You got served Lil Chief!

It was sunny when I woke up and it starting to rain, patut la sedap tido. I look at my watch, 7.00 am? It is to early to wake up for today and I don't know why. Shoot, now I know..gua belum Subuh lagik !!!  

"Dah pukul 7 lah, ko nak Subuh celah mana? Burn je lah..."
"Atuk lu burn..."
"Nak show off pon agak-agak lah"
"Dude, kalau kita solat, tak ada guarantee masuk syurga. Tapi kalau tak solat, guarantee masuk neraka, got it?"

I only have one class for today. The only one-lucky class is Discourse Analysis class. What is that? You go google yourself. As usual, I'm lazy enough to describe things especially on early-stage of waking up. Seriously gua malas. Ok, gua mahu sambung tido.

Hold on KeCiK, few matches regarding Uefa Champions League were held this morning. Lu tak nak usha result ke? Why not..mana tau Barca ngan Menyoo kalah ke.

"Liverpool tahap Europa je bai"
"Shadap. It's still around Europe, haha"

As usual, I check the results at soccernet since they show the result a bit detail than other sites. Gua scroll-scroll down. Dem! Menyoo won. On the 85th minute? Mesti pure luck nih. Standard la Menyoo. Gua scroll lagi, eh...Rubin 1 Barca 1 ?? Waka waka! Both goals were score on penalty? Gua tak puas hati, nak tengok line up. I surf at Goal to check the player ratings.

Haha. Javier Mascherano; flop of the match! Check this out, "after his departure, Barca began to play better"

p/s: Gua puas lalu gua sambung tido. I'm not in deep shit for today since my turn to present on blog analysis is not today, it's gonna be next week. Gua nak wish good luck to Praveen, Wen Yi and others since they are going to present it TODAY. Har Har.

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