The Return of Kop Heroes; Liverpool 3 Aston Villa 0

"Angah, tak tengok bola ke?"
"Dah 2-0"
"What the..."

Yeah, I woke up kinda late. I set my alarm exactly at 3.50AM, 10 minutes before the game started. Stupid alarm.

My eyelids were too heavy, I cant open my eyes properly for the first few minutes. Ngantuk gila. I was like "Eh...mana Torres gua?". Babel and Ngog upfront. Lucas and Raul anchoring the midfield while Kuyt and Maxi covering the wide area. Konchesky and Johnson as fullbacks while Kyrgiakos and Skrtel as centrebacks. Pepe Reina the skipper! This is interesting.


Satu je tak best. I missed both goals. From what I knew, both goals scored by Ngog and Babel. "Chill, halftime punya highlights mesti ada tunjuk" kata gua dalam hati. Half time, now I know why Torres was not playing for us. Fernando Torres was not at the match as his wife went into labour earlier. New baby woi! Leh jadi adik angkat gua!

 Kumpulan tenaga kinetik yang terlalu banyak sehingga menyebabkan ianya berasap ketika melayang di udara. Few seconds before the first goal.

Few seconds after the previous picture.
Ngog "Pehal bola ni lambat sangat nak masuk!"
Friedel "Pergh, lajunya! Hebat mamat French nih!"

And few seconds after Ngog scored the goal, celebrating it with his buddy, Kyrgiakos.
Kyrgiakos "Mamak! carrot susu gelas besar satu! Gua belanja!"
Ngog "Dude, gua tak minum Carrot susu lah"

The second half started. It was not good for the first 10 minutes because The Villans had more possession than us. Few minutes later, out of nowhere Reina threw a long ball straight to Maxi. He played the ball out to the left and found Ngog in plenty of space. The French striker pulled a return pass into Maxi's path and the Argentine side-footed his first-time effort into the far top corner for his third goal in seven games.

Babel scored the second goal. Sublime aerial ball from Lucas. It looked like Babel was offiside but who cares, it's officially a goal thus I can celebrate it like what I like! Cool finishing from the Dutchman though that was his first Premier League start for this season. Score more goals for us wahai Babel!

 Babel "Too slow mate, now I can shoot like hell !!!"
Warnock "Gua bagi can lah, gua pon dulu Reds jugak"

 Babel "Masuk lah! Masuk lah!"
Friedel "Pergh, mamat ni pon hebat macam budak French tadi! Cis! Hebat hebat belaka mereka nih"

 Babel "Gua nak tayang six-pack gua. Enjoy!"
Kuyt "Dude, I can see your underwear from here lah."

Kuyt "Yo yo ma fren, high five!"
Babel ignored his mate, enjoying his moment with a typical pose.
Another 3 essential points for us. We really need this win. It was far more better than 3-0 victory against West Ham. Lucas FTW. I'd never imagine how he anchored the midfield with the help of Raul and other flankers, Kuyt and Maxi. Our back-four was defensively solid. Our counter-attacks are getting better and better.

 The man who started the 3rd goal. Quick thinking mate. Cold breezing night at Anfiled.

He recorded his 100th clean sheet for the club, this clean sheet gave him his 100th in 198 games, the fastest Liverpool keeper to reach this landmark than the previous legendary Ray Clemence.

The win was achieved without Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher and Reina added: ''We have a big squad, there are not only three in the team. We have 24 men and we are all here to deliver.''

Well said Reina. Clap-clap.

 Maxi "Sonny !!!"
Ngog "Father !!!"

 Ngog "Enough with the celebration, back to defend yo!"

I noticed than the absence of Gerrard and Torres seemed like giving another dimension, various of creativity play and freedom while attacking or keeping the ball. Lucas really did well on this match. So did Ngog and Babel, they looked very comfortable when holding the ball.
No Carragher, no Gerrard and no Torres, no problem. Nicely done. 3 points. Majestic performance by the lads. YNWA.

"I know the fans will welcome me," Houllier said, according to the LFC website. "I'm sure because we had a close relationship and we worked together because the fans are part of the team. I know they contributed to the success that we had. They will remember [the success] and the fans in Liverpool, when I went back for TV reasons, were always full of cheerful hospitality."

With seven minutes remaining, a familiar rhythmic chorus swept Anfield. "Ger-ard, Ger-ard Hou-lli-er," was a constant refrain a decade ago in a seemingly never-ending season that brought three trophies and Champions League qualification. Now it was laced with sympathy.

"The fans were good," he said. "I appreciated the fact they chanted my name at the end. They can remember. There was also a banner and I was extremely touched."

Source: ESPN Soccernet and Eurosport.

 Ex-gaffer and ex-player, Gerrard Houllier and Gary McAllister.

 From 11th spot to 8th spot. Kamon Redsmen!

p/s: It's not just the return of our ex-gaffer, our ex-players were also there. McAllister, Warnock and Friedel. Feels like crying when I saw Xabi Alonso at Anfiled. Lu mesti rindu kat we all kan! Thanks for everthing. YNWA!

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