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Most people talk about the offensive proweness off Messi+Teves+Higuain+Milito+Aguero+Maria+Maxi. Back four agak kurang meyakinkan. Samuel a.k.a The Wall je kot jadi harapan. Holding midfielder harap kat Masch. Spark of creativity depends on Veron.

Hopefully Argentina could make it to semi. Kalo menang pon ok gak, leh tgk Maradona lari bogel.

Interesting. I have to say that Maradona was a great player, in fact, I salute him more than I salute any other living legend like Pele, Platini or Indra Putra. He is a football icon, a figure and a role model for any footballers throughout the whole world.

But in term of managerial ability, I think he is far behind any other manager. He is a good motivator but not that good in terms of tactical. The thing that I noticed is Maradona puts all the pressure on Messi alone. Kept praising on his protege and saying Messi is the next Maradona. Few years ago he claimed Saviola was next Maradona, then Aimar and recently, Messi himself.

Jonas Gutierrez??
and Veron??

Based on the team, I agree on the fact that Albicelestes are superior than any other team in this world when it comes to offensive. The stability of the team is what Im worried about. Zanetti and Cambiasso should be there. Though Im Liverpudian, I have to say Masch doesnt deserve to be the skipper. Zanetti should.

I like this squad, filled with youngsters. Romero, Maria and Pastore could be promising. Adventurous style of play, attack attack and attack. Prove me wrong Maradona, win this World Cup and get my salute. I'll take back my word if they won. Mark my word.

Two things I like about Albicelestes,
1. Players - Maradona, Bati-gol and Riquelme
2. Clausura and Apertua, the fans are totally extreme.

p/s: Bak kata Hasbullah Awang, bola itu bulat. Apa-apa boleh terjadi.

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