MyManUtd forum; "How much do they hate me?"

The last time I talk about my hatred towards Menyoo was few month ago, regarding Nani. Now he stands alongside world-class divers and actors like Gilardino and Busquets. I'm not gonna rants on being such a jerk for talking about diver in football since I guess it is normal to any players to dive and act like they are seriously injured.

 Biarkan. Biarkan.

This time I want to rant about a thing I notice on October this year.While I was checking all my traffic sources, I notice there's a link from a forum conducted by my so-called-football-rival that lead to my blog. How was it happened? I don't have any slightest idea about it.

You may refer to this link for a better view and understanding. Hey man, If you ask me how I feel I would gladly to say I am damn proud. I'm lovin it since they notice the existence of me as a weirdo who hates Menyoo more than any club in this world. It is an honoured for me to be hated by you people when it comes to football rivalry. Gua harap ini saingan yang sihat dari dua belah pihak. It will not be fun if we cheer on the same club. It will be so much fun if we talk shit to each other to show how much do we hate against our rival.

 Get lost. Torres is ours. Why don't you try Adebayor? or maybe Hairuddin Omar. Last game Berbatov scored five goals against Blackburn. I heard lots of rants regarding this fella when he didn't play well. Berba-flop lah...Berba-please-go-home lah...and now he scored for your club and you called him Dimi-God?

Use your imagination, I won't write the caption for this picture. Haha. Despite my hatred against this club I do have sense of respect on this guy. He's 40 and still kicking.

 Tevez "Inspection! Gua nak tengok apa ada dalam"
Ferdinand "Inspection abah kau! After the game lah we settle this"

The deal came less than 48 hours after Rooney claimed that the club lacked of 'ambition'. Some of my rivals gave a mixed reception. Some of them vowed to forgive him and some of them called him 'money-grabbing'. Gila bai, 250 000 in a week! He could be a millionaire within a month. Despite his mega deal he is yet to get his best form. Haha dari gua.

"Join City and you're dead" Goyang kau Rooney. Tau takut.

"Takut takut gua pon gua dapat 250 000 weekly. Lu olls apa dapat?"

 Gary "I love you mate"
Scholes "I love you too mate"

Enuff said. I hate them.

To any Liverpool haters out there feel free to come and talk about football. Let's rant and raving to each other. Let's have a serious debate about football. Kamon!

"Ala, ko jeles kan Menyoo ada kat atas liga?"
"Of course I am but that is not my strong point. I hate them just because they are Manchester United"

p/s: Gua ada last paper besok. Gua satu note pon tak bukak. Gua harap besok gua boleh jawab dengan cemerlang.

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December 1, 2010 at 12:31 AM

eh hairudin omar msk n9 lah.
rezal zambri keluar n9.
sebab tue lah,
there should be censorship for blogging.


December 1, 2010 at 2:12 AM

too many cencorship tak kewl lah, baik baca utusan je.

Indra Putra for Nogori, wow!

  Selipar Putus

December 1, 2010 at 2:39 AM

kecik kO de stOk ubat lebih x? ubat aq da abes.. sawan m'jadik2 ni..hek3~

tade kene mengene ngan entry kO lgsOng an..huhu~ aq tataw pe2 sal bOla, yg aq taw barcelOna mnang 5-0 smlm~ kui3


December 1, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Ubat abes la dude, minyak gamat pon tinggal separuh je dlm botol. mai amek.

Gila ah, aku Barcelona tu pon tak tau wujud ke tak.


  hamzah ian

December 1, 2010 at 2:20 PM



December 5, 2010 at 12:28 AM

Pergh, iklan fuyo magic.


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