The grueling hours of completing the last assignment!

Owh, it's already 7.15AM. I haven't been into a state of closing my eyes which is sleep for more than 8 hours. Why? I'll tell you why. Please waste your time reading this cheap entry.

"Ok by next week I want you to submit this last assignment" said Dr Raja Nor Shafinaz, the lecturer for my Discourse Analysis subject. BTW, she laughs more than we laughs in class. Awesome lecturer.

"Ok miss. You can count on us. We will submit it on time lah!"

A week after that...

"Weh, assignment Classroom Discourse lu dah start belum? Bak mai tengok, nak buat reference."
"Reference kepala hotak lu, aku video micro teaching tu pon tak tengok lagi."
"Bloody malas lu beb. Gua ingat lu harapan."
"Gua pon ingat lu harapan. It shows that both of us are really hopeless."

I agree on that. Sejak dari sekolah menengah dulu gua mengalami penyakit misteri ni. Suka sangat delay benda yang melibatkan kerja-kerja sekolah. Sekarang dah masuk U still macam ni. Like Farid said, old habit dies hard. I need to submit this LAST ASSIGNMENT today during her class!

I've been planning on working for this assignment right after Maghrib prayer. Then I delay it, after Isyak lah. Suddenly my buddy from upstairs came to me;

Farid "Dude, nak makan tak?"
KeCiK "Assignment tak buat lagi dowh"
Farid "Gua dapat dengar bunyi deruman perut kosong lu dari tingkat atas lah"
KeCiK "Ok fine, lepas makan kita pulun habis-habisan"

Kami pon high five sesama sendiri.

10.30 PM. Yet to be started. Roomate gua, Azhar already started working on the assignments. Pergh, dah masuk page ke tujuh. Gua chill macam biasa. Gua tenang as usual. My stomach is bloated with nasi paprik and a glass of milo suam. Gua nak rehat-rehat sambil layan mp3 gua.

12.00 AM. Gua terjaga dari lamunan. Damn. It's not what I plan. By hook or by crook, I need to start working on the assignment. Gua lantas on laptop gua jenama Acer Travelmate 2400. Gua baca notes. Gua juga baca soalan. Owh, looks easier than I thought.

Gua banyak buang masa layan komik yang tak dapat describe tahap ke-best-an-nya. One Piece tubik doh woi!

12.30 PM. Yes, siap pon cover page. Move on to the next pages. In this process of working on the assignment, I have this tendency to have a break after an hour sitting in front of my laptop. What did I do? Gua baring. Minum air. Usha dunia luar. Then sambung kerja. Gua tengok sebelah, dah berapa page roomate gua dah buat. Mak datuk, 15 pages already. Gua baru nak masuk page ke-3. Gua kena tukar tempo, kena masuk gear lain.

6.00 AM. Kinda relieved. After all these grueling hours, I manage to type 9 pages. Gua dah tak tahan. Azhar dah solat and terus beristirihat di atas tikar mengkuang tempat beliau tidur. Gua dapat dengar sayup-sayup perbualan beliau dengan gewe dia, "Sayang, nanti kejut abang pukul 8 ye..." Beliau terus tidur dengan yakin bahawa awek beliau akan mengejutkannya tepat jam 8. We'll wait and see.

Eh? dah siap ke mamat ni? Selamba je tidur. Ok fine, time for me to rest. Solat Subuh during this hour really helps me in releasing the stress. After Subuh prayer I decided to devote all my energy left to complete this assignment.

The last assignment for this semester. Tak sabar gua nak print and submit.

Eh, laju la pulak internet ni. Not bad. Leh layan TiubAwak. I lingered around this site and I found one nice video from our local acts. This awesome music video is made by Azmyl Yunor, Ezra Zaid, Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Grey Yeoh, Hardesh Singh, Mark Teh and Umapagan Ampikaipakan. It is called 'That Okay Song'. Check this out yo! See how 'okay' it is to you!

This is an awesome video. Level awesome? As awesome as if we are the champion for FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil. Why? Would like to tell the readers why you use an adjective awesome for this video?

I'm proud to do so. Let me tell you. Personally I think the melody is bloody catchy especially during grueling time like this, struggling on completing my assignment. Takkan time jiwa kacau ni lu nak gua layan Damokis plak? Lagi kacau lah gua. Apart from that, listen to the lyric. It tells you the reality surrounding our beloved Malaysia. No matter who you are, where you are and what you are, once a Malaysian, always a Malaysian. As for me, you can find a better place to live other than this country. Call me lame, call me stupid, call me takde otak. I'm still stand firm for my love towards Malaysia. Gua paling suka part Azmyl Yunor maki driver dalam video nih;

"Look at this fella here, bawak kereta macam jalan BAPAK dia punya! Hoi!"


Thanks man. You just settle me down. Gua rasa kurang stress sikit. Gua harap sem depan gua akan lebih rajin untuk menyiapkan segala macam assignment yang akan gua hadapi.
the lamest ever statement I ever made.

Time to go peeps, still got plenty of work to be done. Part lesson development baru 50% siap. Conclusion part belum sentuh lagi. Hopefully two hours from now I can finish it. I am so eager to print this assignment and handed it by my own hand to my lecturer. I hope that all my mates manage to complete and submit it by today. Gua doakan tiada halangan untuk lu olls dalam menjayakan sesi penyiapan assignment terakhir. Dah taip banyak-banyak jangan lupa tekan button SAVE and for that, I bid you Adieu...Adieu...pergh, macam Hamlet lah! Haha.

p/s: Get well soon Prof. You are the nearest man on earth to William Shakespeare that I ever met. 

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October 28, 2010 at 12:27 PM

salam.. wah dh siap assigment erk..nanti klu kita ada assignment bleh wat kan tak.. (tetetete gurau2 aje..)

  Danial Ikhwan Jaafar

November 2, 2010 at 12:41 AM

hehe, penyakit malas memang bahaya.
btw thanks for sharing such an awesome song. the song title so underrated la, "That Okay Song" should be "That Awesome Song" LOL XD


November 2, 2010 at 6:49 PM

Yeah! the last esemen dah submit dengan jayanya! next sem bertimbun lagi esemen!

Yah dude, dah tau malas tu mmg bahaya tapi still praktik kan lagi.
Sharing is caring mate, awesome things takkan nak layan sorang-sorang kan?

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