Im not sure why I post this. As usual, like I care.

Lagu tiga kupang
Saku penuh padi
Enam ekor burung
Masuk dalam kuali

Bila sudah masak
Burung nyanyi saja
Tentu sedap makan
Beri pada raja

( korus )
Raja dalam rumah
Buat kira-kira
Suri dalam dapur
Makan roti gula hey !

Dayang tepi kolam
Mahu jemur tepung
Datang burung hitam
Pagut batang hidung
Hidung… hidung… hidung

Manga ! Manga ! Manga !

One Piece 579 - A few seconds of courage
-Well said Coby.
-Shanks appeared !!

Hareluya II Boy 116 - Shake
-Hibino as usual. INVINCIBLE !!!!

Bleach 397 - Edge of Silence
-Oh my, Kurosaki Isshin is there!


Why do I hate Manchester United ?

Their suporters claiming that the hate toward Menyoo is all because of jealousy- eventhough other clubs have a lot more silverware to show.

Most of the suporters don't even know who is Karel Poborsky and even Jaap Stam. Guess players that they only know.

They have only become a number of people paying to watch as long as the results are good.

I get upset with his constant harassing of referees, looking at his watch and gruff manner as anyone else.

At Old Trafford you are guaranteed 15 minutes extra football every game.

I once saw the Neville brothers kick a player to the ground in the penalty box and repeatedly punch the man in the face. Result? The player was booked for diving.

Gary Neville - I hate the man. He is a good footballer. But I hate the man. I hate his complete lack of personality. Phil Neville is fine. Ok.

I just hate them.... I just do ! just because they are Man United.

I have to admit, some of your players are good. The likes of Park Ji Sung, Karel Poborsky, Beckham and of course, your twin-strikers, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole. But Im sorry to say, I HATE MAN U.

Latest, Bolton vs Man U, that's the 11th own-goal scored in United's favour this season.

You can ask Gunners, Blues, Villans, Citizens or even Hammers. Which team do they hate?

AirAsia logo is on referees' kit since last couple of season - and which BPL club AirAsia have their special interests in? You know the answer.

I am yet to meet Man U fan who has a great knowledge on football. Hopefully I will meet them one day and have a nice talk. A real football talk.

p/s : Feel offended ?? Hell yeah...Hit me back with FACTS. Like I said earlier, I recommend you who so call Man-U-fan to use FACTS, not vulgar words.

Here are the links. Feel free to read. By the way, what on earth it will be without rivals and haters?

10 Most Hated Football Teams.


Timetable yang macam tuttttt !!!!

Two killer subjects on a same day. Final exam within a week?? Thinking of using vulgar words but....lantak lah aiii....satu cubaan utk menjatuhkan pointer aku yg dah memang out. Have no fear KeCiK, you got four A's and a B during UPSR rite? relek ah...

eh...5.50am !!?? Jangan tido dulu, konpem Subuh kang burn. Sapa suruh layan Futurama??

p/s : You cant see the timetable?? Like I care. Padan muka, memang aku saja bagi tak nampak.

Luckily got no morning class for today. The class is cancelled. The worse part is coming. Hold on.

Ngantuk giler ahhhh !!!!

Super Sunday [Manchester United vs Liverpool]

Have a look at those stats. Five shots and two on targets for 90 minutes? Oh my. [Hantuk kepale kat dinding].

2nd half performance was like shite. That's all. 4th spot is not ours. Well done Park Ji Sung, you play very well. You were everywhere. Fletcher is an a**hole. Not even a yellow card. Sigh.

On the eve of the match Fergie claimed the FA and officials were biased against United, but Benitez responded by saying, "we know about the influence of Sir Alex in everything".

The Liverpool boss was asked if United winger Antonio Valencia dived, to which Benitez responded: "Yes, I think so. I've seen three replays and the last one was very suspicious."

p/s : That was not a penalty.

Europa League draw

The draw took place on Friday, March 19 at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland at 12.00 GMT.

The home team in the final will be Valencia/Atletico Madrid/Benfica/Liverpool to be held at the HSH Nordbank rena, home ground of Hamburg, on Wednesday, May 12 2010.

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger insists the players fully believe they can win the Europa League and are not worried by any side.

"This is the last trophy we can win so we have to give everything we can to win it," said the Denmark international. "We have to show it on the pitch and I think we did against Lille.

"If you have to win a tournament like this one you should beat them all."

YNWA !!!

Avoid injuries. Love yours and others legs.

Watafark !!!

Djibril Cisse's left leg. Prappp !!! do I open my boot !!??

The latest incident. Ryan Shawcross tackled Aaron Ramsey.

Eduardo Silva's left leg. Prappppp ~~~

Tadi kaki kiri, ni kaki kanan plak. Poor you Cisse.

Close your eyes. Snap.

Henrik Larrson. The Swedish legend.

Kieron Dyer dengan aksi menyakitkan mata.

p/s: Use your brain while tackling. Sayangi kaki anda dan kaki orang lain.

Jaw-Dropping Art !!!

Chinese artist Li Wei has produced an unsettling series of self-portraits involving his face reflected in mirrors in public places, and photographs of himself crashing into walls and sidewalks. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality.

Link -----> The Impossible Art

I've been lazy enough to post something here. Lantak aku ah..

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