MyManUtd forum; "How much do they hate me?"

The last time I talk about my hatred towards Menyoo was few month ago, regarding Nani. Now he stands alongside world-class divers and actors like Gilardino and Busquets. I'm not gonna rants on being such a jerk for talking about diver in football since I guess it is normal to any players to dive and act like they are seriously injured.

 Biarkan. Biarkan.

This time I want to rant about a thing I notice on October this year.While I was checking all my traffic sources, I notice there's a link from a forum conducted by my so-called-football-rival that lead to my blog. How was it happened? I don't have any slightest idea about it.

You may refer to this link for a better view and understanding. Hey man, If you ask me how I feel I would gladly to say I am damn proud. I'm lovin it since they notice the existence of me as a weirdo who hates Menyoo more than any club in this world. It is an honoured for me to be hated by you people when it comes to football rivalry. Gua harap ini saingan yang sihat dari dua belah pihak. It will not be fun if we cheer on the same club. It will be so much fun if we talk shit to each other to show how much do we hate against our rival.

 Get lost. Torres is ours. Why don't you try Adebayor? or maybe Hairuddin Omar. Last game Berbatov scored five goals against Blackburn. I heard lots of rants regarding this fella when he didn't play well. Berba-flop lah...Berba-please-go-home lah...and now he scored for your club and you called him Dimi-God?

Use your imagination, I won't write the caption for this picture. Haha. Despite my hatred against this club I do have sense of respect on this guy. He's 40 and still kicking.

 Tevez "Inspection! Gua nak tengok apa ada dalam"
Ferdinand "Inspection abah kau! After the game lah we settle this"

The deal came less than 48 hours after Rooney claimed that the club lacked of 'ambition'. Some of my rivals gave a mixed reception. Some of them vowed to forgive him and some of them called him 'money-grabbing'. Gila bai, 250 000 in a week! He could be a millionaire within a month. Despite his mega deal he is yet to get his best form. Haha dari gua.

"Join City and you're dead" Goyang kau Rooney. Tau takut.

"Takut takut gua pon gua dapat 250 000 weekly. Lu olls apa dapat?"

 Gary "I love you mate"
Scholes "I love you too mate"

Enuff said. I hate them.

To any Liverpool haters out there feel free to come and talk about football. Let's rant and raving to each other. Let's have a serious debate about football. Kamon!

"Ala, ko jeles kan Menyoo ada kat atas liga?"
"Of course I am but that is not my strong point. I hate them just because they are Manchester United"

p/s: Gua ada last paper besok. Gua satu note pon tak bukak. Gua harap besok gua boleh jawab dengan cemerlang.

The Awesomeness of Pesta ChowKit Kita

Last week on Sunday I spent hours at Jalan TAR, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Why?

a) Menemani Scarlett Johnson membeli belah di SOGO.
b) Jalan-jalan bawak Emma Watson sekitar Jalan TAR.
c) Emak kirim beli gula.
d) Semua di atas, serentak.

Guess it right and I shall give you a kiss if you answer it right. This once in a lifetime kiss is only for the girls. Others can kiss my ass.

The answer?



p/s: Kalah.

Hamlet 0o0 Hamlet

As you all might know, my peeps and I are having grueling happy hours of studying a play from William Shakespeare. Words like joy, delight, ecstatic, in high spirits or on cloud nine are used to describe how pleasant we are while studying this work of art.

"Woi, I can smell the sense of sarcasm lah!"
"Oh, you got me. Spot on!"

Hell yes, technically I am lazier than any of you could ever imagine. If you are close enough to me you can see the letter L on my forehead. Since I am as lazy as Koala, the laziest animal on earth who sleeps up to 22 hours, I decided to watch the movie instead of reading the whole text regarding this play. Last time this so-called-short-cut-approach proved to be fruitful. I spend an hour watching a play entitle Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller at YouTube a day before the final paper and guess what? Flying colours bai!

So here I am spending my 'happy' time watching Hamlet directed by 'Hamlet' himself, Kenneth Branagh. This boring-gila awesome film was nominated for four Oscars. Honestly from me, as far as I remember, I unconsciously ter-sleep while watching this movie. I slept and woke up several times and 'eh..scene mana dah ni?'. It's normal for a sleepyhead like me. I started to imagine what if I watch this film on cinema with my _______ (fill in the blank with a suitable/logic/acceptable answer) .

-You need lots and lots of popcorn, bottles of water or few sacks of junkfood (kuaci, kerepek, kuih muih etc)
-Bring a pillow with you. Larger is better, depend on your body size. A blanket would be a perfect addition.
-Feel free to sleep, don't afraid to sleep or do not hold your eyelids if you feel sleepy. Why? Even if you fall asleep the movie is still playing.
-Do not turn off your handphone, you might feel isolated in the cinema. Make sure you have enough credit to call or text your friends if you feel bored. Nah, handphone is lame, bring a laptop then. Bring also your broadband so that you can online and update your status; "Demit, this movie is so fuken boring".

Why did I mentioned all these stupid things? Alhamdulillah and thank God, I live long enough to watch few awesome movies that humankind has ever produced. But this Hamlet The Movie (1996) is absurd. It took four fuken hours. Watching this movie is hour incrimnets, longer than my favourite LOTR. In fact, you can watch two live soccer games consecutively.

"If so, why in the hell did you watch this movie, KeCiK oi?"
Told ya before, I am as lazy as a Koala, the only differences between that fella and me are Koala can sleep more than 20 hours while I can sleep in two consecutive days. Apart from that, Koala is cuter than me and people always say that I am as fugly as Heath Ledger. I'm not a hardcore on reading thick books. I wear spectacle but it doesn't mean I am a book-worm-type. If you ask me to read hundreds of Doraemon, Shin Chan, Slam Dunk or Dr Slump, I am honoured to do it without any hesitancy.

If it wasn't Ophelia, dah lama gua tawakal untuk paper besok. Sad to see the only hottest figure in this movie went crazy because of her father was killed by Hamlet. Apart from that, I fuken love the diction, the way they utter the words that I don't even understand. I give up on finding the meaning because I don't understand 90% of all the dialogues. Lenguh bai asyik nak selak kamus.

By 12PM I need to release myself from this prison of madness. Liverpool will face Tottenham at White Hart Lane. Bale is on song and I hope Glen Johnson can deal with it. Hopefully PakCik Roy knows what to do. This match is so important; do or die, we need this important 3 points. I will get crazy like Ophelia if we lost this match.

The left one with a pink-ultrawoman-head is Kuya. Twice drowned at Lata Kinjang and Kalumpang then she realized that the port is shallow enough for a 8 year old kid. Tu la, lu ingat lu Michelle Yeoh ke. The only makcik in class who uses bicycle when she thinks she is late. She's the one who printed my copy of Hamlet. I can't believe I spent RM5 for this copy. The other ultrawomen are just her minions, waiting for her next orders and commands. Second from left is Atul, Arashi's hardcore and she used to do agagaga laugh. Next to her is Iera, ex-Zapin dancer who now focuses on modern music. She represented group B for Olahraga on 100m sprint race, to make it OMG, she ran without a pair of shoe. The last makcik on the right is Dy. A fine-looking makcik yang ada iras-iras Sandra Bullock jika mukanya kekal pimple-free. A legend says that her younger sister is gorgeous than her.
My faith on Kuya for getting me that sissy-looking-book jeopardized my status as a skinhead when I was 15. I repeat, I did not order a book with a pink-flowered-cover. Dem you Kuya, dem you. Morale of the story, never trust a woman if you want them to make a copy of a book. They might jeopardize your life, just look at me.

Thanks to Prof Lim, the nearest man on earth with William Shakespeare I ever met. He knows most of everything regarding William Shakespeare. He gets us to know closer about a man who wrote Hamlet. Get well soon Prof. Sorry for being such a dud, a culprit and always daydreaming in your class :) You just prove that William Shakespeare is the greatest among William Hung, William Chan and William Gallas.

I missed to watch Damo Suzuki at Annexe.
I missed to watch Flossy on Rockapedia at Annexe.
I missed to play rounders with my new mates at Dataran Merdeka.
I missed to watch Zombi at KLPAC
and I missed to join BBQ party for ChowKit Kita crew members.

Why? My uni thinks having a very late exam is cool compare to other universities.


Till then, I still need to spend another two hours to finish on watching this movie. Please God give me strength to endure hours with Hamlet.

p/s: By 12 PM tomorrow I shall bid a good-bye to William Shakespeare. Adieu Hamlet, adieu. 

Damo Suzuki and Rockapedia!



Hell yeah, I missed both because I have a paper regarding William Shakespeare. Seems like I am having fun reading and studying the play. Darn, I missed them all!

p/s: Two more papers to go and still have four more semesters. Fun is it?

E.X.A.M mode

These two weeks I will enduring another grueling hours of studying. Eh, since when gua rajin study? Yeah, a lazy person who always daydreaming during lesson like me will find it hard to achieve 4 flat in any of his semesters. To show how lazy I am, my idea of studying is to read a bundle of notes with a glance.

I survived the first two papers which are a literature subject and a major subject which is Syntax and Morphology. "What is that 'thing' dude?", "Don't ask me, go wiki yourself". As for today at 9.00AM, I will have another paper which is Discourse Analysis. I do think that this paper is the toughest paper of all compare to other papers. If I 'survive' this I think I can make it. I set the alarm at 2.00AM and guess what, I woke up at 4.00AM. Like I mentioned in previous post, I have the tendency to snooze my alarm. :)
Till then, gtg. Time to study! Adieu! <---study la sangat, loser!


p/s: I study I forget. I study I forget. I study I forget.

Conteng-Conteng Satu

Ada orang suka makan anggur. Ada orang suka tidur tengah hari. Ada orang suka main congkak. Ada orang suka kumpul setem. Ada orang suka filem melayu. Macam-macam orang suka. Gua suka macam-macam. One of it is CONTENG. Yup, when it comes to conteng, I am hardcore. Give me a pen or a pencil, a canvas or anything; I shall draw at least something smaller than your bulu arm-pit.

I started to conteng when I was a kid. It's normal for a kid to have the tendency to conteng on most of the thing. Dinding, meja, kertas mahupun mangkuk toilet. If you go to school, you can see good-looking-menenangkan-memberangsangkan-menyemarakkan-graphics on the wall where most of the students walk in front of it. You can also see nicely-written 'kata-kata semangat' like 'JAGALAH KEBERSIHAN' and 'KANTIN BERSIH, MAKANAN BERKHASIAT, MURID SIHAT', you can see 'MALAYSIAKU GEMILANG' at the office, you can see 'KAMI DATANG DENGAN HARAPAN, PULANG DENGAN KEJAYAAN' in front of the school or maybe 'BUKU ITU SAHABATKU' at the library.

It's normal to have these wonderful words at school. It's good for the kids to be 'brainwashed' by these words for the good of their attitude. I have to say I am one of the kids to be 'brainwashed' by these words. I still remember when I was a kid, my favourite quotation is 'KERETA INI BOLEH MEMBUNUH'. You now kids like to play around inside and outside the school. So when I wanted to cross a road definitely I'll be thinking of that words. It's kinda convincing when you cross a road after several times observing any cars from left to right, right to left and left to right, again.

Enough with this stupid introduction, back to my main intention. I love to draw. To be able to conteng at any places is something pleasurable for me. Masa kecik-kecik gua dah start conteng kat atas meja, kat dinding dan ofkos, dalam toilet. Like I mention earlier, you can see encouraging quotations around the school but when you are in the toilet, it's totally different. Swear words in any languages, funny-looking caricature and dot dot dot.

When I was a kid, I read more comic books than any text books. I prefer to read Mutiara Naga instead of Buku Teks Sains Tahun 3. Spending more times reading comic books than watching television just made me thinking of one impossible ambition. That impossible ambition is to have my own comic book. It may sound 'boleh blah la KeCiK', 'Jangan harap' or maybe 'In your dream' but I made my dream come true. By using a ruler, pen and pencil and an exercise book, I manage to publish my own comic book.

The wrong usage of an exercise book. I turned my Kajian Tempatan exercise book into a-cheap-comic-book. I was at 6 Bestari at that time. Even I spell the name of my class wrongly; BISTARI instead of BESTARI. What an idiot I was. Pathetic.
I dot it just because I like it. I am never too old to do goofy things.

p/s: InsyaAllah, I shall prevail more of my stupidity on conteng-conteng.

Easy win, boring game; Liverpool 3 West Ham 0

Score-less Torres. Most of his first touches were too heavy. You ken-du-it dude!

Yes, we got the 3 points that we want. It was all to easy for Liverpool. We won the game but the fact is I felt asleep for a couple of time. Why? It was an easy win with a boring game. No Kieron Dyer, no Scott Parker and no Behrami and yet we managed to score only three goals? Plus, all of them were scored in the first period. What was the second half all about, training? routine passes? tactical experiment? 

The first goal from a set piece. Nicely chested and well struck using his favourite right foot. Sebijik macam gua main.

Liverpool should have nailed the game with more goals, creating more chances, more possession and more passion. Yeah, call me 'tak-bersyukur-punya-fan'. I'm definitely A-OK with it. Gua sangat tak puas hati dengan performance tadi. It was an average performance against the worse team in the Premier League, period. The second half had much less to offer than the first half. Gua tak pasti kenapa Pak Cik Roy tak urge player supaya main lagi offensive.

Credit to some of the Hammers at Anfield. Though their team was outclassed by us, they still have the guts to chant and sing their anthem. What a spirit. Respek dan spektakular sungguh. I thought that we can out-muscled them during the second half. I was wrong. In 14 games so far, we managed to score 16 goals. Compare to Bolton with 26 goals and Newcastle with 22 goals, we are far from them. Wait, Bolton among the top four? WTF.

Hopefully his form continues. 

I'm not convinced with the way we play in this match. Stronger team awaits after this at White Hart Lane. We should perform better than this if we want another 3 points. I just relieved that we didn't have any much problem when Stevie G is not around. Get well soon Stevie. YNWA.

My MOTM? Dirk Kuyt. He's back to his form in terms of fitness. Energy level dia memang gila. Mr Duracell is back in action.

Liverpool won the game, 3-0. Johnson the first scorer, Kuyt scored the second with a cool-ly taken spot kick and Maxi with a nice header to make it three. Enuff said, gua nak tido.

*Pictures were taken from Eurosport and Soccernet.

p/s: While you guys are reading this cheap entry, I'm on my way to KL Krash Pad. We are having Pesta Chow Kit Kita and I'm one of the volunteers. Do come if you have free time.

Bukan pesta bapak kau, bukan pesta emak kau but this is Pesta Chow Kit Kita!

I have soooo many free time during these study weeks. Yeah, study weeks are supposedly used wisely by me to study for my final exam at the end of this November. Damn wrong, I did nothing related to S.T.U.D.Y. I intentionally left all my notes at Tanjung Malim so that I'll have this feeling "Argh! Nota tertinggal, macam mana nak study?" I am a pure genius.

Oh yes, here it is. Another event I've been waiting for. The first ever ‘Pesta Chow Kit Kita’ will be held on 21 November 2010 and will showcase Chow Kit and its community through the eyes of teens living there. I'm not going to bla bla bla in the whole post regarding this event since you people have the power to google it. If not, you can refer to the site itself. Kacang, easy and piece of cake.

‘Pesta Chow Kit Kita’ will be the proud effort of ten teens aged between 13 and 15. Picture; Fahmi and the 10 lucky kids

“For the first phase, we covered the religious and ethnic part of Chow Kit. So the children did research on all the religious places and used the skills they learnt in the workshops to get data,” said programme director Fahmi Reza.

“By working on this project, it will give the youth a greater sense of pride, ownership and responsibility towards the community. It can be good for them to learn these skills as it could be used in the future,” said Lew Pik Svonn

"Gua tak tau nak cakap apa-apa. Gua speechless. I know nothing. I'm just a mere volunteer for this event," said KeCiK

"The festival is the outcome of a four-month-long series of workshops conducted for the first phase of the project which covered the theme ‘Ethnic & religious diversity in Chow Kit’. Workshops, which included illustration, mural painting, photography, video, acting, T-shirt printing, and research, were facilitated by a group of young volunteers from various art and media background. 

Besides the launching of the map mural of Chow Kit, there will be a host of activities which promises to be fun yet insightful and purposeful. Visitors will be able to appreciate Chow Kit better through a photography exhibition, origin of road names exhibition, video screening, and a street performance. There will also be a T-shirt printing station, live graffiti, music and dance, and even a best dressed (in traditional costume) competition."
Quoted from the presskit. (Gua malas nak taip, haha)

Metalcore Fest 2010

Gua malas nak buat intro macam selalu. Gua terus ke main point. Last week on Sunday I went to Metalcore Fest at One Cafe, KL with my buddy Fahmi a.k.a Jack. Like always, gua akan roger kaki-kaki gig-goers yang gua kenal. Macam haram. Sorang je yang sanggup turun padang. Yang lain-lain bagi alasan yang tipikal.

"Mak gua tak bagi lah cik"
"Hari Isnin gua ada exam lah"
"Gila kau! Nanti Polis rush nak lari mana?"
"Kalau takde Bunkface aku tak nak turun"
"Lu payung la boleh? Gua sengkek lah"

Malaysian Metalcore Festival 2010 ( MY*MC Fest )

Sunday, November 14 · 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Number One Cafe,Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Created By   
Fair Project

More Info:

Macam-macam jenis reply gua terima.
"Aku final woit 15 :("
"Final la doh !!! kalu takde paper Isnin memang gua dah pi"
"MESTI P !!!!"
"On. Roger ghua kecik , takut ghua lupa."
"Kecik, masuk macam mana? Tiket ?"

This is one of the event I've been waiting for. The Malaysian Metalcore Festival !!! Last time I missed Flame Festival, where extreme music like metal and hardcore were performed lively at One Cafe and as for that, I won't miss this Metalcore fest ! The last time I went to an 'extreme' gig was on June where bands like Psychotic Sufferance and Heldrasil performed for a gig called The Sound of Argghh. Thanks to Rockband Entertainment for making this real. I was like OMG when I saw the line up for this fest. Kraut Killer? Upon Arrival? and Cassandra !!?? This is a must to any metalhead out there. This is the band slot for the fest, check it out yo!

Among the worst; Stoke 2 Liverpool 0

Apa lagi gua nak cakap? I missed Pipit, Malaysia lost against China with three of our players were sent off, Federer lost against Monfils on the third set during the tie break, our Badminton team lost against the lesser team which is Thailand and I hear nothing called 'huge achievement' from our Lotus F1.

 Ricardo Fuller scored the first goal and they went to jubilation. See the difference between the expression of a great joy and the expression of sorrowfulness.

Now Liverpool FC?

The performance against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium was among the worst. I love Liverpool but it doesn't mean that I pamper my team like;

"Takpe, kita buat baru!"
"Chill, game banyak lagi"
"Ok, next game for sure we will bounce back"

I'm sorry but that game against Stoke was awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, hopeless, horrid and somehow crappy. What was Konchesky doing? Easily beaten by Pennant yang cunning and powerhouse Jones. It's like they don't communicate with each other. Maxi was nothing, Meireles was nothing, Kuyt was nothing. All nothing.

Kenwyne Jones, the foward that we tried to sign last season scored the second goal. Game over.

Based on previous games gua tak perasan any prowess tactical from our gaffer. Meireles main central midfield kan? Why he has the tendency playing as a wide player? Game tadi players kita byk depend on simpati pengadil, asal foul je jatuh. Asal jatuh je foul. Ngog was too fuken soft. So do others.

Habis game gua dapat message dari John.

"Bro, I think this is the time."

YNWA. We lost against the better team. We were far beyond them. Fact. As for that, enjoy this video. Adieu.

p/s: I need to sleep. Next morning I shall go to KL again for the sake of Malaysian Metalcore Festival. Can't wait for so-called-eight-hours-head-banging-non-stop. Yang tengah study final tu study leklok. Final gua lambat lagi.

Behing the scene of Pesta Chow Kit Kita

According to my master plan, I'll be attending these two occasions, Pipit Wonderful Market and orientation session for incoming Pesta Chow Kit Kita. My plan is going to Pipit at Annexe first at 2.00 PM and after that, I'll shoot to KL Krash Pad for the meeting regarding volunteers on Pesta Chow Kit Kita. The meeting shall commence around 3.00 PM.

Betul lah kata orang, kita hanya pandai merancang. Gua dah setting baik-baik, pukul 11 bangun (mandi, gosok gigi sekali dengan breakfast) then pukul 12 pergi Terminal One naik bas ke KL. Pukul 1 sampai, Zuhur dan lepak kat Annexe sejam dua then baru gi KL Krash Pad.

I was wrong. My master plan was no-so-master as I expected. I'm just a mere human planing on something but Allah will decide it for me. Segala plan-plan yang gua susun sejak 2-3 hari lalu hancur luluh kerana gua bangun tepat pada 12.15 PM. Takkan gua nak terus bangun, start motor terus gi KL? Impossible bin Mustahil. Gua chill dan tenang as always. Relek ah, sempat ni.

Gua dan transport kegemaran gua, BAS.

Sempat my head. Gua sampai Hang Tuah pon dah pukul 2.50 PM. To Pipit or Not To Pipit? Gua keliru untuk membuat keputusan. According to the schedule, the meeting should finish around 5.00 PM, takpelah, dengar briefing sejam dua pastu baru gi Annexe lah since Pipit will finish at 7.00 PM, still got two hours for me.

"Sultan Ismail satu bang"
"Rm1.70 dik"

Gua hulur not RM5 dengan cergas abang kaunter memulangkan baki duit dengan tepat, RM3.30. Setibanya ke destinasi gua agak cuak tapi macam biasa, gua buat muka cool. Gua lantas menggunakan abiliti gua yang paling gua sendiri kagum, memori eidetik. Eidetic or photographic memory is the ability to recall images, sounds or object in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. Sehari sebelum journey gua hari ni gua dah usha kat google map.

Kacang. Itu yang dapat gua describe untuk mencari tempat yang gua ingin tuju. Gua buat muka selamba tatkala meng-enter-i KL Krash Pad. Gua mula-mula cuak jugak sebab first time datang tempat orang. Tapi gua kembali tenang kerana penghuni-penghuninya 'are so fucking friendly'. 1st floor rupanya tempat diorang meeting.

First kerja sukarela yang we all buat adalah buat tag untuk volunteers on that day, means we all lah. None of these people I've meet before so gua agak segan untuk berinteraksi. Selesai membuat tag, Fahmi Reza which is one of the facilitators conduct a simple yet interesting ice breaking session. Sekarang gua dah kenal most of the volunteers.

Tiang jalan in the making. Baru lepas cat.

Then we were divided into few departments where each department will have their own briefing session about their task on the day where this event, Pesta Chow Kit Kita will commence. As for me, I will be at T-Shirt Printing Session. This department is led by Fahmi himself. Dia yang briefing, tunjuk ajar on making your own t-shirt and other important things about this event.

"Mula-mula lu olls kena make sure takde bulu-bulu atau stuff-stuff yang melekat kat atas tee k" kata Fahmi dengan yakin.

The volunteers yang curious on the process of making D.I.Y tee.

 The blok and the design. Totally D.I.Y

 This mural is prepared by the kids themselves!

 Tukang kering dan tukang lipat. Smile!

YaY! Dah siap! Siap lipat dan susun lagi.

Solat itu wajib. No matter where you are, perform your solat. Dah habis solat baru gua perasan signboard kat pintu "Surau Perempuan"

Gua tengok jam. Dem, dah pukul 6. Macam mana gua nak usha Pipit kat Annexe? Paan juga seperti tidak keruan kerana kami juga berkongsi objektif yang sama dan similar, attending Pipit. Briefing belum habis lagi. Gua cuba muhasabah diri dan berfikiran positif "Relek ah, sikit je lagi. Jap lagi habis lah". Exactly at 7.00 PM, the meeting is finish. Banyak yang gua dapat belajar. Gua juga dapat ramai kenalan. Ada students, ada yang dah bekerja and some of them are lecturers! Gua salam dengan orang yang gua boleh salam, muhrim gua. Dalam masa yang sama, gua still frust tak dapat join event Pipit kat Annexe.

This is the logo for our D.I.Y tee.

Pergh, hari dah gelap. Dah masuk maghrib nih. Macam biasa gua gunakan transport kegemaran gua iaitu public transport. Gua suka jalan-jalan menggunakan public transport because it is easy and convenient. Gua tak payah susah fikir mana nak parking dan minyak mana nak pakai, RON95 or RON97. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan.

Gua solat Maghrib kat stesen bas Hang Tuah, beli tiket berharga RM6.00, pilih tempat duduk, pakai sweater dan terus tidur. Semasa tidur gua mimpi Malaysia tengah membelasah China 6-0 di Sukan Asia yang sedang berlangsung. Mimpi gua hilang dengan tiba-tiba kerana gua tersedar. Ah, handphone gua vibrate pulak.

Hamdi, housemate gua message, "Brapo doh?"

Gua segera text adik gua yang berada di rumah, "Bola dah brapa?"

Adik gua reply dengan segera, "0-0 tapi Malaysia kena dua kad merah"

Gua reply, "Fuken hell ! Dua kat merah?"

5 minutes after that my sister send me a devastating message, "Dah kena 2-0 dah"

Gua kecewa. Gua cuba berkongsi kecewa gua dengan Hamdi, housemate gua, "2-0. Bereh"

Sahabat gua tak reply. Kecewa rasanya.

Setibanya di rumah gua dapat khabar buruk lagi. Three Malaysian players were sent off during the game against China. Wtf, tiga orang? Gua doakan K.Rajagopal agar beliau terus tenang memimpin skuad kebangsaan Malaysia untuk game seterusnya iaitu Iran. Since ramai main players tak dapat main gua suggest atlit-atlit lain seperti Koo Kien Keat atau Lee Chong Wei dapat memberi bantuan untuk bermain dengan skuad bolasepak kebangsaan walaupun berlainan jenis sukan.

p/s: Besok gua turun KL lagi. Kali ni Metalfest menjadi santapan gua. Banging time bebeh!  

Pipit Oh Pipit!

Saya pegang awak punya~~~
Awak pegang saya punya~~~
Kita sama-sama pegang~~~
Pegang padanya~~~

Apa kejadahnya pegang-memegang nih?

Suci perkataan. Suci perbuatan. Itu yang fasilitator gua bagitau tiap kali kami menyanyikan lagu tersebut. FYI, itu lagu pengakap. Jangan tanya kenapa gua ambik pengakap untuk sem ni, gua kena paksa, dah ada dalam syllabus.
Pipit? Mengikut Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, burung pipit merupakan sejenis famili burung kecil. Ada yang hidup secara berkumpulan yang mengandungi ratusan ekor dan selalu kelihatan di sawah-sawah padi ketika padi mulai masak.

Ok stop. Straight to the point. Sebenarnya recently gua mereng dan extremely ter-sangat happy di atas kemenangan Liverpool mengatasi Chelsea few days ago. Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed? Dua dua boleh. Yes, I am that weirdo as you can imagine. Visualize how freaky I can be!

Pipit is a worldwide non profit art portal , creative community and platform that was initiated as a means to encourage and support independent artists and designer locally & internationally. Building networks and friendships in the field of art and design, organizing exhibitions, conducting design research and disseminating news and information about design and creative endeavor are Pipit main activities. So like I said before, why Pipit? Why now?

Pipit is going to celebrate his or her 4th Birthday on this Saturday. As for that, they are going to celebrate it along with a wonderful market. It is an independent designer day and platform to support local artist & designer.

Why is it so interesting? Best sangat ke? Sebagai seorang yang sangat suka berimaginasi, berangan-angan dan berkhayal, gua rasa event ni sangat sesuai dengan orang-orang yang memenuhi kriteria-kriteria yang gua sebut tadi. Kebanyakan item yang akan dijual dan ditayangkan pada hari tersebut adalah diperbuat dari tangan mereka sendiri. Gua tak pasti pulak ada item yang diperbuat dari kaki, who knows?

Apa yang lu olls boleh jumpa kat event nih?

Art piece / painting




Unique jewellry

Weird-looking pillows

Fancy-looking wallet, purse, handbag or whatever...

Cool tee design (without the topeng)

Zine / art book
Indie music album
and more !!

Akhir kata, never underestimate the pipit-ness of this event. The name may sound lame but it should be more than that. A wonderful market where all sort of things will be sold. Rare things and definitely hand made. Admission FREE macam biasa woi! Meet the participating artists and check out the unique handmade, craft, pop art, workshop , exhibition and more !!

Event ni lebih kurang sama dengan Kuala Lumpur Art and Bookfest 2010 (KLAB 2010) yang gua pergi June lepas just this time takde musical performance. Last time ramai jugak well known figures involve in this such as Zunar the cartoonist, Azmyl Yunor the folk musician and Fahmi Reza, documentary filmaker of 10 Sebelum Merdeka. Saudara Khalid Jaafar juga ada untuk berkongsi pendapat mengenai bukunya yang berjudul Metafizik dan Kosmopolitanisme. Time tu juga ada brader Ezra yang fofuler dalam The Effing Show juga ada join.

Interested? Feel free to come. This event shall commence at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Kuala Lumpur on 13th November 2010, this Sabtuday. It will start from 12.00 PM until 7.00 PM. In case kalau terjumpa, terserempak, buat buat jumpa mahupun pretending to terserempak, feel free to greet me. Woi saja kat gua and InsyaAllah gua akan sahut woi lu olls balik.

Annexe Gallery is just behind the Central Market which is Pasar Seni. Masuk Pasar Seni jalan sampai belakang. There's another building behind it. That's Annexe Gallery. Check floor-floor belah atas yang ada banner diorang.

Source: Pipit Share Creativity >>>

Next stop we will have Rockstar Convention and Metalfest. What a weekend.

 Yang ni gua tak dapat pergi. Clash dengan orientation session kat KL Krash Pad. Dem lah, Zip Zieller bai.

 Worgh! The fest I've been waiting for! Malaysian Metalfest 2010. I'll update it with the band slot in incoming entry, InsyaAllah.

Right after Pipit event at Annexe, I'll off to KL Krash Pad for orientation session regarding incoming Pesta Chow Kit Kita and hey, I'm one of the volunteers!

s/t: Petang tu ada Rockstar Convention then the next day ada Metalfest. Gila lah. Macam mana dak-dak ni nak focus final?

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