Liverpool’s Match-Winner Yossi Benayoun Revels In Real Madrid Success

For all of the European clout shared between two of the biggest names in world football, Real Madrid and Liverpool have only once previously been pitted against each other: the European Cup final in 1981.

It is with some rapture, therefore, that Yossi Benayoun and Liverpool return from the Santiago Bernabeu - for the first time in the club's history - with a win, a near perfect result to protect when the two sides collide at Anfield in a fortnight’s time.

For the majority of Wednesday evening's fixture, it appeared as though the heavyweight clubs were destined to battle out a fruitless stalemate - that is until Benayoun popped up to head home the decisive goal (82’). No-one, it seems, is happier than the 28-year-old.

"Of course I am really pleased to score at the Bernabeu but the most important thing was to get the victory," he explained to the club's official website.

"We're all really pleased because this is a fantastic result for us. It's a great win but we have to think that we still have one more game to play and look to complete the job at Anfield.

"We came with the idea to win. We knew we'd have to work hard in defence but that we could get spaces behind them when they attacked us. We've done well but Real Madrid are a big team with quality players. We have confidence after this result but now we have to put everything into the next game to make sure we are in the next round."

The positive result also showed that Liverpool are no one-man team; talismanic captain Steven Gerrard started the game from the bench. Fernando Torres, too, suffered a knock.

"It will be easier for us when both of them play," Benayoun mentioned. "Gerrard is the most important player on this team, so when he's not playing everyone needs to work harder and it's difficult to fill his place. Hopefully he'll be ready for the next game and that will make things easier."

Meanwhile, hard-working Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt is not getting carried away with the win, as he insists only half the job has been completed.

"We all said to each other in the dressing room that it's still only half-time,” he explained. “We've got another really important game to play against Madrid and they're a really good side. We knew they'd scored a lot of goals in their last few games and that we'd have to defend well but we also wanted to score a goal and that's what we did.

"We're satisfied with the result but we still have to play another game."

Chief Rick Parry To Leave Liverpool

As relationships continue to break down at Liverpool, the club have confirmed that Rick Parry will leave...

Following reports suggesting that Liverpool's long-serving chief executive Rick Parry will leave Anfield by mutual consent at the end of the season, the club have confirmed the rumours.

It's been fraught behind the scenes for some time on Merseyside, with the Liverpool Echo suggesting that Parry has either lost a transfer policy 'power struggle' with Reds tactician Rafael Benitez - himself constantly tipped for the chop - or has failed to find a suitable working relationship with 'Pool co-owner Tom Hicks.

Parry has been at the club since 1998, but he was famously labelled a failure by Hicks, one half of the botched Hicks-George Gillett partnership.

Hicks has stated via the club's official site, "Rick's commitment to Liverpool Football Club is epitomised by his desire to ensure that this transitional period is managed efficiently. We are grateful to him for his help and he'll remain a friend to the club."

Gillett added, "I would like to thank Rick for his significant service to the club and the assistance he has given us since we joined Liverpool. He has been integral to the club's success over the past decade and leaves with our best wishes for the future."

Parry himself said, "I have had 12 very exciting years at Liverpool and am extremely proud of what has been achieved by the club over that period. We have supporters who deserve success.

"It has been a privilege to serve the club and, as a lifelong supporter, I wish the owners, Rafa, the players and the wonderful staff all the very best for the future."

It is thought that Parry has been working on a severance package for the last few weeks.

Greg Ptolomey,

Manchester City’s Craig Bellamy Dents Liverpool Title Hopes

Manchester City seem to ironically have handed their bitter rivals the Premier League title, holding Liverpool to a draw at Anfield this afternoon. A wicked deflection from a Craig Bellamy shot took the Citizens ahead in the second half before Dirk Kuyt equalised late on but Liverpool couldn’t find a winner.22 Feb 2009 18:01:21

Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City

The game at Anfield was one Liverpool simply had to win to stay in touch with Manchester United at the top of the Premier League. This was reflected in Rafael Benitez’s line-up which was extremely strong. Liverpool were searching for a fourth straight win against a Manchester City side that were looking for their 1,200 victory in top flight football. Mark Hughes’ Citizens have only won once on their travels this season.

Liverpool press early without creating any clear cut chances, as to be expected the home side were dominating possession. Jamie Carragher played through Yossi Benayoun in the eighth minute who squared to Fernando Torres but the Spaniard scuffed a rather tame shot well wide of the target.

Robinho featured for the first time in the fourteenth minute, exchanging passes with Stephen Ireland but a promising through ball was well cut out by Pepe Reina. The Citizens looked to open up the Liverpool backline a minute later with a long ball forward from Vincent Kompany looking for former Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy. Alvaro Arbeloa was wise to the danger though, and did well to head back to Reina.

Andrea Dossena ventured forward for Liverpool in the 17th minute and fizzed the ball across the six-yard box but it was behind all three Liverpool players in the box and Manchester City cleared quite easily. Liverpool win a corner in the 22nd minute that produces a goal line scramble, but Micah Richards manages to poke the ball away from Torres.

Ireland launches a beautiful ball cross field to Robinho who eventually cut inside Carragher and played the ball inside for Ireland, who had made up 70yards to receive the ball back from his teammate. The skilful midfielder’s first touch was good but unusually his finish was poor and Reina manages to gather at the second time of asking.

A break away attack sees Torres charge down the right flank, the Spaniard looked up and picked out Albert Riera who has time for two touches, shifting the ball onto his preferred left foot but his shot was wide of the mark. The winger should have done better, it was a great opportunity.

The second half saw Manchester City take the lead in the 49th minute. The ball was thrown in to Robinho who dropped a shoulder and drove inside, he passed to Bellamy who was standing just inside the penalty area. The Welshman’s shot deflected off Arbeloa and arrowed into the far corner past Reina. It was the first time Bellamy had scored against Liverpool.

Two minutes later De Jong rifles a long range effort goalwards from 30yards that has Reina scrambling. The ball swirled just over the bar, Liverpool were on the ropes. It was the jolt that the home side needed as Liverpool had been poor up to this point, despite their possession.

It was the Citizens that were increasingly finding their feet in the second half though, Robinho and Ireland combining well on the hour mark. Ireland received the ball from the Brazilian and span on the edge of the box but his shot was scooped over the bar. City were looking dangerous on the break.

Liverpool had the ball cleared off the line by Richard Dunne and moments later the ball was in the net again for Manchester City, Ireland was the scorer. Fortunately for the home side he had ventured into an offside position before tapping in the cross-shot from Richards in the 67th minute.

Benitez’s side bought themselves an underserved lifeline in the 78th minute. Dirk Kuyt slotted home from close range following a Benayoun cross from the left, it missed Torres who swung a boot at it and caught nothing but air. Liverpool needed a winner to keep their title hunt alive.

The Citizens were looking vulnerable, understandably considering their shocking away form, Benayoun cut in the from the left before having his shot blocked by a crowd of City players. Kuyt then strikes one from range, it moved in the air and Shay Given could only palm away.

Liverpool seemed to be happy to launch the ball forward more in hope than anything from this point on. Without the influence of Xabi Alonso in midfield the home side had looked short on ideas. Manchester City were trying to hold onto the ball whenever they could.

The Citizens held on for the draw and it was the sixth home draw for Liverpool this season. Manchester United are now seven points clear at the top of the Premier League and it is looking increasingly like the title race is over. Manchester City put in a good performance and thoroughly deserved their point.

Owen Watson,

Yahudi guna 5F untuk hancurkan Islam

Ustaz Zainudin Hashim

Sesungguhnya bangsa Yahudi yang dilaknat Allah SWT sampai hari kiamat, tidak senang duduk tanpa melakukan sesuatu yang boleh memalingkan akidah umat Islam daripada berpegang teguh kepada ajaran agama mereka, atau dengan lain perkataan bangsa Yahudi ini mahu melihat ada di kalangan umat Islam murtad daripada agama mereka.

Mereka tidak peduli sama ada orang Islam itu sembahyang atau tidak, mampu pergi haji atau sebaliknya, pakai tudung atau tidak, menutup aurat dengan sempurna atau tidak, yang penting selagi nama mereka Islam, selagi itu mereka cari jalan untuk memalingkan akidah orang-orang. Ini kerana Yahudi boleh diibaratkan sama seperti syaitan, syaitan yang sudah tidak boleh masuk syurga akibat perbuatannya sendiri, telah disumpah oleh Allah dan layak menjadi ahli neraka, oleh itu mereka berazam bersungguh-sungguh untuk memastikan ada di kalangan makhluk bernama manusia pun masuk neraka, begitulah juga perangai Yahudi, mereka sebenarnya mengetahui bahawa mereka adalah ahli neraka, justeru ketidak puasan hati yang ada dalam diri mereka, sentiasa mahukan bangsa manusia selain mereka juga masuk neraka.

Inilah yang difirmankan Allah SWT dalam al-Quran menerusi ayat 120 surah al-Baqarah yang bermaksud : Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak sekali-kali akan bersetuju atau suka kepadamu (Wahai Muhammad) sehingga engkau mengikuti ajaran agama mereka (yang telah terpesong itu). Katakanlah (kepada mereka): "Sesungguhnya petunjuk Allah (agama Islam itulah petunjuk yang benar". dan demi sesungguhnya jika engkau menurut kehendak hawa nafsu mereka sesudah datangnya (wahyu yang memberi) pengetahuan kepadamu (tentang kebenaran), maka tiadalah engkau akan peroleh dari Allah (sesuatupun) yang dapat mengawal dan memberi pertolongan kepada mu.

Mereka (Yahudi) akan merasa puas hati jika ada di kalangan selain mereka khususnya orang-orang Islam tergelincir daripada kebenaran Islam, sekurang-kurangnya mereka boleh mendabik dada bahawa bukan Yahudi sahaja yang masuk neraka, orang-orang Islam juga turut masuk neraka. Inilah kejayaan yang besar buat mereka kerana berjaya memesongkan umat Muhammad.

F pertama ialah filem

Umum mengetahui bahawa Hollywood adalah milik Yahudi malah menjadi teras kepada kekuatan ekonomi Amerika, terlanjur mereka menjadi jahat, cara untuk menjadikan bangsa lain agar menjadi jahat seperti mereka ialah dengan menerbit, mencipta serta mengeluarkan filem-filem yang berunsur lucah yang digilai oleh kumpulan remaja.

Mengapa tidak, filem-filem Melayu juga tidak kurang di pasaran dengan menayangkan jalan cerita yang menggambarkan bahawa orang Islam boleh bercampur gaul secara bebas antara dua jantina yang berlainan, filem seperti Akhirat, Gubra, Mukhsin, Sepet, Anak Halal, KL Menjerit dan bermacam-macam lagi menyaksikan percampuran bebas antara pelakon lelaki dan wanita, terdapat juga filem yang menggambarkan orang Islam melawan takdir Allah, sihir dan yang boleh menggugat akidah.

F kedua ialah famili

Yahudi turut memastikan agar anggota keluarga di kalangan orang Islam boleh hidup bebas, isteri boleh berpasangan dengan suami orang lain, suami pula boleh bersama isteri orang lain, pasangan suami isteri boleh menari-nari di khalayak ramai tanpa perasaan segan silu seperti dalam rancangan Sehati berdansa.

Anak-anak gadis atau isteri-isteri membuka aurat di hadapan bukan mahram mereka menjadi trend hari ni, di mana para bapa atau suami tidak merasa cemburu dengan gelagat orang-orang yang di bawah jagaan mereka, kehidupan keluarga menjadi kalut denagn sebab Islam tidak menjadi pegangan hidup yang sempurna.

F ketiga ialah fesyen

Perkara ini juga menjadi trend yang digilai oleh golongan wanita dari segenap peringkat umur, trend fesyen pakaian remaja perempuan yang menampakkan pusat dan berpakaian ketat tidak lagi menjadi pelik pada hari ini, tindakan itu sebenarnya kejayaan bagi Yahudi yang telah mencipta fesyen-fesyen pakaian menjolok mata.

F keempat ialah fun

F kelima ialah food

Tindakan zalim dan kejam Yahudi menyerang rakyat Palestin, telah membuka mata umat Islam seuruh dunia bahawa mereka perlu memboikot barangan mereka khususnya yang melibatkan bahan-bahan makanan seperti KFC, McCdonald dan lain-lain.

Taken from;

Keirrison To Liverpool Link Refuted By Palmeiras

The striker's club in Brazil have spoken out to cool speculation linking the youngster with a move to Merseyside.

Palmeiras have moved today to quell rumours linking their promising striker Keirrison with a summer move to Premier League title hopefuls Liverpool.

The player's agent had earlier this week told the Italian media that a clutch of top European clubs were in the hunt for the 20-year-old, who was top-scorer in the Campeonato Brasileiro last season when he was with Coritiba.

However, Palmeiras' director of football, Toninho Cecilio, insists that Keirrison will be remaining with them for the foreseeable future, especially as he has made only six appearances, though he has netted eight goals during that span.

"I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about this Liverpool issue as it is not true," Cecilio is reported by Sky Sports as saying.

"There is nothing official and we were not consulted about this.

"We have an excellent relationship with Liverpool, who signed goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri, and, if there was something, we will be the first to know about that.

"Instead, the intention of the Palmeiras board is to keep him here as long as possible here, before he continues his career in Europe."

Keirrison's agent had also suggested that Real Madrid and Bayern Munich were interested in his client, who, in a situation comparable to that of Manchester United's Carlos Tevez, is subject to third party 'ownership' by management company Traffic Sports Marketing.

Xabi Alonso And Pepe Reina Confident Liverpool Can Beat Real Madrid

Liverpool's Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina both think that the Merseyside outfit can beat Real Madrid, but while one hopes for an away goal, the other thinks that Steven Gerrard's return is vital.

Xabi Alonso believes that Liverpool have to score at Real Madrid to give themselves a good chance of winning the Champions League tie, although he thinks though the Spanish outfit are better at the back under Juande Ramos.

The Reds' playmaker knows exactly what los Merengues have to offer and recognised that an away goal in the Bernabeu could be crucial to the English team's chances of triumphing.

Liverpool travel to Madrid for the first leg next week and already the two sides are beginning to look ahead to the fixture. Alonso seems confident.

"For us it is important that we score in the Bernabeu because it would give us something [to defend] in the second game. It gives us a greater chance to go through," he told Radio Marca.

"If we do not score then it could limit us for the return leg because, if we then concede at home, it will make things very difficult.

"I think it will be a very even tie and a great one to watch for the fans.

"Madrid have improved a lot defensively under Juande. They now concede fewer goals and that has certainly given us something to think about.

"But we have good players and we expect to score and go through."

Pepe Reina was also present with Alonso and he feels that things could be cagey as both sides know how to defend very well.

"I do not think that there will be many goals in the tie," he explained. "I am sure that they [los Blancos] are in great form and it will be difficult to score against them.

"It will be very tight with few chances and the games will be decided by [small] details. Both teams are better at defending than attacking."

Steven Gerrard is facing a race to be fit for the first game and Reina hopes that the Liverpool captain makes it back in time to play.

"He will be doubtful until close to the game,” the goalkeeper added. “We hope that he recovers in time because he is a player that can win games.

"I believe that he is not only one of the best players at Liverpool but also in world football."

Jamie Carragher Positive Liverpool Can Overtake Manchester United

The Reds defender has responded in a defiant manner to the challenge issued earlier from the other end of the East Lancs Road.

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher seems to agree with the manager of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, in thinking that the only serious rivals to United's title bid this season are the men from Merseyside.

Ferguson had earlier opined that he felt Liverpool were the only serious threat to the Red Devils as Chelsea had now slipped too far behind and Aston Villa were still something of an unknown quantity.

Carragher concurs with the Scot to an extent, but differs in that he sees Liverpool as favourites for the crown, but he isn't letting such thoughts obscure his focus.

"There are still a lot of games to go, so it's important everyone at the club remains calm," the former England defender told Liverpool's official website today.

"A lot of people said at the start of the season that we needed to be in the title race at the end and at least be in with a fighting chance.

"We finished fourth last season, but we have overtaken Chelsea and Arsenal and even though everyone at the club understands that it's not over yet by a long way, at the moment it looks like it is going to be us and Manchester United for the title."

The 31-year-old also feels that simply by overhauling Chelsea and Arsenal this season, the Reds have taken a massive step forward.

"Just by overtaking Chelsea and Arsenal in the challenge is an achievement in itself already so everyone should be proud of that," he added.

"Now hopefully we can go one step further and win this title."

With the game between the two teams on March 14 fast approaching, Carragher thinks that the Merseysiders have at least one key advantage going into the run-in: Fernando Torres.

"United have got a bit of a lead on us at the moment but if we can close that gap before we go to Old Trafford next month, that would put us in a great position - especially if we are in form at the time of that game," the Liverpool stalwart continued.

"Fernando has been scoring goals recently, but if we can get him back firing like he did at the end of last season it’s going to be a massive boost for us.

"Fernando is the best striker in the Premier League, if not the world, so to be where we are already after playing so much of the season without him is a great credit to the lads, staff and management.

"It would be interesting to see how other teams would cope with having such an important player on the sidelines for so long."

Fernando Torres Named Among Liverpool's 50 Greatest Players

'El Nino' may only have been a Red for less than two years, but already he has earned a place among the club's greats...

The Times, the British newspaper, has published a list of the 50 greatest players ever to don a Liverpool shirt. Most of the familiar names are there, but there are one or two surprises thrown in.

Fernando Torres slips in at No. 50, a testament to the Spanish striker's impact since joining the Merseyside giants from Atletico Madrid in 2007.

Steven Gerrard - rather predictably - ranks right in the upper bracket, while the only other current stars featured are veteran defenders Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher.

The 50 Greatest Liverpool Players:

50 Fernando Torres
49 Rob Jones
48 Peter Thompson
47 Jackie Balmer
46 Sami Hyypia
45 Matt Busby
44 Peter Beardsley
43 Elisha Scott
42 Jerzy Dudek
41 Bob Paisley
40 David Fairclough
39 Ray Clemence
38 Jan Molby
37 Phil Neal
36 Tommy Lawrence
35 Albert Stubbins
34 Chris Lawler
33 Steve McMahon
32 Steve Nicol
31 Sammy Lee
30 Gerry Byrne
29 Ronnie Whelan
28 John Toshack
27 John Aldridge
26 Dietmar Hamann
25 Steve Heighway
24 Mark Lawrenson
23 Joey Jones
22 Ray Kennedy
20 Ian Callaghan
19 Michael Owen
18 Jimmy Case
17 Emlyn Hughes
16 Phil Thompson
15 Alan Kennedy
14 Robbie Fowler
13 Ron Yeats
12 Ian St John
11 Ian Rush
10 Roger Hunt
9 Jamie Carragher
8 Billy Liddell
7 Alan Hansen
6 Kevin Keegan
5 Tommy Smith
4 Graeme Souness
3 John Barnes
2 Steven Gerrard
1 Kenny Dalglish

Benitez is a top teacher - Torres

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has thanked manager Rafael Benitez for bringing him to England and making him a better player.The Spain international scored 33 goals in a brilliant debut campaign after becoming the club's record signing in July 2007.

This season he has struggled with hamstring injuries and has found the net just nine times in sporadic bursts.

But despite the troubles in his difficult second season in England Torres has no regrets about leaving Atletico Madrid.

"English football has been good to me because of its characteristics: it's fast, direct and there are very few stoppages, and that suits my game more than Spanish football," said the 24-year-old.

"My natural qualities - the speed, the power - fit the Premier League.

"I play as a number nine up alongside the centre-backs. If I played there in Spain, maybe it wouldn't suit me as I would hardly see the ball.

"Rafa was looking for a striker with my characteristics - someone quick who could surprise defenders and get behind them - but I had to learn too.

"For a lot of coaches the tactical side of the game doesn't matter that much but for Rafa it is fundamental; he is conscious of the way we set up, the movement, the organisation.

"I've learnt a lot. It's been a real pleasure for me to work with Rafa."

Torres added in FourFourTwo: "At Atletico I played more on instinct, doing my own thing; here I have to learn about movement and positioning, about the team.

"Liverpool's game is based on the team, on strategy. Hitting other teams on the counter-attack with space in front of us suits me perfectly.

"And having Rafa made it easier to grasp the tactical side of things."

Liverpool will need Torres to rediscover his best form if they are to maintain their bid for a first championship since 1990.

The club trail defending champions Manchester United, who have a match in hand, by two points but both have still to meet in what could be a title decider at Old Trafford in March.

Three goals in his last four matches suggest he is starting to rediscover his sharpness but he knows if Liverpool are to be successful in overhauling United they need captain Steven Gerrard to stay fit.

The England midfielder is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury but could make his comeback against Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie at the Bernabeu on February 25.

"I hope and wish that he will be back soon. He has no natural replacement," Torres said.

"Every side has a main reference, a home-grown player, someone who lives and breathes the club.

"Other players come and go, but that player remains. Here, our reference player is Gerrard. Liverpool FC is Gerrard plus 10 more. He's irreplaceable."

Talks have been progressing between Benitez and co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett over the manager's new contract.

The American duo are keen for the four-and-a-half-year deal to be signed as soon as possible but have not, contrary to reports, set a deadline of this week for matters to be concluded.

Fernando Torres Pledges Future To Liverpool

The Spanish striker has declared that he doesn't want to play for anyone other than the Reds...

After reports surfaced this morning that Catalan giants Barcelona were considering making an offer to try and tempt Spanish superstar Fernando Torres away from Liverpool, the player has spoken out to affirm his commitment to a club to whom he appears to have grown very attached.

"I don't see myself playing for Real Madrid, or Barcelona or Chelsea or any other team," he stated, speaking at a Spain press conference that was reported on Liverpool's official website.

"I see myself playing for Liverpool. I have a long contract and that's that."

With club boss Rafa Benitez rumoured to be in conflict with Spanish national coach Vicente Del Bosque over Torres' selection for Spain's friendly with England in Seville on Wednesday night, the injury problems that have plagued Torres in the past are now hopefully a thing of the past, the forward explained.

"This year what I am more worried about are injuries," he continued.

"I have had many problems since last summer but I hope I will be okay now until the end of the season.

And the Spaniard also hopes that his club captain will be recovering soon from the hamstring strain which has sidelined him for the next three weeks or so.

"Hopefully Steven [Gerrard] will be okay too," he went on. "He's a special player and a vital part of our team and we need him fit again soon.

"I don't know how long it will take for his leg to heal, but we wish him the best and hope we can have him back as quickly as possible.

"If it is in time for the Champions League game with Real Madrid, even better."

Torres sends Liverpool top

Liverpool came from behind twice to beat Portsmouth 3-2 at Fratton Park and return to the top of the Premier League.

Fernando Torres - who started the match on the bench - scored the winner after Fabio Aurelio and Dirk Kuyt had cancelled out goals from David Nugent and Hermann Hreidarsson. The result puts the Anfield side one point above defending champions Manchester United, who play the first of their two games in hand at West Ham on Sunday.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez - already dealing with the loss of captain Steven Gerrard through injury - picked a starting line-up that included full-backs Alvaro Arbeloa and Aurelio deployed in midfield roles and 19-year-old striker David N'Gog starting in place of Torres.

Benitez bemoaned the fact that he is powerless to stop Torres - struggling with a hamstring - being picked for Spain in Wednesday's friendly against England, so he took the next best step towards protecting his star striker by leaving him out of the side.

Even with Torres, Kuyt, Xabi Alonso and Albert Riera watching from the sidelines, Liverpool dominated possession for much of the game, with Aurelio going close with a well-struck free-kick early on and Javier Mascherano seeing a shot from distance saved by David James.

The Reds' frustration came to a head on the hour mark when Kuyt's low ball across the six-yard box was completely missed by Ryan Babel with the open goal at his mercy.

Liverpool fans' worst fears looked like becoming reality moments later when Nugent bagged his third goal in as many league games for Pompey. Peter Crouch's through-ball found him unmarked, and the former Preston striker slipped the ball underneath the advancing Pepe Reina to give his side a 62nd-minute lead.

Aurelio levelled less than 10 minutes later from an indirect free-kick inside the Portsmouth box, awarded after James had to handle a terribly misjudged backpass from Peter Crouch.

Alonso rolled the dead-ball to the Brazilian, who blasted into the bottom corner from 12 yards out after Niko Kranjcar strayed from his post.

However, that goal only had the visitors on terms for nine minutes before non-existent marking at a Portsmouth corner saw Hreidarsson steal in to head through the arms of Reina.

Torres had finally appeared from the bench just moments before that goal, and he had a hand in his team's second goal when he cut a ball back from the byline to Kuyt, and the Dutchman evaded the tackle of Sylvain Distin to blast past James at the near post with five minutes of normal time remaining.

Torres then completed the most extraordinary of comebacks when, two minutes into stoppage time, he rose highest at the near post to head in Yossi Benayoun's cross and consign Portsmouth to a fourth straight home defeat.

Pertandingan Kugiran sempena Hari Terbuka KAB, UPSI

Gerrard out for three weeks

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is expected to be sidelined for three weeks after picking up a hamstring injury in the 1-0 FA Cup fourth-round defeat at Everton.

The England midfielder was substituted 16 minutes into a match that also saw Fernando Torres limp off.

"A scan today has confirmed a tear in the hamstring of Steven's left leg. He will be out of action for about three weeks," a spokesman said on the club's website.

Gerrard, who is on bail after being charged with a nightclub assault, underwent a scan the day after the match which revealed the extent of the injury.

He will miss the Portsmouth game at the weekend, England's friendly with Spain the following week, the Premier League clash with Manchester City on February 22 and the Champions League last 16 first-leg tie at Real Madrid three days later.

But the immediate headache for Rafael Benitez will be naming a strong XI for the Premier League clash with Pompey at Fratton Park on Saturday.

Lucas Leiva is serving a one-match ban after being dismissed in the same match, while deep-lying forward Robbie Keane was sold without replacement on transfer-deadline day.

Gerrard has scored 15 goals in all competitions so far this season.

Out for three weeks?? Oh noooooooooo.... Oh tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.....
have no fear...we still got others...
When you walk~~~through a storm~~~hold your head up high~~~~

Torres double downs 10-man Blues

Fernando Torres scored a dramatic late brace as Liverpool beat 10-man Chelsea 2-0 to reignite their Premier League title hopes at Anfield.The build-up to Sunday's Anfield showdown was dominated by the fact Robbie Keane was not included in the hosts' squad, prompting talk of a deadline-day return to Spurs on Monday.

And it looked like the Reds were going to rue a string of spurned chances, most of which came after Frank Lampard's controversial dismissal by referee Mike Riley on 60 minutes for a tackle on Xabi Alonso.

But Spanish hitman Torres finally broke the deadlock on 89 minutes when he headed home Fabio Aurelio's luscious left-wing cross - and he grabbed a second in stoppage time when sub Yossi Benayoun pounced on a mistake by Ashley Cole and left the Reds striker with a simple tap-in.

The result saw Liverpool do the double over the Londoners and move to within two points of leaders Manchester United, who are five points ahead of Chelsea and have a game in hand over both their title rivals.

Rafael Benitez's troops set the early tempo, with Cech forced to tip a 20-yard drive by Alonso over the crossbar on 11 minutes before parrying a low 30-yard shot from Javier Mascherano to safety.

The visitors were happy to soak up pressure from the Reds and did not test Jose Reina once in the first half, which ended in dramatic fashion when Cole nearly turned into his own net after Cech had parried Albert Riera's attempt.

After the break, Dirk Kuyt volleyed wide and Alex bravely blocked Torres' goalbound strike, but the Blues were reduced to 10 men on the hour mark when Lampard saw red for what appeared to be a fair tackle on Alonso.

After that it was all Liverpool, with Mascherano heading over and Alonso seeing a deflected strike loop over Cech and onto the crossbar.

Salomon Kalou finally tested Reina for the first time on 75 minutes, but that was a brief break from the hosts' attacking play, and Benitez threw on Benayoun and Ryan Babel in a bid to break the deadlock.

The Israeli playmaker went close on 80 when his curling effort was well saved by Cech, who also kept out an overhead kick by Torres before watching Benayoun's 20-yard volley whistle inches over the bar.

But the breakthrough came on 89 after a flowing move found Aurelio on the left flank, from where he delivered a pinpoint cross for Torres to head home.

Benayoun then created a second in stoppage time after harrying Cole into a defensive slip - and the victory ensured Benitez's troops are now the biggest threat to United's crown.

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