WC 2010 - USA vs ENGLAND in LEGO

p/s: Gila lawak. Dempsey punya turning ni sungguh real. Haha. Owh, I forgot to mention that I'm not a fan of England. Slap me if you like.

Ok hold on. Usually my 'p/s' will be the closure for my post but let's make an exception. I'm just to lazy to erase above's 'p/s'. Let's talk about Jabulani.

"Yes moron, Jabulani. The official ball used in FIFA World Cup 2010"
"Oh, I thought it is someone's name"

-The number 11 is signified in different ways by the Jabulani ball: 11 lines with 11 different colors are used to honor the 11 languages and tribes of South Africa. It is also the 11th official World Cup ball and if you didn’t already know, there are 11 players on a soccer team.

-8 thermally-bonded, spherically-shaped, 3-D EVA and TPU panels surround the ball, ensuring the ball is perfectly round and keeps its shape.

-The ball is surrounded by GripnGroove technology, allowing it to be aerodynamically advanced. This provides flight characteristics not seen on any other ball.

I got this info from Tengkiu many-many.

The ball, created by sports manufacturer Adidas, was developed at Cambridge University in the UK, and was unveiled in Cape Town, South Africa on December 4, 2009. Jabulani means "rejoice" in Zulu and is similar to "Jebulane".

I haven't used this ball, yet. Hopefully I will, kena tunggu duit scholar masuk. Konpem gua sambar satu. Here's few clips regarding Mr Jabulani.

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  cEritA kU

June 30, 2010 at 5:09 AM

aku rajin nak tgk viveo yg 1st vs english...nice...

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