Flash Mob - Spot the difference

A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire.

"What telah happen man, why suddenly you seem to be interested in this thing?"

Last week on Saturday, 16th April, exactly at 5PM I went to Masjid Jamek just to see a protest against the media organized by Platform.AM. Technically I involved in this so-called-protest but I wasn't part of the major protesters. I sat just near the main road in front of LRT station, grab my newspaper and read it upside down. There were few people doing the same thing in the middle of the main road and the other side of the road. Then, few Malaysians approached me;

"Bang, abang baca paper terbalik ni..."

I smile at them.

"Oh, ni yang sama macam kat seberang jalan tu ke..."

I kept smiling. Probably my smile wasn't the cutest smile, they walk away from me. I continue on my 'thorough' reading for another few minutes. Beng Beng was there also doing the same thing, thanks yaw! Nanti gua payung eskepal kat New Village okey.

We stop reading and went to Masjid India since gua belum Asar lagi. Then gua balik. Bajet dah contribute le tu? Keh keh keh.

Few days later a video was uploaded by TVSelangor regarding the protest. Nice. Platform.AM also uploaded few pictures about it. I didn't know that they were doing it at KLCC too. I thought they were doing it near Masjid Jamek only. Kool mang!

Initially this entry isn't all about the protest, I just want to highlight something regarding some Malaysians who have negative perspective and perception on this matter. This is the video about the protest and have a look at those comments.

Budak-budak ni tak sekolah ke?

Ini tanah kita...tapi kita rela berkongsi...jgn sampai hak kita tergadai...xmalu kew ngn ank cucu nti ko wt perangai bodoh...lebih baik KAU yg bodoh baca tebalik ngn tukang spray tu fikir balik..apa yang dh buat tu berbaloi kew??

Mcm org gila pun ada...meroyan kot...

Berapa la upah kat budak-budak tu....aku pun nk jgk...

Melayu bodoh untung tak seberapa sanggup jadi alat Ultra Kiasu.

Nie jenis budak tak lepas tadika ...baca terbalik.

I am fine with these comments because I believe everyone has their own perspective, idea, and perception but this entry doesn't stop here. Now please have a look at this video on Justin Bieber Flash Mob Malaysia performing at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Mind if you read the comments too?

This is awesome!!!!!!



Wow..this is so cool!!

Thats fuckin awesome :)
This is so cool.. how do people organize these things?!

They're so excited! haha soo cute!

Let's do it!

OH MY I LOVE THIS... can you please upload the whole song here on youtube pwease... im begging on my knees.


Bak kata Nabil, lu pikir la sendiri. Assalamualikum.

p/s: Pagi pagi dah rage sebab tadi masa belajar parking kereta, semua tiang gua langgar. Cis.

Wish I have RM5000

Seriously I don't have enough strength to move my fingers, start typing and write a new entry. I am too lazy to crack my head and come up with something stupid like I usually did.

"I got an idea!"

"Idea apa dude?"

"We thrashed Menyoo at Anfield few weeks ago! You should write an entry about it!"

"That is so lame. Dah lama. BTW, nice game yo. Kita titik Fergie's babes kaw kaw right?"

"Damn right!"

"We also thrashed another Manchester team, 3-0 right?"

"Damn right!"

"Carroll scored his first two goal at Anfield right? Sending the crowd into RAWR!"

"Damn right!"

"Carroll 2 Torres 0 right?"

"Damn right!"

"Bodoh apa ni asyik 'damn right' !!!"

Macam biasa, gua bermonolog dengan diri gua sendiri. Bodoh bukan? Yes, I am retarded and weirdo. Pure idiot inside and outside. Since I went to Frinjan19 last time, let me tell you idiots a little about it.

This time Frinjan was held at Laman Budaya Shah Alam, not at Dataran Shah Alam like they always did. Frinjan yang lepas lepas gua macam biasalah, jadi pengunjung biasa, lepak lepak, chill chill layan live performance, usha buku buku, cd-cd yang best memang gua rembat. But this time I was technically part of it. Gua diberi amanat untuk jaga ChowKit Kita booth on that day.

"ChowKit Kita, what the hell is that man?"

"Berbuih sial gua nak cerita kat lu, gi tengok sendirilah !!!" ---> CKK

The primary goal we open a booth is recruiting volunteers for the Pesta Chow Kit Kita on June 12. We've made a calendar with our workshop dates. If they're interested in helping in a particular workshop, they can immediately book a slot by putting their name in for that date. For those who sign up, we give them 1 Pesta CKK1 poster and 1 CKK1 brochure as a souvenir.

FYI, the theme for Phase 2 is FOOD IN CHOW KIT. There will be a t-shirt/tote bag printing station, performances, eating, photo studio, exhibition, info & registration BUT no street theater this time.

The event started at 5, macam biasa petang petang orang tak ramai sangat. Time tu baru gua imagine kalau gua ada PSP, boleh juga gua tekan-tekan apa yang patut. Gua dah jemu main snake kat henpon nokia gua. Bosan. Pukul 7 gua capai baju pagoda yang gua bawak, Maghrib. Takkan gua nak Maghrib pakai baju Pikachu yang gua pakai, nanti Tok Siak masjid tak bagi masuk.

Usually they will perform Maghrib prayer at the upper hall but this time, since they were having forum perdana, Maghrib prayer shall be done at the lower hall.

Gua segan tengok ramai jemaah lengkap dengan kopiah, serban dan berjubah walhal gua hanya berseluar jean hitam berbaju pagoda. Nasib baik gua ada jambang, nampak la sikit gaya pemuda Muslim yang cekal menunaikan ibadat tak kira di mana jua beliau berada. Keh keh keh.

Selesai Maghrib gua gerak balik ke Frinjan. A-ha, ramai pon orang. Baru gua semangat nak cari volunteer volunteer untuk fasa kedua Pesta CKK. To tell you the truth, I'm not good on convincing people to join certain occasion or event but lucky me, Iqa was there. She speaks pung pang dentam dentum and guess what, dah dapat 2-3 orang. Apa fungsi gua? I tried very hard to 'recruit' few volunteers but at some point, even I don't understand what in the hell I was doing. Gua sendiri pening. Nasib baik lu ada Iqa, kalau gua sorang sorang jaga booth, gua yakin amat booth tu tutup awal gara-gara cara gua menarik pengunjung. Tak sesia lu dapat action figure Star Wars tu kan? Cis. Unfair sungguh.

Check it out, Narsil, Excalibur, and Sting yo! The heaviest sword goes to Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword. Berat gila.

Gua bukan nak kecoh pasal benda tu semua. Gua cuma nak kecoh pasal benda nih. Besides us, they were many booths opened on that day like Bijou Bazaar, Morning Rockey, Distro Buku and Toy Rebels. Gua nak highlight satu booth ni je, Toy Rebels.

Toyrebels is an online retail store owned and operated by Jayline Marketing Sdn Bhd (916211-M), a registered private limited company located in Malaysia.

Their goal is to provide you top-notch customer service with fast shipping and reasonable prices. The bottom line is, they have a passion for what they do and hopefully the customers will enjoy every shopping experience they have with them.

Why I wish I have RM5000?

Gua memang jaki tengok mainan. Apatah lagi mainan yang real. Toy Rebels presented some of my favorite toys like the swords from Lord of The Ring (Gimli Battle Axe and Staff of Gandalf were there too!), Thundercats, Pirates of Caribbean, Conan the Barbarian and many more toys.

With RM5000 I will be able to sapu and rembat some of those toys. Dalam dompet gua ada 30 hengget je. Cis.

Takkan nak jual ex5 gua pulak, nanti gua nak balik naik apa? nak pergi kelas naik apa?

Dem, wish I have lima ribu ringgit. Lima ribu je untuk puaskan nafsu gila gua.

p/s: Next Frinjan will be held at Kompleks Belia & Kebudayaan Selangor on May 7th. The likes of Beeha, Wani Ardy, Komunis Puitis, Gloria, Sekumpulan Orang Gila, Round Robin, Catatan Ilustrasi and others will be there too. Apart from that, a friendly football match between Frinjan and Sokernet will be held too, InsyaAllah.

King Kenny FTW

You want some of me huh? Come and get it yaw.

I am too lazy to write my analysis on this game. That game was kinda lame, nothing spectacular. Just a late drama, two goals from two spot kicks scored by two Dutchman. How epic was it?

Credit to 17 year old Robinson for making his first start in senior squad for this season. Lu memang osem. Same goes to Flanagan. Lu memang ganas, you even injured your skipper in this game.

Rahang lu macam mana Carra?

p/s: I guess few people just discovered something unnecessary in this cheap blog. Jangan kecoh kecoh ok.

Pekan Frinjan 19 edisi Talenta Muda + Bijou Bazaar

TARIKH : 9 APRIL 20111
MASA : 5.00pm - 12.00am

Dude, laman budaya Shah Alam kat mana? Biasa diorang buat kat dataran je kan?

Heh, chill mate. Area tu juga, lu menapak pon gua rasa around 5-10 minutes only. Paling koman pun ketiak lu berkawah la kot.

Kat mana woi? Kang gua sesat!

Imagine you are from Dataran Shah Alam. Go down to Plaza Alam Sentral. Walk along that road until you meet a junction. In front of you is Taman Rekreasi Permai which is near the lake. Turn right and now you are on Persiaran Tasek. Go straight and you will find it on your left. Senang kan? Kalau lu bebal sangat please refer map ni.

Click for larger image. Tu pun nak gua suruh ke?

Kolaborasi bersama Bijou Bazaar diteruskan dan untuk XIX kami mempersembahkan bakat-bakat seni dari para remaja KL Krash Pad, persembahan dari Kaki Teater Muda Putrajaya, pameran seni mainan dari Toy Rebels dan sesi perkongsian seni bersama Hang Dimas dari kumpulan Hujan.
Jadual acara

5 petang
Bazar oleh Bijou Bazaar, Frinjan dan pameran seni mainan Toy Rebels dibuka.

 Sesi perkongsian seni bersama Hang Dimas dari kumpulan Hujan bertajuk “Anak Seni & Cabarannya” dengan kerjasama Morning Rocket

Persembahan akustik oleh the D.I.A

6 petang

Sesi perkongsian bersama Toy Rebels 'Menan-menan seni'

7 malam
Rehat dan solat

8.00 malam

Persembahan oleh remaja KL Krash Pad

"This is the group for anyone who wishes to know more about, or contact the KL Krash Pad, a centre for at risk youths in the Chow Kit area.

Come to KL Krash Pad and engage in art lessons, drama workshops, dance classes, sports and educational activities or anything you may wish to suggest.
They provide food and a safe fun space for the kids. Kids are free to use their IT room, gym or music room and partake in any of the activities."

for more detail,

10.30 malam


Baca lanjut di sini Frinjan

Pertanyaan sila hubungi:

013 299 0192 : Farhan
010 512 6836 : Zulhabri
017 699 7684 : Naha

atau emel ke

Twitter: frinjan

p/s: Chow Kit Kita will open booth at this event also woi!

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