World Cup 2010 South Africa Update

Time passes by, WC will be just around. The first kick off will start on 11th June 2010. Less than 5 days, the greatest football tournament shall commence. Who will be the top scorer? Which nation will be the darkhorses? And the most important, which nation will lift the World Cup trophy. Tungu punya la tunggu. Nasib baik ada banyak friendly games among those nations. French Open Women dah tau siapa menang. The winner is Francesca Schiavone. She won her first Grand Slam title and with this victory, the 29-year-old also became the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam.

Schiavone dengan gaya malu-malu dengan kemenangan Grand Slam beliau yang pertama.

"Apa hal lak ko nak cerita pasal tennis ni KeCiK?"

"Lantak aku la dol. Nenek lu sakit ke bila aku post pasal tennis. Sukan gak kan?"
"Macam bagus lu mat...hentak kang"

"Lu pikir lu punya hentak je ke? Ok lah dari aku post pasal CT Nurhalyza.."
"Btol gak kan..apsal aku tak terpikir. Ikut suka ko lah KeCiK"

The groups. As for me, group G is the group-of-death. Have a look at those nation in that group. Ambik kau!

That conversation is just a stupid joke. Forget about it. Sambung balik pasal World Cup. Nasib baik ada banyak friendly games untuk dijadikan pembuka selera bagi santapan utama. But the thing is, they are currently few soccer stars that will be missing World Cup because of injury. Apahal lak ni? Tak best lah macam ni.

Jabulani. Lots of player complained about this ball especially the goalies. Main je lah, jangan banyak bunyi.


Ballack - Damaged ligaments. He will miss the entire WC.
Rio Ferdinand - Picked up a knock on his knee in a collision with Emile Heskey during training.
Essien - Problem with left knee ligaments.


Robben - I saw him playing just now playing against Hungary. Hamstring in final minutes, he will undergo scans to determine the extent of his injury.
Drogba - Kena sapu dengan Tanaka during a friendly match against Japan. Fractured his right elbow.
Pirlo - Ankle injury. Status remain unknown.
Milito - Light ankle sprain. Minor injury. Maradona konpem tak goyang. Kalo Messi konpem sudah goyang.
Julio Cesar - Brazil no 1 choice as a goalkeeper.
Limped out of the friendly win over Zimbabwe with a back problem. Expected back in three to four days.

That's all for the MEAN TIME. Rest assure, there are tones of wonderful players out there.

p/s : I dont have the will to talk about Liverpool next gaffer. I am pissed off.

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