Europa League: Unirea Urziceni 1 vs Liverpool 3

Liverpool avoided a potential Europa League embarrassment in Romania as they came from behind against Unirea Urziceni to book their place in the last 16.

Shaky defending from set-pieces in the first half saw them fall behind to Bruno Fernandes' header in the 19th minute and for a while they looked rattled.

However, goals from Javier Mascherano from long range and Ryan Babel from close in turned things around before the interval and Steven Gerrard's 33rd European goal wrapped things up after the break.

-A screamer from Lil Chief.

-Confidence performance from Babel.

-Gerrard settles it. He becomes the Top scorer from England who scores the most goal in all Europeon Competition. That strike was his 33rd in Europe, taking him past Alan Shearer, who scored 30 for Newcastle and two for Blackburn.

p/s: A comfortable victory after an early scare. Forgot to mention that my Kelly was playing in that match. hahahaha...

Europa League: Unirea Urziceni vs Liverpool [2nd leg]

We should win this match eventhough it is far from Anfield. A strong line-up should be appointed.

Any info on Ngog's condition? was he badly injured?
Should Torres and Yossi get a start?
Should Pachecho plays as a foward instead of Kuyt?

Here's my preferred line-up.



--------Lil Chief--------Lucas----------




-simpan Carra ngan Gerrard, try Kelly ngan Aquilani. Hell yeah. (tak tau ada live kat tv ke tak)

p/s: I do think scoring an away goal is crucial. Lesser team like Unirea plays all out when they play at home. Reminds me of CL-playoff, Standard Liege vs Liverpool. Bapak susah nak score.

Sekali lagi aku mintak Rafa tolong bagi Kelly main.

YNWA !!!

GiG !!! GiG !!! GiG !!!

Europa League: Liverpool 1 - Unirea Urziceni 0

I take back what I said regarding Pacheco's physical abilities.Assist from our subs.Nasib baik Ngog score.Rasa awkward tgk official jaga tepi tiang.aku tgk ball boy mana ntah masuk padang.sekali lagi aku rasa keciwa kerana kelly aku tak main.well organized back four by Unirea.

-Reina relek abes.
-Skrtel ngan Agger main cun.xde fancy sgt,same goes to our FB, Aurelio n Carra.Carra sempat try masa 1st half.
-Lil Chief mcm biasa.Aqua dah confident.Riera ngan Kuyt mcm xde dlm pitch.Berapa kali aku tarik rambut tgk Ngog habiskan chances mcm tu je.... See More
-Terima kasih pada Babel dan Pacheco.Korang mmg cun.

p/s: kesian tgk Unirea punya kit,seriously sgt buruk.

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When Stevie met 'Stevie'

A waxwork of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was officially unveiled today - much to the delight of the man himself.

The model - which has been worked on since last October after Gerrard met a team of sculptors at Melwood - will now feature in the Sports Zone of the Madame Tussauds Museum in London.

Liz Edwards, PR manager for Madame Tussauds, said: "We very rarely 'unveil' our figures outside of the attraction in London so being in Liverpool at Anfield makes this a very special occasion.

"It is particularly appropriate that Steven joins the Madame Tussauds line-up in World Cup year.

"His inclusion is in response to huge demand from the public and we know fans are going to enjoy getting up close to him in the run-up to the competition in June."

Gerrard met up with his completed waxwork earlier today at Anfield - and our photographer was there to take some snaps.

Author: Paul Eaton

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Merseyside Merah

This group is basically a nobly intended attempt to reclaim the spirit and glory days of Friendster Liverpool Fc (Malaysia) Group.

In its heydays, it has more than 8k armies sharing one precious thing in common - a mutual love to Liverpool Football Club.Despite all the technical deficiencies,the discussions were quality-easily one class above the rest.

Here's hoping that this new base will carry the same wave if not better.

All prospective members are greatly encouraged to post what's on their minds (esp LFC-related or any off topics) or getting involved in the discussion and while doing so, remember one most important thing that we've learned back then in our FS days: you can post anything, you can bash anybody, but be sure to make them looked 'good'. Use your sense and back your arguments.

After all, LFC supporters are always being considered as the most knowledgeable on the land, yeah?

Spread the love to all the ex-es and former regulars that you know.Forget your mafias, your clans, your cafes, your farms because we have a much greater priority. The Reds are coming up to the hill.
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You Can't Keep A Good Scene Down!

This is the first of a series of Tuesday gigs happening at Cloth & Clef. An attempt at breaking that "weekend-only" curse which had been a bane of the DIY scene since forever! More shows happening every Tuesday from now on. Do come and kick that ghost of crap jobs and sadistic bosses following you home!

TUESDAY, 9th of February 2010
Show starts at 8.30PM
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CLOTH & CLEF, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

DUNG (aka Carburetor Dung)
- an ancient specimen of Malaysian punk rawk still surviving from early 90s; this is basically because they are too lazy to move on to “better and bigger” things. DUNG have gone through a lot of different phases since then; from melodic, singalong street-punk popular with toddlers to mellow, cringe-worthy acoustic moments with loud, blaring hardcore-punk of their own interpretation in-between.

- a lively crew of late 20s playing a mix of The Clash’s anthemic firebrand punk rock and the more modern ghetto-blasting influences from the 90s Gilman St. Scene with a bit of reggae and hard-blues stabbed hard somewhere in their guts. Recently released their much-awaited debut album entitled “Our Beloved City of the Dead”; a tribute to this metropolis of ours, especially its zombiefied useless inhabitants.

- a relatively new addition to the stubborn local DIY punk rock scene but one of the most promising. THE GARRISON is a collision of raw classic punk rock sound of the late ‘70s, spiced up with hard, dirty skanking reggae. A full-length album is in the works but a taster is available in the recently released CD-R EP called Flooding Blood.

- freshly-baked mysterious disease by hyperactive youngster Aiman, who is DUM DUM TAK’s drummer and the mainman for FRU & CIVIL DISORDER. This band is so new we don’t even know how it sounds like. But knowing Aiman, we know it’s gonna be rockin’


The Ricecooker Shop Shitheads


RA02 - MONDAY, 15th FEBRUARY | RM12 | 8.30PM


Taken from carburetor dung | kuala lumpur | malaysia

Why 50th is so special

Dirk Kuyt reckons Liverpool are now playing with 'the belief' required to secure a top four finish after his 50th goal for the club clinched a hard-fought victory in Saturday's Merseyside derby.

The Holland international stretched the Reds' unbeaten run to seven league matches with a 54th minute header after Sotirios Kyrgiakos' first-half red card had threatened to hand Everton the initiative.

The landmark strike coupled with the overall nature of the triumph was particularly sweet for Kuyt, who feels Rafael Benitez's men are beginning to find their form at just the right time.

"It's a great feeling and I'm really happy to have scored 50 goals for the club, especially in a game like this," he said.

"But I don't think it mattered who scored, just that we got the win.

"I think we showed belief when we had 10 men and that comes from the confidence we have built up over the last few games. We had to believe that we could still win the game and we did that.

"Out of the last seven matches we have taken 17 points and have kept six clean sheets, so you can see from those results that we are playing better and our confidence is up.

"Now we have to keep going and make sure we are ready for the next game at Arsenal."

He added: "We've had a massive win and we will enjoy the victory. But after that we must focus on the next two games which are very, very important. We have to show that we really are back to our best form."

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Liverpool Ladies !!!!

P.S : Wish I was their coach...duhhhhhhh.....

Ex 2 Damai 2008 Chan Wa High School

Chang Soon An -Chen Kok Jun -Ching Ka Woon -Clement Lou Yung Wai -Gan Soon Fatt -Goh Yau Lim -Ho Jun Yong -Hoe Weng Kit -Hon Yee Yau -Lee Wai Seng -Leong Weng Hong -Leong You Rong -Lim Chee Leong -Loh Xiong Lim -Loo Zheng Hunn -Ng Kang Chun -Ong Yu Hao -Tan Jin Hwa -Wong Chan Hao -Wong Kar Yi -Yeong Chee Ming -Chan Ai Wee -Cheng Yee Ling -Chew Hui Yee -Chew Xiu Yin -Chew Ya Wen -Chong Yee Wen -Gee Hui Han -Janice Chau Ting Ting -Khoo Siew Li -Kow Yoong Wei -Leck Yze Yin -Leow Sook May -Ling Shwu Woei -Low Ching Yee -Tan Xi Wen -Teh Kah Me -Yang Wei Ling -Yau Seen Hui -Yau Seen Wei

What did you guys get for your PMR??


Clement Lou Yung Wai - Please improve your knowledge on Naruto.
Loh Xiong Lim - Hopefully you'll improve your guitar skills.
Yeong Chee Ming - You got 1A only !!!!???

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