Conteng-Conteng Lima

Yeah, I am back-mengembek with another session on Conteng-Conteng. Last time I mentioned about Conteng-Conteng on apa ntah, gua lupa. Nevermind. Kali ni gua kembali dengan bahan bukti terbaru yang tangan gua memang gatal nak menconteng ke atas mana-mana kanvas yang gua rasa sesuai untuk channel skill-skill gua especially on 'menconteng'.

Gua tak rasa yang gua buat ni vandalism since this is my book. Bukan buku abah kau, juga bukan buku nenek kau. This is my book. I bought it CASH for RM20 if I'm not mistaken. Owh, lupa gua nak cakap, standard la student. Ambik buku dulu hujung semester baru bayar. Tak berkat pulak ilmu gua kalau gua rembat buku ni macam tu je.


Ok, don't ask me why I drew those figures. If you watch properly, the birth of date for these ntah-hapa-hapa figures were drew by me exactly on 3rd February 2010. Yeah, you guys are right. I drew these stuffs while lecturer was lecturing in front. Our lecturer for this subject is Madam Roslinda. Baik gila. But the worse part was she called us by names to make sure our attendance is right. Dah tak boleh guna skill "Woi, tandatangan attendance untuk gua? Next week gua tandatangan untuk lu pulak"

The subject is Pembelajaran dan Perkembangan Pelajar which I called it 3P or in English, it is called Learning and Student Development. Easier, tak tayah bagi lidah gua terbelit. Teringat pulak gua kat Tongue Twister.

"This course discusses the learning and developmental aspects of adolescents in the educational settings that consists of the students learning processes and students’ diversities. Apart from this, students will be exposed to varieties of learning experiences based on brain, cultures, languages, students’ capabilities, personalities, social, environment, emotional and physical aspects."

Pergh, boring kan intro gua? Gua hampir tertido tatkala menaip sinopsis untuk kursus nih. Ekcelly gua kopipes je dari rancangan instruksional gua. I took this course last semester and I got A- for it. Pandai kan gua walaupun gua selalu tak datang kelas? Keh keh keh.

With Madam Roslinda yang cool macam eskrem Paddle Pop perasa rainbow.

Till then, Adieu.

p/s: Gua expect ada dentam dentum malam ni. Rupanya gua silap.

The Awesomeness of My Kids

Salam. It might be late to wish you boys and girls on your UPSR's result but I don't care. I left you few years ago when you were still green. This is all I can do.

The first school I taught was Sekolah Kebangsaan Shah Alam at Section 16, Shah Alam. I did my practicum there with my friends, Ems, Fatiha and Alia. Yeah, gua sorang je lelaki since at that time our class don't have enough boys. Gua tak tau kenapa, jangan tanya gua kenapa.

Then after graduated, I apply for substitute teacher. Few days later they called me;

"Wei macha, lu mau kelija tak?"
"Kelija apa beb?"
"Kelija jadi cikgu mau ka tak mau?"
"Mesti mau punya maaa...gua jobless sikalang"
"Ok ok, tomolo u datang sini office bawak sigala macam sijil ok?"
"Ok bos!"

Esoknya gua terus datang Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah kat Ampangan. Betul-betul belakang sekolah gua. Oh, dah 5 tahun gua sekolah kat sini baru gua tahu kat belakang ni PPD. Malu gua. Gua terus masuk pejabat dengan memberi salam.

"Saya, nama sebenar Mohd ****** Bin *****, akak ada call semalam"
"Owh..jap akak tengok. Mengajar kat Nilai boleh?"
"Adei..tak boleh la kak, takde transport. Ferrari hantar bengkel. Ducati pulak tayar dah takde bunga"
"Ok. Kalau sekolah kat Temiang boleh? Dekat je dengan Seremban"
"Boleh la tu. Sekolah apa kak?"
"Chan Wa High School"

I was like, WTF !? Chan Wa High School? A chinese school? Primary school? I just taught at secondary school for few months and they wanted me to teach at primary school? Layakkah gua?

"Oi, boleh ke tak?"
"Errr...bole la kak"

Yeah. after that I taught at that school for two months. This is the first time I enter a Chinese school. Merasa gua menjadi Lao Shi kat sekolah ni. Gua agak goyang kerana fizikal gua juga lebih kurang sama dengan budak-budak sekolah.

Then after that I moved to my third school, Sek Ren Islam As-Sa'idiyyah. Haha, gua dah jadi Sir kat Shah Alam, then gua jadi Lao Shi kat Chan Wa, this time gua jadi Muallim pulak kat SRIAS. I worked as a Muallim at SRIAS for a year and the longest ever I worked as an educator. 

Gua nak mengambil kesempatan ini untuk wish my kids CONGRATULATIONS on their UPSR.

My kids from 3 Dinamik, SKSA. From left; Atifah, Aini, Aliff Danial and Faisal. 

 Muka-muka champion bersama famili tersayang. Sapa tak bangga anak-anak dapat result flying colours?

 From right; Muhammad Nur Arif, Muhammad Na'im, Imad, Ammar Azizi, Iffah, Balqis Nabilah, Faihaa Arifah, Nurbillah and Nur Nadiah. Owh, Hafni also got 5A's but she's not in the picture.

I am extremely happy to see you kids with the great results. Yang tak dapat result power macam diorang; chill and relek. You still got time. The journey is still far. Lu olls might not get good results in exam but never be a loser. Belajar jadi orang eventhough your academic is not as good as others. Gua dulu pon result takde sepower lu olls tapi sekarang macam ok je. Haha. Dah besar kang dah jadi doktor, peguam, menteri or whatever; jangan lupa kat Sir/Lao Shi/Mualim k! Ada rezeki kita bertepuk tampar lagi.

p/s: I am waiting for my students from Chan Wa. Yesterday was the day when the PMR's results are out. Lemme know your result before I kill you!

Lilly-Ella and Lexie Gerrard

p/s: I am to lazy to post an entry. D'oh!

Conteng-Conteng Empat

I am not sure the significant of this picture. I don't have any idea why I drew these figures. Ah, apa ada hal. Lantak gua lah apa gua nak conteng. These figures don't have any eyes but they are all well-equipped with other body parts, hand, leg, nose etc. Dalam banyak-banyak hasil contengan gua, this is one of my favourite.

"Apahal takde mata dude?"
"Apa guna mata jika tak dapat melihat"
"Lu cakap apa ni?"
"Entah. Gua pon tak tau"
"#$% !!!!"

Young. Old. Kid. Adult. Strong. Weak. Male. Female. Human. Animal. Ball. Skateboard. Racket. Tall. Short. Big. Small. Thin. Even rambut macam Dr.Rozmey pon gua includekan sekali. Berkasut. Berselipar. Botak. Berjambang. All in one.

p/s: We are all equal in the eye of Allah. So why gaduh-gaduh? why dengki-dengki? why? timkai?

The Awesomeness of Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

"KLIMS is an iconic event in Malaysia, acclaimed for the attention it garnered along with the record breaking number of visitors.

It is undeniably the most accomplished platform to showcase state-of-the-art automotive engineering and innovations, from concept cars, super cars, hybrid cars to all the ranges of car accessories and car care solutions.

This is the most effective market reach route to woo your target customers, conduct your branding campaigns and gather market feedbacks."

taken from

Yeah right. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of cars. You know why? I DON'T HAVE A CAR. The only CAR that I had was 10 years ago when I bought Cannonball. Since it was made from a brand TAMIYA, surely it is expensive. It cost me nearly RM30. 1/4 duit raya gua habis kat benda alah ni.

Let's go straight to the topic before I end up now where. Last week on Monday, we brothers, the sons of Zubir and our buddy, Apiz went to PWTC. My brother parked his car at Bandar Tasik Selatan and we took a train straight to PWTC train station. Easy, tak payah pening-pening cari parking.

I'm not gonna bla bla bla about this motorshow since I don't have the right knowledge about car. I know nothing about cars. Antara benda-benda yang gua tahu pasal kereta hanyalah check angin tayar, air, minyak hitam, bukak hud depan dan bukak bonet belakang. That's all. Itu pon berkat pengalaman gua bekerja di stesen pam minyak jenama kerang selama beberapa bulan setelah tamat SPM. Orang lain habis SPM terus further study, gua? Yeah, I spent a whole year working before I continue my study. Sah-sah gua bangang masa sekolah dulu.

Here are the pictures that I snapped using my-own-brand-less-cheap-digital-camera. Some of the pictures were also taken from my buddy, Apis since he bought his DSLR Camera. Pergh.



 PakCik Roy: PakCik rasa nak nanges.
KeCiK: It's not just you PakCik. Gua juga nak nanges.

p/s: ...

How to study for an important exam?

If you have a pair of good eyes you may see how 'hardworking' we are; preparing for an exam. This is my buddy, Praveen. He speaks very well in Tamil, and ofkos, English. His pointer is eleven times better than me. He is a busy man since he is the vice president of PKMI (dont ask me what is that) and a member of Jawatankuasa Mahasiswa Kolej for for Kolej Aminuddin Baki (I stayed there for a year and a half). I've been wondering for days and months; how on earth he managed to maintain his pointer-power-gila-nak-mampus even though he is busy with all that?
How many times a year does this word cross our minds and torture us? No matter how hard we want to try it, we cannot just ignore exams. No two people study the same way, and there is little doubt that what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some general techniques that seem to produce good results. . In order to do well on exams, you also need to learn how to study. Unfortunately, universities don't necessarily prepare their students for this important skill. We have to always remember that learning how to study for an important exam takes practice. So I ask this macha which is a good friend of mine to share some tips on studying. 

"Yo macha, mind if you share with me your tips regarding studying for exams?"
"Oh well KeCiK, anything for you mate"
"Woi, I'm helping you man. I am damn straight"
Here are some tips on how to study successfully for an important exam;

Conteng-Conteng Tiga

Last time on conteng-conteng I mentioned about daydreaming in class. Yes, I avoided daydreaming in few classes for now. Thanks to my useless skill on conteng-conteng.

This time the victim for my conteng-conteng is similar to previous post about it. I used the same note to channel my thought into a piece of paper. Page 8 on notes of ********.

I am left-handed. The figure you see on this cheap piece of drawing is my own right hand. I cant draw a figure of my left hand since I use it to draw. Got me?

Why a figure of a hand? Recently I have the tendency to stimulate my ability with the original part on a note. The original part for this time is the page number, number 8. I got an idea on how it should be based on the situation.

The class should finish exactly at 7.00PM. I looked at my watch and my watch said "Dey, dah pukul 6.30PM lah! Sikit lagi nak habis, hold on master!" Well said wahai sahabat. Few minutes later exactly at 6.38PM I came out with this work of art. My own right hand showing the exact time at the moment.

Off topic.
"Why digital watch dude? Tak matured lah. Childish sungguh"
"Psychologically I think the time gets faster and faster. Jam jarum macam lambat sangat."

p/s: Congratulations to Malaysian squad on making it to semi final. See you there at Bukit Jalil, insyaAllah.

The Return of Kop Heroes; Liverpool 3 Aston Villa 0

"Angah, tak tengok bola ke?"
"Dah 2-0"
"What the..."

Yeah, I woke up kinda late. I set my alarm exactly at 3.50AM, 10 minutes before the game started. Stupid alarm.

My eyelids were too heavy, I cant open my eyes properly for the first few minutes. Ngantuk gila. I was like "Eh...mana Torres gua?". Babel and Ngog upfront. Lucas and Raul anchoring the midfield while Kuyt and Maxi covering the wide area. Konchesky and Johnson as fullbacks while Kyrgiakos and Skrtel as centrebacks. Pepe Reina the skipper! This is interesting.

Conteng-Conteng Dua

I love daydreaming during lecture. Last time I slept in class I was instructed to stand for few minutes.

"How dare you sleep in my class !? Stand there until I ask you to sit !"
"Yes master" reply gua dalam hati.

So, what did I do to prevent myself from sleeping in class? This is it. So many things pop-up in my so-called-language-acquisition-device (known as LAD, the brain itself; according to my SLA lecturer, Mr Azman). I need to free up some space in my brain, that is why I need to 'transfer' all the 'things' into a physical form. Therefore I avoided myself from sleeping in class by drawing at least a small figure on a piece of paper. As for this time, a lovely note became the victim for my drawing-canvas.

More conteng-conteng to come yo!

p/s: Respect your lecturer, do not sleep in class unless you are an idiot like me.

Pekan Frinjan 16: Hak Asasi Manusia

Tarikh : 4 Disember 2010
Masa : 5:00 petang - 11:30 malam
Tempat : i-City, Shah Alam

Pekan Frinjan 16 membawakan tema HAM: singkatan kepada Hak Asasi Manusia sempena Hari Hak Asasi Manusia yang disambut pada tanggal 10 Disember setiap tahun.

Tentang Pekan Frinjan

Pekan Frinjan adalah salah satu inisiatif kelompok Frinjan bertujuan untuk membudayakan masyarakat. Ini dilakukan dengan membawa pelbagai aktiviti seni dan kebudayaan terus kepada masyarakat umum, khususnya di laman massa dan jalanan. Dengan mempersembahkan seni dan budaya dalam bentuk “pop”, diharapkan masyarakat akan terus mahu mendekati bahan berteraskan intelektualisme. Ini penting dalam membentuk sebuah negara dan persekitaran bertamadun yang tidak hanya mementingkan pembangunan ekonomi semata-mata.

Frinjan ialah entiti sifar-untung yang dijayakan oleh kelompok bebas. Matlamatnya ialah untuk menganjurkan aktiviti jalanan bersifat semi-komersil dengan suntikan literari, pembudayaan masyarakat dan pengembangan sosial 

Stop misSPELLing !!!

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y mode

The last paper was on 1st December and it was ok, I think. Within this December hopefully I won't see any thing related with my study. I'll avoid myself from things like pen, pencil, notes, matrix card etc. Have a cracking holiday peeps and InsyaAllah we shall meet next year for next semester. Let's ronggeng!

p/s: Adieu November. Holla December. Gig-goers, here I come!

Umang aii ! Ado gig poit !!

Sabtu ni poit. Dokek yo, kek Tampin Square. The last time I went to 7th Heaven Studio was during The Sound of Arrggghhh !!!. Let's mosh pit !!!

p/s: Easily out-muscled for 5-1 defeat. Pergh.

MyManUtd forum; "How much do they hate me?"

The last time I talk about my hatred towards Menyoo was few month ago, regarding Nani. Now he stands alongside world-class divers and actors like Gilardino and Busquets. I'm not gonna rants on being such a jerk for talking about diver in football since I guess it is normal to any players to dive and act like they are seriously injured.

 Biarkan. Biarkan.

This time I want to rant about a thing I notice on October this year.While I was checking all my traffic sources, I notice there's a link from a forum conducted by my so-called-football-rival that lead to my blog. How was it happened? I don't have any slightest idea about it.

You may refer to this link for a better view and understanding. Hey man, If you ask me how I feel I would gladly to say I am damn proud. I'm lovin it since they notice the existence of me as a weirdo who hates Menyoo more than any club in this world. It is an honoured for me to be hated by you people when it comes to football rivalry. Gua harap ini saingan yang sihat dari dua belah pihak. It will not be fun if we cheer on the same club. It will be so much fun if we talk shit to each other to show how much do we hate against our rival.

 Get lost. Torres is ours. Why don't you try Adebayor? or maybe Hairuddin Omar. Last game Berbatov scored five goals against Blackburn. I heard lots of rants regarding this fella when he didn't play well. Berba-flop lah...Berba-please-go-home lah...and now he scored for your club and you called him Dimi-God?

Use your imagination, I won't write the caption for this picture. Haha. Despite my hatred against this club I do have sense of respect on this guy. He's 40 and still kicking.

 Tevez "Inspection! Gua nak tengok apa ada dalam"
Ferdinand "Inspection abah kau! After the game lah we settle this"

The deal came less than 48 hours after Rooney claimed that the club lacked of 'ambition'. Some of my rivals gave a mixed reception. Some of them vowed to forgive him and some of them called him 'money-grabbing'. Gila bai, 250 000 in a week! He could be a millionaire within a month. Despite his mega deal he is yet to get his best form. Haha dari gua.

"Join City and you're dead" Goyang kau Rooney. Tau takut.

"Takut takut gua pon gua dapat 250 000 weekly. Lu olls apa dapat?"

 Gary "I love you mate"
Scholes "I love you too mate"

Enuff said. I hate them.

To any Liverpool haters out there feel free to come and talk about football. Let's rant and raving to each other. Let's have a serious debate about football. Kamon!

"Ala, ko jeles kan Menyoo ada kat atas liga?"
"Of course I am but that is not my strong point. I hate them just because they are Manchester United"

p/s: Gua ada last paper besok. Gua satu note pon tak bukak. Gua harap besok gua boleh jawab dengan cemerlang.

The Awesomeness of Pesta ChowKit Kita

Last week on Sunday I spent hours at Jalan TAR, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Why?

a) Menemani Scarlett Johnson membeli belah di SOGO.
b) Jalan-jalan bawak Emma Watson sekitar Jalan TAR.
c) Emak kirim beli gula.
d) Semua di atas, serentak.

Guess it right and I shall give you a kiss if you answer it right. This once in a lifetime kiss is only for the girls. Others can kiss my ass.

The answer?



p/s: Kalah.

Hamlet 0o0 Hamlet

As you all might know, my peeps and I are having grueling happy hours of studying a play from William Shakespeare. Words like joy, delight, ecstatic, in high spirits or on cloud nine are used to describe how pleasant we are while studying this work of art.

"Woi, I can smell the sense of sarcasm lah!"
"Oh, you got me. Spot on!"

Hell yes, technically I am lazier than any of you could ever imagine. If you are close enough to me you can see the letter L on my forehead. Since I am as lazy as Koala, the laziest animal on earth who sleeps up to 22 hours, I decided to watch the movie instead of reading the whole text regarding this play. Last time this so-called-short-cut-approach proved to be fruitful. I spend an hour watching a play entitle Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller at YouTube a day before the final paper and guess what? Flying colours bai!

So here I am spending my 'happy' time watching Hamlet directed by 'Hamlet' himself, Kenneth Branagh. This boring-gila awesome film was nominated for four Oscars. Honestly from me, as far as I remember, I unconsciously ter-sleep while watching this movie. I slept and woke up several times and 'eh..scene mana dah ni?'. It's normal for a sleepyhead like me. I started to imagine what if I watch this film on cinema with my _______ (fill in the blank with a suitable/logic/acceptable answer) .

-You need lots and lots of popcorn, bottles of water or few sacks of junkfood (kuaci, kerepek, kuih muih etc)
-Bring a pillow with you. Larger is better, depend on your body size. A blanket would be a perfect addition.
-Feel free to sleep, don't afraid to sleep or do not hold your eyelids if you feel sleepy. Why? Even if you fall asleep the movie is still playing.
-Do not turn off your handphone, you might feel isolated in the cinema. Make sure you have enough credit to call or text your friends if you feel bored. Nah, handphone is lame, bring a laptop then. Bring also your broadband so that you can online and update your status; "Demit, this movie is so fuken boring".

Why did I mentioned all these stupid things? Alhamdulillah and thank God, I live long enough to watch few awesome movies that humankind has ever produced. But this Hamlet The Movie (1996) is absurd. It took four fuken hours. Watching this movie is hour incrimnets, longer than my favourite LOTR. In fact, you can watch two live soccer games consecutively.

"If so, why in the hell did you watch this movie, KeCiK oi?"
Told ya before, I am as lazy as a Koala, the only differences between that fella and me are Koala can sleep more than 20 hours while I can sleep in two consecutive days. Apart from that, Koala is cuter than me and people always say that I am as fugly as Heath Ledger. I'm not a hardcore on reading thick books. I wear spectacle but it doesn't mean I am a book-worm-type. If you ask me to read hundreds of Doraemon, Shin Chan, Slam Dunk or Dr Slump, I am honoured to do it without any hesitancy.

If it wasn't Ophelia, dah lama gua tawakal untuk paper besok. Sad to see the only hottest figure in this movie went crazy because of her father was killed by Hamlet. Apart from that, I fuken love the diction, the way they utter the words that I don't even understand. I give up on finding the meaning because I don't understand 90% of all the dialogues. Lenguh bai asyik nak selak kamus.

By 12PM I need to release myself from this prison of madness. Liverpool will face Tottenham at White Hart Lane. Bale is on song and I hope Glen Johnson can deal with it. Hopefully PakCik Roy knows what to do. This match is so important; do or die, we need this important 3 points. I will get crazy like Ophelia if we lost this match.

The left one with a pink-ultrawoman-head is Kuya. Twice drowned at Lata Kinjang and Kalumpang then she realized that the port is shallow enough for a 8 year old kid. Tu la, lu ingat lu Michelle Yeoh ke. The only makcik in class who uses bicycle when she thinks she is late. She's the one who printed my copy of Hamlet. I can't believe I spent RM5 for this copy. The other ultrawomen are just her minions, waiting for her next orders and commands. Second from left is Atul, Arashi's hardcore and she used to do agagaga laugh. Next to her is Iera, ex-Zapin dancer who now focuses on modern music. She represented group B for Olahraga on 100m sprint race, to make it OMG, she ran without a pair of shoe. The last makcik on the right is Dy. A fine-looking makcik yang ada iras-iras Sandra Bullock jika mukanya kekal pimple-free. A legend says that her younger sister is gorgeous than her.
My faith on Kuya for getting me that sissy-looking-book jeopardized my status as a skinhead when I was 15. I repeat, I did not order a book with a pink-flowered-cover. Dem you Kuya, dem you. Morale of the story, never trust a woman if you want them to make a copy of a book. They might jeopardize your life, just look at me.

Thanks to Prof Lim, the nearest man on earth with William Shakespeare I ever met. He knows most of everything regarding William Shakespeare. He gets us to know closer about a man who wrote Hamlet. Get well soon Prof. Sorry for being such a dud, a culprit and always daydreaming in your class :) You just prove that William Shakespeare is the greatest among William Hung, William Chan and William Gallas.

I missed to watch Damo Suzuki at Annexe.
I missed to watch Flossy on Rockapedia at Annexe.
I missed to play rounders with my new mates at Dataran Merdeka.
I missed to watch Zombi at KLPAC
and I missed to join BBQ party for ChowKit Kita crew members.

Why? My uni thinks having a very late exam is cool compare to other universities.


Till then, I still need to spend another two hours to finish on watching this movie. Please God give me strength to endure hours with Hamlet.

p/s: By 12 PM tomorrow I shall bid a good-bye to William Shakespeare. Adieu Hamlet, adieu. 

Damo Suzuki and Rockapedia!



Hell yeah, I missed both because I have a paper regarding William Shakespeare. Seems like I am having fun reading and studying the play. Darn, I missed them all!

p/s: Two more papers to go and still have four more semesters. Fun is it?

E.X.A.M mode

These two weeks I will enduring another grueling hours of studying. Eh, since when gua rajin study? Yeah, a lazy person who always daydreaming during lesson like me will find it hard to achieve 4 flat in any of his semesters. To show how lazy I am, my idea of studying is to read a bundle of notes with a glance.

I survived the first two papers which are a literature subject and a major subject which is Syntax and Morphology. "What is that 'thing' dude?", "Don't ask me, go wiki yourself". As for today at 9.00AM, I will have another paper which is Discourse Analysis. I do think that this paper is the toughest paper of all compare to other papers. If I 'survive' this I think I can make it. I set the alarm at 2.00AM and guess what, I woke up at 4.00AM. Like I mentioned in previous post, I have the tendency to snooze my alarm. :)
Till then, gtg. Time to study! Adieu! <---study la sangat, loser!


p/s: I study I forget. I study I forget. I study I forget.

Conteng-Conteng Satu

Ada orang suka makan anggur. Ada orang suka tidur tengah hari. Ada orang suka main congkak. Ada orang suka kumpul setem. Ada orang suka filem melayu. Macam-macam orang suka. Gua suka macam-macam. One of it is CONTENG. Yup, when it comes to conteng, I am hardcore. Give me a pen or a pencil, a canvas or anything; I shall draw at least something smaller than your bulu arm-pit.

I started to conteng when I was a kid. It's normal for a kid to have the tendency to conteng on most of the thing. Dinding, meja, kertas mahupun mangkuk toilet. If you go to school, you can see good-looking-menenangkan-memberangsangkan-menyemarakkan-graphics on the wall where most of the students walk in front of it. You can also see nicely-written 'kata-kata semangat' like 'JAGALAH KEBERSIHAN' and 'KANTIN BERSIH, MAKANAN BERKHASIAT, MURID SIHAT', you can see 'MALAYSIAKU GEMILANG' at the office, you can see 'KAMI DATANG DENGAN HARAPAN, PULANG DENGAN KEJAYAAN' in front of the school or maybe 'BUKU ITU SAHABATKU' at the library.

It's normal to have these wonderful words at school. It's good for the kids to be 'brainwashed' by these words for the good of their attitude. I have to say I am one of the kids to be 'brainwashed' by these words. I still remember when I was a kid, my favourite quotation is 'KERETA INI BOLEH MEMBUNUH'. You now kids like to play around inside and outside the school. So when I wanted to cross a road definitely I'll be thinking of that words. It's kinda convincing when you cross a road after several times observing any cars from left to right, right to left and left to right, again.

Enough with this stupid introduction, back to my main intention. I love to draw. To be able to conteng at any places is something pleasurable for me. Masa kecik-kecik gua dah start conteng kat atas meja, kat dinding dan ofkos, dalam toilet. Like I mention earlier, you can see encouraging quotations around the school but when you are in the toilet, it's totally different. Swear words in any languages, funny-looking caricature and dot dot dot.

When I was a kid, I read more comic books than any text books. I prefer to read Mutiara Naga instead of Buku Teks Sains Tahun 3. Spending more times reading comic books than watching television just made me thinking of one impossible ambition. That impossible ambition is to have my own comic book. It may sound 'boleh blah la KeCiK', 'Jangan harap' or maybe 'In your dream' but I made my dream come true. By using a ruler, pen and pencil and an exercise book, I manage to publish my own comic book.

The wrong usage of an exercise book. I turned my Kajian Tempatan exercise book into a-cheap-comic-book. I was at 6 Bestari at that time. Even I spell the name of my class wrongly; BISTARI instead of BESTARI. What an idiot I was. Pathetic.
I dot it just because I like it. I am never too old to do goofy things.

p/s: InsyaAllah, I shall prevail more of my stupidity on conteng-conteng.

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