Among the worst; Stoke 2 Liverpool 0

Apa lagi gua nak cakap? I missed Pipit, Malaysia lost against China with three of our players were sent off, Federer lost against Monfils on the third set during the tie break, our Badminton team lost against the lesser team which is Thailand and I hear nothing called 'huge achievement' from our Lotus F1.

 Ricardo Fuller scored the first goal and they went to jubilation. See the difference between the expression of a great joy and the expression of sorrowfulness.

Now Liverpool FC?

The performance against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium was among the worst. I love Liverpool but it doesn't mean that I pamper my team like;

"Takpe, kita buat baru!"
"Chill, game banyak lagi"
"Ok, next game for sure we will bounce back"

I'm sorry but that game against Stoke was awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, hopeless, horrid and somehow crappy. What was Konchesky doing? Easily beaten by Pennant yang cunning and powerhouse Jones. It's like they don't communicate with each other. Maxi was nothing, Meireles was nothing, Kuyt was nothing. All nothing.

Kenwyne Jones, the foward that we tried to sign last season scored the second goal. Game over.

Based on previous games gua tak perasan any prowess tactical from our gaffer. Meireles main central midfield kan? Why he has the tendency playing as a wide player? Game tadi players kita byk depend on simpati pengadil, asal foul je jatuh. Asal jatuh je foul. Ngog was too fuken soft. So do others.

Habis game gua dapat message dari John.

"Bro, I think this is the time."

YNWA. We lost against the better team. We were far beyond them. Fact. As for that, enjoy this video. Adieu.

p/s: I need to sleep. Next morning I shall go to KL again for the sake of Malaysian Metalcore Festival. Can't wait for so-called-eight-hours-head-banging-non-stop. Yang tengah study final tu study leklok. Final gua lambat lagi.

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