Siri Ber-Speaking dengan Genie

Hey! If you guys were born around 90's, I bet some of you may heard about this work of art. Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin by Tamar Jalis. This is the best local book compare to Mastikus, Mengge or watever books you can find in the bookstores on those days. When I was a kid, (tau lah, masa small-small dulu mana ada dollar banyak sangat dalam wallet, ntah-ntah wallet pon takde) I only ready two types of book, text book and comic book. I was forced to read those funny-looking-text-books thoroughly but when it came to comic book, I put my heart on it without banyak songeh.

Just give me any comic book and I shall read it whenever you want, wherever you ask or whatever the genre is. I have this willing-ness to spent my money on it without thinking the consequences (Kena fire dengan mak sebab duit habis kat menatang nih, relek lah Mak. Chill.). DragonBall a.k.a MutiaraNaga was my favourite, the same with Pendekar Laut and Slam Dunk.

My favourite character in Dragon Ball. Jahat nak mampus, cunning but still has the heart.

My point is, though comic books are my favourite, this Siri-Ber-Speaking with Genie was the only book that manage to counter my lust on reading comic. Gila wa cakap lu, buku teks sekolah gua tolak tepi lah kalau buku ni ada depan mata. No graphics embedded yet it managed to trigger my boarder-less imagination. Masa small-small dulu memang gua tak pernah nampak hantu tapi hell yeah, those artificially-created-images are still bergentayangan in my LAD (language acquisition device), the hell is LAD? Lecturer Second Language Acquisition gua cakap LAD itu adalah brain. Haha.

Here's some of the part by Tamar Jalis;

Ilmu Papan Sekeping. (Sekeping what !!??)

If you want more, feel free to visit this site, TamarJalis. The author for this blog is just a fan of Tamar Jalis. He or she has no affiliations whatsoever to the subjects in his fiction or to him. Tamar Jalis probably wrote the one and only fiction which became a bestseller in Bahasa Malaysia in the 80s and 90s titled "Bercakap Dengan Jin". The book is no longer in print and is one of the most sought after paperback (at least to me, him or her). The owner of this blog used to own the complete volume, however, after years of neglect, being misplaced and an item of non-return, he or she only own a few. If you own Tamar's books and would like to contribute to his or her project, please feel free to send him or her an email. Thank you and wasallam. tamarjalis@

p/s: KeCiK is neglecting Inggerish literature for Siri Ber-Speaking Dengan Ginie by Tamar Jalis.

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