Europa League Group Stage; FC Utrect 0 - 0 Liverpool

Lucky, they should have won instead us. It's like watching two Lucas at the same time on a same pitch. Penakut. Loose ball pon tak berani. Kelly slipped more than I did when I play football this evening. Gua agak pissed off. We create nothing in 90 minutes. Except for routine passes. Line-up yang menakutkan hanya pada nama.

Reina - Got lucky when his miss-punch during the corner kick. Other than that, well done.
Johnson - His crosses were good as I expected. He should play as a winger instead of left-back.
Carra - As always, red-faced-last-minute tackle. Should have communicate better with his partner.
Skrtel - Average. He should have won the ball instead of making fouls. Too delicate.
Kelly - Worse player in the back-four. Outplayed by Utrect wingers. Lack of confidence and offensive overlap.


Lucas - No comment. I cant see him lively in this match.
Poulsen - Sloppy. Another Lucas-type in midfield. Won nothing from loose ball.
Meireless - Lack of creativity. No chemistry with his partners in midfield.

Saya pegang awak punya.
Awak pegang saya punya.
Kita sama-sama pegang.
Pegang padanya.

(Lagu Pengakap yang baru gua belajar last week)

Joe Cole - Dribble more than others but produce nothing.
Kuyt - Tireless as always. Charged foward with his Duracell power. Create less than I expected.
Torres - Diabolical? Could be. Frustrated. Lack of chances. Kinda rusty.
Maxi - No comment. His bicycle kick was a school-boy level.

 Frustrated Torres

p/s: I suppose to sleep right now. So what? the drama class at 11am was cancelled. Get well soon Prof.

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