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25th September 2010

Silverheritage Medan Gopeng

1.30 PM Dead or Alive!

Kill My Bride

Kill My Bride established on 3 December 2007. At first there was 5 members stand in this band, they are Budin as leader, Ejan as drummer, Azhar as bassis, Boy as 2nd guitar and Boy Vespa as vocal. Before Kill My Bride, this band as known as Marry Cookies and play post hardcore music. After that, they had to change their band name and get a new members Fakar, Eday, Andy and Muney. After the changed this band play new age metal. Now they need more gig and support from crowd and more learn about hardcore. Thanks for the support.

They are now writing a completely new set of songs, but due to lack of time and several minor problems, line-up changings, they can't record it yet. However they'll try to record it as soon as posibble.
They invite all of you guys to add them to your friendlists and join them getting on that bandwagon; meanwhile...keep on rocking in the free world! Cya soon in a venue nearby! Dont hesitate to call them for gig invitation or anything.

Location    : Batu Gajah, Malaysia
Phone        : 0134261514
Email         :

This information was taken from their FB page. >>>Kill My Bride


    Mus on Vox
    Shah on 1st Lead Guitar
    Apist on 2nd Lead Guitar
    Wak on Drum
    Khalid on Bass

    Progressive Funk Rock

    Ipoh, Perak

p/s: It's not rock cause you can play the guitar. It's not rock cause you hit the drums. It's not rock cause you're wearing leather. Your spirits is crying, it wants to be free.

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