Premier League Match 2010/2011; Merah lawan Biru.

As you all now, we will have the biggest game in the Premier League this weekend when Liverpool host league champions and leaders Chelsea at Anfield today. It's still hours before that match and I am so fucking eager to watch it. Here's a preview on this incoming match.

 Same number, same nationality and same role. Different clubs, different passion and different style.

Gerrard versus Lampard. Who will come out as winner?

"Err..dude, malam ni probably Fat Lampard tak main lah?"
"Say what? Apsal plak?"
"Dia kan baru buat hernia operation, so percentage untuk dia main...."
"Celaka, apsal tak bagitau awal-awal? Gua dah upload gambar mamat gemuk tu dah"

Look at the record. Both teams share the same record, they won three of their previous games, unbeaten in their last four games. But if we look at the head to head record, this Biru team has the edge and advantage than us. We lost two previous games against this Biru team. The last time we won against them was a year ago on February, 2009 when we beat them 1-0 at Anfield thanks to Torres for his brace.

Forget about those past matches. Focus on what we have now. We have Reina and his back four, Johnson on the right, Konchesky on the left and Carra, Skrtel and Kyrgiakos as our centre-backs. Which one do you prefer to be our centre-backs for tonight KeCiK?

"I assume that Ancelotti's boys used the same formation like we did, 4-3-3. Drogba upfront having two wingers beside him, Anelka and Malouda.As you all know, Lampard may not be ready for this match because he will probably still not be ready to make his comeback from a hernia operation and as for that, they might deploy Ramires, Mikel and Zhirkov as their midfielders. This is interesting, the battle of the midfielders could be the key for this match. Gerrard, Lucas and Meireless versus Ramires, Mikel and Zhirkov." kata KeCiK dengan panjang lebar.

"Dude, back to the question, I ask about your selection on the centre-backs lah, not midfielders!"
"Owh, sorry mate. Gua excited. Ok, as for centre-back I would like to use strong in aerial battle and good on marking the opposition. Gua prefer Skrtel dengan Kyrgiakos untuk jadi centre back gua untuk malam ni. Tapi gua rasa tak mungkin since Carragher is prior to both of them. So its either Skrtel or Kyrgiakos to Carra's partner."
"Ok, so how about our offensive side?"
"Offensive side gua tak harap sangat wingers kita attack from both flanks sebab dua player nih, Cole dan Ivanovic. I am sure they will the full backs for the Biru team for tonight's match. Have a look at our wingers available for us, Maxi and Jovanovic only yang betul-betul experience as modern footballers. Shelvey is still to young, Babel and Joe Cole are out injured. Gua harap Kuyt dapat recover his injury on time to be our winger."

"Any words about Torres?"
"Hmmm...gua tak pasti. Recent matches he looked rusty as I never imagine before. He looks uncomfortable when he holds the ball. As for now, gua lagi prefer Ngog dari Torres based on their performances in recent matches. Sadly, Ngog is out injured due to a sore shin after being the victim of an outrageous – and unpunished – over-the-ball tackle by the liability that was Salvatore Aronica, the last game when we won against Napoli. Harap malam ni Torres buktikan yang gua salah."

"Key players untuk malam ni?"
"Gerrard for sure. Gua harap Lucas dengan Meireless dapat backup kapten kita dengan solid. Defend our backfour, go for any loose balls and give intense pressure as much as they can."

"Your prediction?"
"Liverpool to grab this win, 1-0 is fine with me. Gerrard on the score sheet. Gua harap Mikel dapat red card so that we will have plenty of space in midfiled area."
p/s: Shit, dah pukul 9.15. Great Migrations dah start. Chow dulu peeps! YNWA!

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