Europa League Group Stage; Liverpool 4 - 1 Steaua Bucuresti

Interesting line-up, three youngsters; Kelly, Spearing and Ngog. We still have the likes of Jonjo, Pacheco and Eccleston on the bench. Oh, I forgot to mention Lucas.
Early goal. Lucky sungguh. Baru nak bancuh air.
Sloppy defending. Spearing tergolek and Kyrgiakos was too slow.
We relied too much on Joe Cole. No spark of creativity. Yang lain buat apa?
Babel and Ngog, what were you doing? First touch sungguh awful.

Konchesky's free kick was no where near the goal post. Dreadful.
Nothing spectacular from Spearing and Raul in term of offensive and attacking. Ada la satu-dua through pass.
I just noticed Reina is the skipper after 20 minutes watching that match.

Inexperienced Kelly, muka macam gabra. Chill lah.
No one to support when we were attacking.
Come on Pak Cik Roy, do something !

p/s for the first half: Ada can tengok Pacheco main.

Eh, started already. Baru nak tukar status FB.
Rasa tak sedap hati melihat Lucas berlari-lari anak di tepi padang.
A good start for the second half. Well don Soto, thanks for your foward run.
Ngog scored and boost his confidence. Better performance from this lad. Macam ni lah.
Awful Babel. Pak Cik Roy should replace him with me. No way, in your dream KeCiK.

Hardworking Spearing. It's like watching a toyol with wearing something running on the field.
Half of the Reds players are baldies; Konchesky, Spearing, Joe Cole, Ngog, Babel and Reina.
Reina should bring a chair, read newspaper and drink some coffee.
There he goes, Lucas in, Babel out.
OMG, Lucas scored a wonderful goal. I take back what I said about him. Hands off. That was awesome.

Ilie Dumitrescu, Steaua's gaffer was cool (or clueless). Minum air. Senyum. Minum air lagi. Senyum lagi.
YaY, there goes our youngsters, Pacheco and Eccleston. Melepas nak tengok Jonjo main.
Ngog scored his first brace for this season. Well done. This is AnNgog.
The results, 4-1. Now I can sleep peacefully.

Influential players: Joe Cole and Jay Spearing.
Nothing-to-do player: Pepe Reina.
Worst performer: Ryan Babel
Best commentator: KeCiK

p/s: It's been two weeks. I haven't started yet on my assignments. KeCiK, please wake up.

I rap it up with Lucas's celebration. This is rare, you cant see him as enjoy as this so often. Reminds me of my man, Luis Garcia. Enjoy Lucas, enjoy.

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