Easy win, boring game; Liverpool 3 West Ham 0

Score-less Torres. Most of his first touches were too heavy. You ken-du-it dude!

Yes, we got the 3 points that we want. It was all to easy for Liverpool. We won the game but the fact is I felt asleep for a couple of time. Why? It was an easy win with a boring game. No Kieron Dyer, no Scott Parker and no Behrami and yet we managed to score only three goals? Plus, all of them were scored in the first period. What was the second half all about, training? routine passes? tactical experiment? 

The first goal from a set piece. Nicely chested and well struck using his favourite right foot. Sebijik macam gua main.

Liverpool should have nailed the game with more goals, creating more chances, more possession and more passion. Yeah, call me 'tak-bersyukur-punya-fan'. I'm definitely A-OK with it. Gua sangat tak puas hati dengan performance tadi. It was an average performance against the worse team in the Premier League, period. The second half had much less to offer than the first half. Gua tak pasti kenapa Pak Cik Roy tak urge player supaya main lagi offensive.

Credit to some of the Hammers at Anfield. Though their team was outclassed by us, they still have the guts to chant and sing their anthem. What a spirit. Respek dan spektakular sungguh. I thought that we can out-muscled them during the second half. I was wrong. In 14 games so far, we managed to score 16 goals. Compare to Bolton with 26 goals and Newcastle with 22 goals, we are far from them. Wait, Bolton among the top four? WTF.

Hopefully his form continues. 

I'm not convinced with the way we play in this match. Stronger team awaits after this at White Hart Lane. We should perform better than this if we want another 3 points. I just relieved that we didn't have any much problem when Stevie G is not around. Get well soon Stevie. YNWA.

My MOTM? Dirk Kuyt. He's back to his form in terms of fitness. Energy level dia memang gila. Mr Duracell is back in action.

Liverpool won the game, 3-0. Johnson the first scorer, Kuyt scored the second with a cool-ly taken spot kick and Maxi with a nice header to make it three. Enuff said, gua nak tido.

*Pictures were taken from Eurosport and Soccernet.

p/s: While you guys are reading this cheap entry, I'm on my way to KL Krash Pad. We are having Pesta Chow Kit Kita and I'm one of the volunteers. Do come if you have free time.

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