A frustrated Liverpool fan.

It's been a while since I last posted about Liverpool. NESV just bought Liverpool few days ago and I guess the off-field issues should have been settled. By now we should focus more on strengthen the squad. A merseyside derby should be a good start for us but it wasn't. It is a blue day for today's Merseyside derby. It was a good game from both side, just the result wasn't on our side. The Evertonians won the game tactically and technically. I'm not being harsh but I do feel the gaffer, PakCik Roy should do better. The same goes to our players. PakCik Roy is a good man, too 'good' and too 'soft' to manage big club like Liverpool. I guess he is the wrong man at the wrong time. Liverpool are just to big for him.

The second half was far more better than the first half. We thrust more than before, we had two strikers on the field and added two fresh legs for wingers from both flank. Joe Cole and Maxi Rodriguez provide less than I could ever imagine. Torres looks rusty, his first touch wasn't so good like before. Lucas? Dozens of time we discussed about this lad. He gave away too much possesion, his passing was as neutral as training routine. He can't even chested the ball properly. Babel and Jovanovic had less time to prove and change the result. Gerrard as usual, the driving force of the team but we can't rely to much on him. I just hope we played better than this against Napoli for our Europa League group match. Walk on. YNWA.

Look at the Soccernet headline, New regime, same problems. I'm pissed off but it is so true. Fact.

Another thing that just pissed me off was tenis. 'Magical Murray downs Federer in Shanghai'. Magical my ass. Oh, I forgot. They owned the media.

p/s: Lama sial gua tak guna tone serius dalam entry gua. Haha.

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