YNWA !!!

PakCik perlu sokongan lu oll. Stand beside me and I shall get us on top, again! By the way, PakCik dah lama tak main hujan. So give me some time to enjoy this hujan-moment.

Go home you faceless coward! Go support Chelsea like the rest of the glory chasers! We'll never walk alone!

Lalang please leave the hall. Pak Cik Roy is our gaffer for now. He build the squad with LIMITED budget. That is why we used YNWA as our motto instead of GloryGloryMenYunited or BiruIsTheKaler or whatever.

I'm sick of some who-called-themselves-Kopities whining about our performance. Lucas tahicks lah, diabolical Torres lah, KeCiK tak reti main lah, Reina tak cukup practice lah etc. Take a deep breath and think. How many match did we played? Baru nak masuk double digit. Have patience and I'm sure that they will bounce back. Lu oll nyanyi YNWA kuwat-kuwat amek feel. YNWA !

Jonjo "Chill peeps, pas ni kita main all out in the name of LFC !"
Spearing "Gua dah habis chill ni, sejuk ni bai"

PakCik Sammy "Bos, macam mana nih? Fans dah pissed off nih. Gua ingat lauk kita kang kena carut ngan diorang."
PakCik Roy "Chill Sammy, chill. They are not gloryhunters like Menyoo and others. We are Kopities. Performance is temporary but class is pemanent. Pasni ni gua akan bangkit balik. Kita buat baru.Betul tak Darren?"
PakCik Darren "Gua in-charge in fitness and conditioning, so gua no comment. Sori dude"

p/s: Petang ni gua camping. Tak excited langsung. Mak pesan "kek dalam hutan tu jangan buek gilo, jago sikit peel" Understand mak, angah paham.

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