Malas ???
Effort-less ???
Lazy ???
Idea-less ???

p/s: You guys are damn wrong. I am not as lazy as you think. Even my 'p/s' is longer than my post. Haha. One more haha added up with waka waka.

p/s satu lagi: Sori peeps, KeCiK will be back with something stupid as usual.

Mangkuk Dunia 2010 Update #32

Germany secured third place in the World Cup courtesy of an entertaining 3-2 win over Uruguay in Port Elizabeth. A Sami Khedira header settled a game that saw both Thomas Muller and Diego Forlan move onto five goals for the tournament.

Forlan was an inch away from a late equaliser and taking the lead in the race for the Golden Boot.

It was the fifth time that Germany were involved in a third place play-off. No country has played more matches for the bronze medal.

Khedira ultimately got the decisive touch, sending a clever header looping over Muslera and into the top corner of the net.

Forlan was masterful in attack, rounding off a tremendous tournament

Worst performer: Cacau
-failed miserably
-Isolated, listless and wayward in his shooting
-Count Jansen in, he may scored but his performance was utterly awful. Sungguh awful for an offensive player.

p/s: Uruguay demonstrated the spirit and determination that took them to the semi-finals. (I'm not counting Suarez's intentionally hand ball, it was cheating)

p/s satu lagi: It's 4am. Baru nak packing-packing. Darn.

Mak kau ke mak aku lagi terer?

I know that 10th of July is not Mother's Day. The hell I care with that. Haha.

Lu tunggu la bila gua dah pandai cakap, gua dah pandai matematik, gua dah pandai bawak keta dan gua dah rasa gua dah besar. Gua akan revenge.

Two songs came up in my mind, Oh Ibu dendangan Exists and Just For My Mom nyanyian Sheila On Seben. Eh, satu lagi. Father & Daughter by Paul Simon (OST Wild Thornberrys). Dah, tu je.

These gambars were taken from a site, picture credit goes to: Animals Zone

p/s: Ya Allah wahai Tuhan kami, ampunilah segala dosa-dosa kesalahan kami, serta kasihanilah kami sebagaimana mereka berdua mengasihani kami semasa masih kecil.


Kelam kabut cari tie-tie yang ntah mana since Monday dah start S.E.K.O.L.A.H
My middle name is LAZY
I just noticed that I have class on Monday and it's 8.00 AM.
To make it worse, FIFA Mangkuk Dunia 2010 Final shall commence on that morning !
Ok, here's my options, ATTENDING CLASS or WATCHING THE FINAL ?
Dua-dua? Both?
Tengok lah kalau rajin.
For sure, that final match (Oranje vs Espana) is a must.
Sekali lagi gua nak mention yang gua tengah malas nak packing.
Terima kasih.

The old and the new: Holland in 1974 and Spain in 2008.

That Effing Show #7 Effing Things Malaysian Should Know!

We take to the streets of Bangsar for a new segment: 'Effing Things Malaysians Should Know'!

We stopped people. We kacau-ed them. We asked them questions, and we had some great answers!:

1. What's the name of the national flag?
2. How many times did Tunku Abdul Rahman shout "Merdeka" in Stadium Merdeka?
3. Who's the guy on all our Ringgit notes?
4. Name us some patriotic slogans!

Source - PopTeeVee

p/s: Gotcha !! Haha !!

Mangkuk Dunia 2010 - Tipah Tertipu (Its KeCiK, not Tipah)

Yay ! 2 more hours and the 2nd last match of World Cup shall commence !!!

"Woi KeCiK, lu pehal !?"
"Gua excited lah bro, ni ha game utk 3rd and 4th spot dah nak start"
"Start abah lu !!"
"Lu apehal, main kasar nampak"
"Dude, the match shall commence tomorrow lah"
"Whatttttttttttttttttt......... !?"

Indeed. I just noticed it. Baru perasan game start besok. Fakoff lah.

Trivia: No World Cup third place play-off has ever ended in a draw. South American sides have met European teams in six third-place play-offs so far, with both continents picking up three wins. It's evenly matched.

p/s: Dah banyak kali gua "rasa excited" macam nih.

Mespes story #1 - Status of The Day

the cinta syunk kmu slame

hidup mesti style

mama papa punye

miss independent love indie

aku cyunk dia, aku cinta dia

gagak putih

sepi tanpa mu

A punk said this - ak da bosan idop d dnie....ak rse xde mkne la idop...awex ak da la dok j.b..ak da lteh....ak still syg myra...TLONG CRI AK MYRA !!! [anti polis selama-lamanya]

Penantian satu penyeksaan

hanya aku cinta kau seorang

single is simple

nantykanku d'pintu syurga

syg dye ayu, kecik syg ayu <------sial ada nama aku!



single itu bebas - bsan nye...xde orng nk commnts.... on9 ni...add r sye...

adew aq qesah

napiee syg dilla

Dye Aq Punyee

ku Ralzo maho kau tahu

mus blow me a kiss

mencarik cinta single sudeyyhh

papa n baby

syUHadAh(sYg).... (20.03.2010) sAmpAI sKUnK dOh... aKU syG diE,dIe sYg akU... SmOgE KekAL SamPAi bILe2.... sAyaNG KaU syUHaDah...>>33

Aqu cyunk koe Eyqin ufline...kata:aqu cyng kamo dan rindu hatiku ini tetap risau kan kamo.diriku takot kamo mencurng kn cnta ini..

ley knl,,?????
ta maUu cmbg2 eh,,!!!!

ada org dah x nak ckp ngn aq lg la aq x tau apa x aq dia wat mcm nh ngn aq dr semlm dia x ckp ngn aq aq tanya pn dia wat x tau je hmm..

told u what ; da r bosan . tadek cape na lyan aq0e . bek aq0e tito . agy bgoz . tcing nan kownk cume . tanak kwn . :P

aku kesepian aku keseorangan..............aku ingin mencari teman hidup ku sudikah awk jd gf cye............
x sudi x per...............

hanya aku cinta

LoVe iZ LiFe

Mayat senyum

-M'gejar impian Yg xpsti-

Lurf make me perfect.

aku cyunk dia cmpai mati 'aku cyunk mira aku cinta mira'

p/s: Kamon guys, gimme a break !!! Kahkah from me !!!

Krisis Institut Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (2010)

Fahmi Reza gave a presentation about the crisis of Higher Education in Malaysia recorded during PopIN PopOUT 3: PM PM! event at Central Market Annexe, June 12th 2010. FYI, the event was part of Kuala Lumpur Art & Bookfest 2010.

Source - Blip.TV

Click here to view or download the PDF version of the slideshow presentation.

Fahmi Reza (Make sure you guys sign up first!)

p/s: I am so pissed off to miss this event. I was there on 13th, not 12th !! Warrgghhh !!!

Here's my cheap cerpen regarding events on June of 13th.

KL Art & Book Fest 2010 Part One

KL Art & Book Fest 2010 Part After One

Photo credit: Gua cilok from Fahmi Reza punya fesbuk. Terima kasih many-many. :)

For more info cekidout-dout this ------> Student Power!

That Effing Show #4 I am a Macha


We are machas. We go to mamaks. We like hip-hop. So we made a music video. A really, really, really high-budget one (it features a Porsche, yo!).

Our Message is simple: "When in doubt - don't fight, don't destroy places of worship, don't cane people, don't say ridiculous stuff the rakyat is gonna make fun of in the internets. Just do the 'Macha-rena' (see below), and all will be well".

Source - PopTeeVee

Mangkuk Dunia 2010 Update #31

This is the first time in Spain's history that they have reached the final of a World Cup. A Carles Puyol header in the second half was enough for the European champions to keep alive their World Cup dreams.

For all of Spain's brilliant passing in their World Cup semi-final against Germany, it was a Carles Puyol header from a corner that put them into the final. Puyol rose highest in the second-half to seal Spain's first ever appearance in the final, against Netherlands.

Antara yang telah menderhaka kepada negara masing-masing.

Espana lady or Germany hottie (Arm-pit dia sungguh mengiurkan) ?? Dua-dua boleh tak ??

Relek la bro, gua nak suruh Alonso sign vuvuzela gua ni je. Kecoh lah.

I thought it was Faizal Tahir.

Lu oll ni banyak sangat main lah, meh sini aku setel kan.

I'm not pretty sure why I attach these pictures for this entry.

Ngeh me a pervert, I am.

Boo-Yah !!!

Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme !

She was there at Durban to see his...tak nak sebut, sakit hati gua je.

She is Sarah Brandner. Yummy Sarah. Siapa punya Sarah ? Lu pikir la sendiri.

p/s: Forget about those most prolific passers, here comes Puyol. Setel.

Pete Sampara - LFCs BadgeMan

It’s extremely difficult to maintain the waist coat. This is my third waist coat now. I make them myself. I buy the material, it’s denim which I bleach and then dye red. I cut out the style, sow them back together, put in some zip and velcro. I do that only every 2-3 years. Some of the badges I’ve got are 30-40 years old, real collector’s items, so keep taking them on-off doesn’t do them any good. I am very proud of the waist coat and the badges. Every badge has a very specific and powerful meaning to me.

It might have been donated by a fan from another country or this part of the country or from a particular match which holds a specific memory. I could take any of the badges, and tell you a story about them, where I got it, who gave it to me, the cost. They all have a very special meaning to me. I’ve lost a few, when I jump around, the odd one comes off, but I usually manage to replace them.

Peter Sampara stands out even amongst decorated Liverpool fans.

"Hillsborough has been enormously difficult to deal with, but being part of Liverpool football club is my therapy."

"The man with the badges"

The happiest moment I have had on the Kop past and present was Robbie Fowler scoring against Newcastle to win 4-3

Source - (Pete Sampara exclusive)

p/s: As far as I'm concern, I only have one LFC button and it's on my so-called-kad-pelajar-matrik. Ok lah tu.

Mangkuk Dunia 2010 Update #30

Holland will have their chance to exorcise the ghosts of World Cup finals past on Sunday after beating Uruguay 3-2.

Goals from Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben secured a semi-final victory over Uruguay in Cape Town and a chance to avenge defeats on the game's biggest stage in 1974 and 1978.

Man of the Match: Wesley Sneijder - It was not the most vintage of performances, and he needed a large slice of luck for his goal, but the midfielder once again showed the reason why Manchester United are reportedly planning a £25 million offer for the Inter Milan playmaker. Arjen Robben's final execution just let him down meaning Sneijder picks up the award.

The powerful Mr Duracell. Goyang aku tengok lengan dia.

Kuyt "Mak aih, kasaq lah hangpa main!"
De Zeeuw "Gilo aih, ghaso kasut nih macam durian lah! &*%$# !!!"
Caceres "Den dah koba kek ekau, now you can taste my mercurial vapor!"

The winning team, celebrating with their fans.

p/s: Game ni aku tak tengok pon. Kalo Italy main mesti aku tengok.

Mangkuk Dunia 2010 - Bola Oh Bola

p/s: If it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does. :)

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