Diabolical Torres, Inspiring Reina and Lucas Leiva?

MOTM: He purged the memories of recent mistakes for club and country with a world class display. Stopped headers from Jerome and Gardner in the first half that he no right to.

Let's hear (or read) what they say about this fella. Awesome kau.

Alex McLeish "We got some openings which led to some great saves by Reina, he saved Liverpool today."

Barry Ferguson "Yeah definitely, the goalkeeper was outstanding. He made three or four great saves. I think we deserved to win the game, but as I say, the goalkeeper was outstanding."

Cameron Jerome "I think Pepe is one of the best keepers in the world and he showed that today with three or four brilliant saves. Barring that, we would have come away with the three points,"

Valdes: Selagi Casillas tak retire selagi tu lah kami tak dapat main. Betul tak Pepe?
PePe: Betul bro. Gua gila sangap nak main next World Cup nih.

Jamie Redknapp "Of course you have to give the defenders credit but he's shown no appetite for the game. He has looked frustrated, sloppy and lethargic."

PakCik Roy "I don't share that opinion, he is working hard for the team. As we saw towards the end, he's a constant thorn in the sides of defenders."

KeCiK "Fakap lu Jamie. Our Torres loves our club more than we could imagine. As a Kopities you should know that there's nothing bigger than the club. You can't blame a single person just for a bore draw. Hey, I got the person to-be-blame-for. Check it out dude"

I found it too harsh because the usage of an adjective, DIABOLICAL on Torres. Dem you Jamie. If you are brave enough go criticize Hotspur. Ada berani?

This fella. This season is his THIRD season yet he's still struggling as a midfielder. Sorry Lucas, it's not that I hate you, as a RED, you should show us why the gaffer pick you in starting eleven instead of others. Kamon man, make us proud. As a penengok-football-24/7, I think Lucas is missing something. Tactically naive and physically inferior than others. Kamon sekali lagi dude, prove me wrong.

p/s: Owh, dah raya ke-4. Gua still nak wish Raya kat lu oll.

p/s one more: Howard Webb in charge for Menyoo's clash. Dem.

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  Wan Gerrard

September 16, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Agree with Roy, Torres work hard for the team..
Jamie buta kot, dia penat je main tuk Spain..Sama apa yang terjadi kat Barcelona.kalah lawan Hercules..
(Tapi best tengok Barcelona kalah, Hate Barca)


September 17, 2010 at 1:06 AM

Those days Barca gua tak benci sgt. tp recently ni rasa super-nyampah.

Step up Ronaldinho, they ditch you but you are not alone!

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