King Carra: Testimonial at Anfield

Jamie Carragher marked his big day with a goal for each side as his Liverpool team rolled back the years in beating an Everton XI in his testimonial at Anfield.

The 32-year-old defender scored from the spot in the first half for the Reds before converting a penalty own-goal for the club he supported as a boy after the break.

Wish I was there among the crowd, the fans and the kopities.

Konchesky, our new signing.

Jamie Carragher celebrates his glittering Anfield career

Jerzy Dudek, one of the heroes from an unforgettable night in Istanbul. He reminds of a song, The Trophy Boyz - Du The Dudek.

Come on and do the Dudek
Do the Jerzy Dudek
Shake it, shake it, move it
Jump up and wave your gloves!

We're the one and only
Euro Campione
Who get to keep the trophy
The rest aint good enough!

Pak Cik Sammy, Pak Cik Roy and Pak Cik Houllier. Thanks for all your hard work!

I found it awkward to see this fella in Reds, AGAIN.

This kid reminds me of how skillful I am when I was 10. Believe it peeps.

Bloody cute! Rasa macam nak spank-spank.

Danny Murphy, my favourite during those days. He took spot kicks as easy as rubbing his testicles.

Wo0ho0..I like this picture, the angle and the background. Just don't ask me why.

Oh my, Mr. Consistent, Steve Finnan. Err...perut lu macam berat je.

Joe Jambul. I'm not sure where's his jambul. I care.

Standing ovation peeps. I stand to salute!

Arrgghhh..Luis Garcia my man! Suck your thumb dude! Here's a fact, I have several kits of LFC shirt and the one and only kit that has a name at the back is his name, Luis Garcia number 10. Take that Stevie, haha.

Nathan Eccleston. He celebrated his goal in front of the-crowd-yang-tak-berapa-ramai.

Here's the result. Eh, it reminds me of the day where we thrashed Menyoo with the same scoreline. WeWiitt !!!

King Carra o0o0o0o King Carra o0o0o0o0 King Carra...

Owen "Lu story kat Heskey ni sikit, gua dah cakap suruh jaga perut"
Garica "Orite then, you can kira on me. I'll settle this dude"
Heskey "Hey bro, gua still main international level with this kind-of-perut. I'm still kicking lah. Lu oll apa cer?"

Pictures taken from LFC dot TV. Tengkiu many many.

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