Man on form: Gareth Bale

Modern football is known for its fast and physical approach. Even nowadays, you cant see Brazil play with their samba-ness. I missed how Denilson over-used his step-over movement over and over again. I missed how Blanco traps the ball between his feet and jumps through the defenders- releasing the ball in the air and landing with it under control as he leaves the opposition players behind. I missed high-flying finger tips save from Jorge Campos, known for his trademark, self-designed bright kits contributed to his popularity.

These days you can different level of football. Fast, aggressive, no-nonsense and direct method.Last night I watch a Champions League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan. I guess you already know the result, Spurs stun Inter with 3-1 win at White Hart Lane. Forget about the result, forget about how they play, forget about tactics that they used. I just want to talk about the man in form, Gareth Bale.


This lad is still young. At the age of 21, he is playing at a different level than other normal full backs. Gareth Frank Bale, born in 16 July 1989 at Cardiff, Wales is playing at Tottenham Hotspur as a left back and a left winger. Physically strong, 6ft, strong enough to outrun me, who is known for his speed of light, kata member gua. He begins his football career at Southampton and he is the second youngest player ever to play for the Saints after Theo Walcott.

Forget about his lame biography, move on to his performance last night. It was undoubtedly superb, a majestic performance by this young lad. He silenced Maicon, Brazillian right back who is known by his foward, foraging runs and astonishing finish. That night was Bale's night and the victim was Maicon. Even in dying minutes, he out-muscled his opponent with 'take-over', famously used by Pele.

In these modern football days, I do think Gareth Bale is a complete player. Technically awesome, from passing to control, from dribbling to crossing and tackling to shooting. His physical abilities are also undoubtedly superior than me, acceleration, aerial ability, jumping, pace, stamina, sprinting and of course, strength. Gua rasa macam nak tergelak bila tengok Sneidjer dengan Coutinho double team against this awesome lads. Couthinho terpelanting just like that. Since he already established as a fine winger, he can forget his previous position as a left back. He can leave it to Assou Ekotto. Gareth Bale is offensively dangerous from left flank, dangerous from set pieces and one on one situation. Overlapping his opposition is nothing to him, dah macam rutin harian.


Inevitably, Bale was the toast of White Hart Lane and taunts of "Taxi For Maicon" rang out as the defender who played such a big part in Inter's Champions League triumph was destroyed by the rampant Welshman. Bale was in no mood to let the win slip away though, and in a moment that characterised his display, he ran through Inter again with a blistering burst that allowed Pavlyuchenko to complete the formalities. Anyone remember his hatrick at San Siro?  

This young lad reminds me of our first choice right back, Glen Johnson. Many people argued about Johnson's tendency on attacking from his flank. His skills are good enough to be a descend winger instead of defender. I hope Pak Cik Roy can mold Johnson to become a winger because sometimes I feel that his flair is better than any other wingers that we have like Babel, Maxi, Jovanovic or Kuyt. Let Carragher and Kelly work on defending.


Gareth Bale awesomeness level? As awesome as getting an ultra kill while playing DoTA.

p/s: Gua tak tau nak buat apa kat rumah. Cuti study week lama sangat. I'm not sure what to study since I left ALL THE NOTES at Tanjung Malim. Even kalau ada kat rumah macam la gua baca.

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November 4, 2010 at 2:07 AM

power gler dowh bale skang.. sprint babak laju...

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