zogbia. Flop? Gua dah mention tadi.

p/s: Today is the day I've been waiting for. Ntah apa la budak-budak ni dapat. The UPSR result will be out today.

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  cEritA kU

November 11, 2010 at 12:18 PM

kekadang aku suke baca blog ko kekadang aku ada boring..mungkin aku hanya meminati tgk bola bukan menyelami perasaan bola..hahahhahahahahahahah(kurang hajau sungguh komen aku)


November 11, 2010 at 10:18 PM

Gila, haha. Gua appreciate lu punya niat utk usha blog gua. Thx dude!

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