He was a RED. Now he's not.

Mascherano has signed a four-year deal with the Blaugrana.

He played for La Banda Roja, he played for Bando de Loucos, he played for The Hammers, he played for The Reds and now he will play for The Blaugrana. What are those names? Go for Google, don't ask me. Here's the summary if you are lazy enough to do the google-thing.

River Plate (2003-2005)
Corinthians (2005-2006)
West Ham (2006-2007)

LIVERPOOL (2007-2010)
Barca Bodoh Bangang (2010- ???)

Muda mudi bersama Pinggan Sungai. I mean River Plate.

Gangguan seksual di atas padang. He's with Corinthians at that time.

Skipper for Maradona's babies.

Signed with Hammers bersama kembar tersayang.

Gua baru nak baring kejap lu oll dah bocor.

He was a Hammer before.

These two figures aren't Kopities now.

His last appearance for the Reds.

I do remember he chased Diaby like he's gonna break that fella's leg.

Baru lepas buat projek dengan Eboue. What? Eboue? Ok lah, it's better than Sagna.

Gaya santai Lil Chief yang nyata exhausted.

Thanks for all your work. I do appreciate it.

"Lu muka macam mamat Lombok lah. Meh sini IC"
"Betul bro, IC gua tertinggal kat rumah"
"Tarak tarak, sembang kat balai"

Gaya chumel Masch bermain salji di Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam.

Hey peeps, now I'm Catalan.

Sempoi tak?
Abah lu sempoi, sape nak command midfield?
Lucas? Hell no.

Seriously, he looks awful in that shirt. Macam gay.

GTG Redsmen, gua nak main La Liga. Kat sini ada trofi World Cup, tiap-tiap hari gua boleh pegang dan tengok.

p/s: Fak U Barca, you already signed Adriano and Villa, now you steal our Masch.

Liverpool FC dot TeeVee

p/s: The heroes are there, from Shankly to Torres, from Torres to KeCiK, from KeCiK to ________________ (fill in the blank with appropriate answer).

Source - Liverpoolfc.TV

It was 1986

Dr Sam Rasputin – Saya Anak Malaysia

Saya Anak Malaysia

Bulan 5 aku dilahirkan
Di sebuah negeri yang diberi nama

Selepas itu aku dibesarkan
Aku belajar di sekolah orang putih
Dekat dengan Pasir Puteh

Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X )

Lepas sekolah aku merayau
Negeri mat saleh aku merantau
Tempat orang indah sekali
Tapi MALAYSIA dekat di hati

Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X )

Sampai masa aku pun balik
Tapi makweku nampak pelik
Dia kata nak jadi apa
Aku kata itu Tuhan punya kuasa

Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X )

Lemah lembut sopan santun
Sudah menjadi darah dagingku
Walaupun aku nampaknya kutu
Aku hormat orang tuaku

Saya Anak Malaysia

p/s: Happy Independence Day. May Allah bless us all.

Our new No.4

Thanks to ! Our new no.4 was unveiled before the clash with West Brom. We won that match thanks to fine-volley from El Nino. Lu memang terbaek lah!

Pictures taken from Liverpoolfc.TV

p/s: Wish yer luck Raul. Our previous no.4 was Aquilani, I do hope you won't end up like him. Walk on.

Woi tolong lah!

Yesterday I met few of my lama-tak-jumpa-punya-member, Jack, Ijat, Ecah and brothers, Supi and Mamat. Truthfully, this post is not created for the sake of telling stories bout them, it's a story about an incident I encountered on that day.

In front of Sogo, near Pertama Complex

There was one PakCik wandering in front of Sogo, clueless and aimless. He walked left to right, right to left, waving his hand. Oh, nak melintas rupanya.

5 minutes later, he is still there. Ah, I forget to mention that this Pak Cik is blind and apart from that, there are many people near him. Ramai nak mampus; from tua to muda, melayu, cina, india even few Bangladeshi are there. NONE of them showed willingness to help that Pak Cik. Oh, this is what they call Malaysian. Malaysia trully Asia konon.

"Ko cakap pandai, apehal ko tak tolong dia?"
"Woi, gua nak tolong lah ni, tapi gua observe je dulu"
"Berak lah ko punya observe tu!"

I was kinda pissed at that time, watching that Pak Cik helpless near the bus stop. Tak bole jadi nih, I must help him. Hold on Pak Cik! here I come!

"Pak Cik nak pegi mana?"
"Oh, pak cik nak pegi seberang ni je, nak gi Pertama Complex"
"Takpe pak cik, saya tolong. Kereta banyak nih, bas pon boleh tahan banyak"

"Anak dari mana?"
"Saya dari Tjg Malim, jumpa member jap"

"OK pakcik, dah sampai nih, ni kat depan food court dah ni"
"Thanks kid (yang ni saja aku tambah)"
"Pak Cik ni nak gi Pertama KOmplex cari apa?"
"Saja je jalan-jalan"

Whattttttttttttttttt !!!??? Jalan-jalan SAHAJA !!??

Moral of the story - Tolong-tolonglah no matter where you are.

p/s: Sogo hari tu dah macam night market, bersentuhan sana sini. Kalau ada wudhuk sure batal lah. Gila ramai.

Raul Meireles - new signing!

Liverpool have confirmed the signing of Portuguese midfielder Raul Meireles - but how much do you know about our newest recruit?

Raul Jose Trindade Meireles was born in Porto on March 17, 1983. He shares his birthday with American actor Rob Lowe and women's football superstar Mia Hamm.

Meireles was one of Portugal's star performers in their four matches at the 2010 World Cup finals. He played 329 minutes in total out in South Africa and covered a distance of 41.49km, reaching a top speed of 25.99 km/h.

As well as playing in all four matches at the tournament, he started each and every one of their 12 games in qualifying and scored a crucial goal in the play-off tie with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Meireles won his first international cap in November 2006 against Kazakhstan, while his first goal for his nation came in a Euro 2008 clash with Turkey.

He's renowned for his love of tattoos. He had his first one done at the age of 19 and has since regularly added new ones all over his body.

Meireles already has experience of playing at Anfield - he was a 65th-minute substitute for Porto during an emphatic 4-1 win for Liverpool in the Champions League group stage clash in November 2007.

He's also competed against Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea in the tournament - scoring a volley against the latter in 2007.

He's no stranger to silverware having helped Porto to four consecutive league titles between 2006 and 2009, as well as three Portuguese Cups and three Super Cups.

Meireles also starred in Portugal's success in the European U16 Championships at the turn of the century.

After moving to Porto from Boavista in 2004, he was initially deployed at left-back before commanding a more familiar central midfield role.

Author: James Carroll not KeCiK, he is to lazy to create a post.

Source - Liverpoolfc.TV

Europa League group stage, Konchesky and Ex-Reds Gaffer

Europa League group stage

The group-stage draw has matched holders Club Atlético de Madrid with Bayer 04 Leverkusen while Liverpool FC are in a group involving FC Steaua Bucureşti, SSC Napoli and FC Utrecht.

In the confirmed fixture list, games will be played on 16 and 30 September, 22 October, 4 November, 1/2 and 15/16 December. Where possible, teams from the same association will kick off at different times and, on Matchdays 5 and 6, on separate days. In the round of 32 and round of 16 draws in Nyon on 17 December, the top two sides from each section will be joined by the eight teams which finish third in their UEFA Champions League group. The final is at the new Dublin Arena on 18 May 2011.

Konchesky to Liverpool ?

He is a left back so I am fine with it. Aurelio isn't as adventurous like him. Err..where's Insua? Apart from that, according to the Daily Mail, 19-year-old Valle and Swede Kacaniklic have been requested by Fulham who may leave Anfield on a loan deal.

One hell of a player huh !? Those eyes !!

He scored against us when he played for West Ham, the year when we won the FA Cup. Oh, he got Reina from un-believe-able angle. Gotcha Reina!

Ex-Reds Gaffer

Club Atlético de Madrid kicked off the new European club season as they ended the last by lifting a trophy thanks to their 2-0 victory against FC Internazionale Milano in the UEFA Super Cup at the Stade Louis II in Monaco.

Rafael Benítez's Liverpool FC side lost out to Atlético in the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League last season and though the Spaniard is now in charge of Inter, it was his counterpart Quique Sánchez Flores who again had the last laugh. Not even a late penalty for UEFA Club Footballer of the Year Diego Milito could spoil a memorable night for the victors as David de Gea pulled off a fine save.

The winners with their happy faces.

The losers with their ketat faces.

Breaking news!

-Liverpool agreed on 10m deal for Raul Meireless.
-Lucas to leave Liverpool.

Good luck Aqua! Do not injured yourself. Main leklok lah.

p/s: My nose filled with hingus, I cant breathe properly. Damn.

The Awesomeness of MyUPSI Class Attendance System

As usual, I can't sleep after sahur. Here's what I did to kill some time.

"Hoi, there's no time to kill lah"
"Hoi to you back, time-killing is my speciality dude"

Before we start, pardon me for my academic sense of humour. Behold ! The awesomeness of MyUPSI Class Attendance System.

Eh! The system greets me !? Morning UPSI !!!

The green one is for ABSENT. Yellow for LATE and orange for ATTEND.

Bola Sepak

Absent - 100 %

Discourse Analysis

Absent - 77.78 %
Late - 22.22 %

Critical Appreciation of Drama

Absent - 80 %
Late - 20 %

Pengurusan Pembelajaran

Absent - 100 %

Kelana Siswa

Absent - 100 %

Selected Poems in English

Absent - 84.62 %
Late - 15.38 %

Syntax and Morphology

Absent - 91.67 %
Late - 8.33 %

p/s: For the sake of my safety, do not show/tell/provoke about this matter to my parents. Haha. Mati la weh. Moral of the story; RAJIN-RAJINLAH SCAN ID ANDA.

p/s last skali: Tak nampak ?? Ada gua kesah?

"Tak baik dol ko buat cenggini...tak berkat post nih"
"Yelah, ni nak bagitau lah ni...buka kang kul 7.24pm, ni gua up lagi info"

More info on this;

Selamat Berpuasa and Nuzul Al-Quran.

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