Pete Sampara - LFCs BadgeMan

It’s extremely difficult to maintain the waist coat. This is my third waist coat now. I make them myself. I buy the material, it’s denim which I bleach and then dye red. I cut out the style, sow them back together, put in some zip and velcro. I do that only every 2-3 years. Some of the badges I’ve got are 30-40 years old, real collector’s items, so keep taking them on-off doesn’t do them any good. I am very proud of the waist coat and the badges. Every badge has a very specific and powerful meaning to me.

It might have been donated by a fan from another country or this part of the country or from a particular match which holds a specific memory. I could take any of the badges, and tell you a story about them, where I got it, who gave it to me, the cost. They all have a very special meaning to me. I’ve lost a few, when I jump around, the odd one comes off, but I usually manage to replace them.

Peter Sampara stands out even amongst decorated Liverpool fans.

"Hillsborough has been enormously difficult to deal with, but being part of Liverpool football club is my therapy."

"The man with the badges"

The happiest moment I have had on the Kop past and present was Robbie Fowler scoring against Newcastle to win 4-3

Source - (Pete Sampara exclusive)

p/s: As far as I'm concern, I only have one LFC button and it's on my so-called-kad-pelajar-matrik. Ok lah tu.

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