Downloading manga using scripts

Automatically load ENTIRE chapters and easy DOWNLOAD of each chapter using the direct links to the images!

Before we start make sure you have this add-on, DownThemAll and GreaseMonkey.

Install DownThemAll as your mozilla's add-on.

"Where can I get it?"
"Moron. Google je lah"

Instal greasemonkey as your mozilla's add-on.

"Where can I get it?"
"Moron. Google je lah"

"Dont LUPA, restart your firefox after installing these add-ons"
"Dude, how to restart my firefox?"
"Bangang. Close the window and open it again lah!"

Next, open a new tab.
Go to this link; or click on the picture itself.
Click INSTALL and follow the instruction if you can read. If you can't then blame yourself.

Go to mangastream and pick any manga that you want to download.
For example, I pick One Piece chapter 597.
Click on the tab "DownThemAll!"

Here's what it will look.

Right-click on that page.

"Where dude?"
"Anywhere lah on that page!"
"Ok ok...dont marah-marah man"

Click on the option 'DownThemAll"

Here's what it will look. Never thought I could be this kind to show the screenshot.

Create a folder for those images and hit START. Easy right ?

"Weh, susah lah"
"Susah your head, get lost then"

p/s: Click on that image to enlarge. Some images are embedded with link. Enjoy your downloading session. Feel free to share it with others. Gua nak sambung tido. Got class at 12pm. Chow!

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