The Awesomeness of Pesta ChowKit Kita

Last week on Sunday I spent hours at Jalan TAR, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Why?

a) Menemani Scarlett Johnson membeli belah di SOGO.
b) Jalan-jalan bawak Emma Watson sekitar Jalan TAR.
c) Emak kirim beli gula.
d) Semua di atas, serentak.

Guess it right and I shall give you a kiss if you answer it right. This once in a lifetime kiss is only for the girls. Others can kiss my ass.

The answer?

None of the above. As you all might now, on 21st of November 2010, KL Krash Pad held an awesome festival called Pesta Chow Kit.

"Why did they held such festival?"
"What a douche-bag, haven't you heard about this fest?"
"Sori dude, recently gua jarang online. Kat rumah pon ada channel TV2 je"
"Well then, I'm not going to tell the whole story about it. Please refer to this link and this link."


CHOW KIT KITA is a community mapping project by teens for teens who live in Chow Kit. 12 participants will go through various art workshops including t-shirt printing, video, photography, illustration and acting. At the end of the project, participants will produce a Chow Kit map mural, brochures, posters, videos, performances, dan banyak lagi! 

I slept quite late that night. I just watch a boring game with an easy win. We won against West Ham with 3 to nothing. Then I continue to watch another football match, this time La Liga. As I was going to sleep I got a message exactly at 6.00AM from Paan, the volunteer coordinator for this event and a self-proclaimed Chief Fun Officer. Nice one there Paan.

"Morning suwithearts! OK, today is D-DAY gang! Please please please be here at 10am! Got briefing, setups and parade. Have a great super fun (letih sikit) day and a nice berak pagi!! Ok nite everyone. Jom sambung tido."

I didn't have the chance to sleep at all. Subuh prayer first then mandi kerbau. Gedebush, gedebush and another gedebush. My mom would nag at me if she saw me mandi like that and she'll shout "Angahhhhhhh !!!"

Gua warm up ex5 gua within 5 minutes and straightly shoot to Terminal One, Seremban. Lucky me, the buses to KL are still around. I find a seat and tunggu apa lagi? Gua terus tidur sehingga lupa baca doa tidur.

"Dik, dah sampai" said the driver. I was like 'why he's standing beside me and patting my shoulder?' at first. Is he trying to rape me? No he is not. I watch to many horror movies recently to think a good driver like him could rape me. "Terima kasih pakcik" balas gua. Gua segan gila, tak pernah lagi ada orang kejut gua dalam bas bila dah sampai ke destinasi.

It's already 9.40AM and I still have time, no need to rush. Chill. I arrived exactly before 10AM. I met Fahmi, he was busy on preparing the mini houses of 'rumah-rumah ibadat'. "Ko pegi naik atas, get ready dengan barang-barang nak print t-shirt, go!" arahan yang pertama gua terima sebaik menjejakkan kaki ke Krash Pad. These pictures were taken few hours before the event started.

Most of the volunteer were there already. We were so busy on preparing all the stuff regarding this event. From what I want, some of them were still working as late as 12.00 in the midnight just before this event! They were still scrambling to finish installations for tomorrow's Pesta Chow Kit Kita! Looks like it's no sleep for them but that's alright ... THEY'RE ALL SO DAMN EXCITED! woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!! Actually I quote it from the ChowKit Kita fesbuk wall.

A short briefing just before the event started. Pik-Svonn was giving briefing about our crew tag.

Finally the event started just like they all planned. Everyone worked hard on their own task. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger. Everyone started to surround the site. I was so eager to start on my task, t-shirt printing !!! We printed it for free if they brought their own t-shirt but if they didn't bring it they can still buy the t-shirt for RM10 only.

Our team consists of five members including me and they are Kudin, Jack, Amal and Sya. It was tiring plus super duper fun yo !!! As far as I remember, we managed to print out more than 50 t-shirts within six hours. Thanks to other volunteers from different stations for giving us a hand while we were busy handling this task. Apart from that I would like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness from Fahmi for destroying all your three blocks on that day. Sori bos, kami amatur. Habis jahanam blok lu gua kerjakan pakai span.

I knew no one when I first came to Krash Pad few weeks ago but during that day, all the crew members so fuken friendly. We work together, we eat together and we laugh together. I learn a lot from this event. I met new friends. I experienced something new and fresh, different from a normal life as a student who studying in local university.

Sadly we stopped taking order as early as 4.30 PM because the previous orders were haven't printed out yet. I didn't stand a chance to wonder around because of all the order. Just in front of our station, there were three plain playwood for the live graffiti making. All the paints were there, anyone can grab a brush and start to paint anything that comes out in their mind.

 The live graffiti. Grab a brush and start to paint. Easy.

 Hey, this awesome looking graffiti was not my artwork. My artwork is there on my left side. Buruk gila.

 Here they are, the painters for these awesome looking pictures. Shieko and Orkibal Labikro.

 D.I.Y buttons. One for RM2 only!

 The volunteers! The crew!

Everybody were exhausted but we had so much fun.

 See ya next year for the second phase!

*Most of the pictures were taken from certain sources. I'm not sure and ter-forget where I actually get those from. Let me know if I accidentally ter-taken these awesome pictures from your site.

For more info you may refer to The Malaysian Insider, ChowKit Kita Fesbook Page and Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Great thanks to Paan for inviting me to be part of the crew.

I went home around 9.00 PM. I was not alone, my buddy Jack was there. We went to Hang Tuah by monorail and we apart after that. He went home to his house at Pandan Jaya and I went to Seremban by bus. I was planning to spend an hour sleeping in that bus suddenly a friend of mine from Shah Alam text me;

"Woi bila nak datang Shah Alam? Besok aku dah nak balik Muar"
"Lu biar betul, gua kat KL lagi ni. Baru nak balik Seremban. Besok baru gua plan nak singgah Shah Alam"

So what did I do? I went home to Seremban, pack all my stuff and went to Shah Alam that night. Thanks to my buddy Farid for fetching me at Senawang. I owe you mate.
By now after writing this cheap entry, I haven't sleep from 5.00 PM since yesterday. I had an exam paper on Monday and I straight went home after that. I slept for few hours and my roommate woke me for late lunch at Pau Yik Mun. Then we played volleyball with others at campus. I spend the rest of the night in front my lappy doing useless thing. At 4.00 AM, Azha and I watched El Classico, a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Catalan giant thrashed The Galacticos for 5 to nothing. Nothing bai.

p/s: I am waiting agonizingly for the last paper and I can't wait to bid adieu to this semester.

4 tukang kipas:


November 30, 2010 at 1:26 PM

best gilaa.
bila ada lagi?
bila dapat t-shirt free lagi??


November 30, 2010 at 3:22 PM

ajim byr wei...x aci nie...haha..

  Mummy Nana

November 30, 2010 at 4:35 PM



November 30, 2010 at 7:03 PM

next year, on February for the second phase.

baju tu ekcelly rm10 just silkscreen tu je free.
didah punya tu pon angah foward duit angah, kang mesti pok pek plak bila mtk duwit.

kak nana@
Yeah! Nanti balik Malaysia jgn lupa singgah Chow Kit!

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