KL Skankin' Fest 2010 Part after one - Another cheap review from an idiot called KeCiK

Screw Urbanscapes, let's skankin at KL Skankin Fest 2010. Dah skankin pon, puas amat ! ke amat puas ? Mana satu? Lantak lah. Gua apa kisah.

Shortly after Maghrib player, I hang out at the 2nd floor. Penat dan meng-exhausted-kan. Skankin non stop, lutut yang kena collateral damage. Kasut plak besar, asal pogo-pogo je macam nak tercabut, so sesi berpogo-pogo aku agak limited. Tak bole se-aggresive brader-brader skinhead. Jeles aku. Ketepikan your sense of jealously KeCiK coz Roots N Boots is next. Ya kah !? Maka berlari-lari anak aku menuruni tangga. Ada gaya peserta Amazing Race yang mahu ke next stop.

There they were, the otai, Roots N Boots. Even my ex-coursemate juga mengenali abang-abang dari Roots N Boots. Teringat kat Rock The World dulu, "Siga saga siga saga !!" Haha, masa tu aku wet behind the ears lagi. "Stop bitching around KeCiK, straight to the show!" "Okeh bos!". Sungguh extreme, ferocious and aggresive. Roots N Boots adalah antara performer yang sangat energetic. As I expected, this is so-called Street Rock. On the evening, we just skankin with a low tempo, slow pace pogo and ethically boleh diterima oleh parent aku. Just JCL je aku rasa agak pacy sikit since they play ska punk.

Time Roots N Boots perform, aku bukan nak tipu atau tokok tambah bahagi darab mahupun punca kuasa, crowd memang crazy+wild. STAGE DIVE ! could you imagine !? stage dive yang dah sekian lama aku tunggu dari tengah hari tadi, takkan pogo je kan? Crowd yang sangat supportive, tak membenarkan langsung atau memberi peluang kepada stage divers daripada mengalami internal mahupun external injury.

Dulu aku pernah di-stage dive-kan oleh ntah sapa masa RTW. Even kawan aku yang dari belakang pon boleh nampak tubuh kecik aku dilambung bak kertas A4 yang baru keluar dari mesin fotostat. "Cik, ko ni cikgu kan? Apa la lu perangai macam ni?" "Sori dude, gua hilang kawalan, none of us badly injured, I have to say it was bloody awesome and fucking cool !" Berbalik kepada Roots N Boots, crowd dan aku dan mamat dan crowd lagi sekali menggila tatkala Made In Malaysia di-sing-a-long-kan oleh we all. Sungguh patriotik even bulan Ogos lambat lagi. Aku dah nak laung merdeka dah tapi di halang oleh Mamat yang peka dengan keadaan sekeliling "Diorang lambek lagi bhaii, kang kono kitai kang. Ekau jangan buek gilo!"

Baru rehat lepas Maghrib tadi, terus all-out masa Roots N Boots. Pinggang gua dah rasa lain macam, nyesal tak minum susu macam saranan iklan susu kat TV. Macam mana nak ber-skankin nih? Perasaan risau+cuak+gundah gulana aku kembali terkawal pabila terlihat Deck, vokalis Coca D Monday mengambil posisi di atas stage. Nasib baik, FYI, Coca D Monday tak se-extreme Roots N Boots, lucky me. Leh skankin dengan speed yang berpatutan.

"Kami main lagu-lagu cinta, so kalau you all segan nak layan New Boys mahupun Boboy, korang leh beli album kami untuk cover malu tersebut" kata Deck sambil mengusap-usap perutnya yang nyata 4 kali lagi besar dari perut aku. Lagu "Reggae Dalila" sangat easy-listening, senang nak tangkap dan layan. Guitarist Coca D Monday macam malu-malu nak main solo, cover hensem kot. Haha. Keadaan makin panas bila melihat non-local awek juga menyertai aktiviti skankin. Macam dia paham apa yang diorang nyanyi.

Coca D Monday. They like this name so damn much cos all of them do like to drink Coke. They are still new. They play Simple Fresh Reggae band and based in Kuala Lumpur. They have finished our 1st single, 2nd n 3rd song recording process called "Kadang Kala", "Pusing-Pusing" dan "Matahari". and for now they are focusing on their 4th song entitled "Reggae Dalila". All of their songs are written by themselves. The band members are Deck(vocal), Edy(keyboard), Ardiv(lead guitar), Zack(rhythm guitar), Skaloot(bass), Mune(drums), Jaz(Sax), Rano(trombone), Farid(trumpet), and Aboon(percussion). Their music mostly influenced by Bob Marley, Inner Circle and many more. If you guys know or can give them any oppurtunity to play music anywhere, hopefully you guys can inform them about it and invite them anytime =)

Next band was Rivernation. I'm not sure why they use the element of mother nature as their band's name. Takde hal lah, that is not a problem. Straight to the show! Sori peeps, time ni aku ngan mamat tak ber-skankin bersama crowd since kitorang terpaksa di-substitute-kan dek kepenatan dan kelenguhan. Substitute dengan sapa ntah kami pon tak tau. Penat. Here's a bit infor bout this Rivernation.

Rivernation is a group of young experienced musicians from different kind of music background and gathered as a modern reggae band. As a whole, the music is always about ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’ and the phrase is carried everywhere by the music followers and this is what the band put in as a limelight in their music. With the additional for the band specialty they have combined some elements about human rights, pure feelings and battle of life.

From the pieces of well known local bands, Rivernation has formed and started the journey in the middle of 2007. With lots of hardship and experiences throughout the years in the local scene never make the band to stop moving on the passion in music. With the influences by many international reggae bands and singers in the world, these musicians have come up with experimental music from several concepts such as RnB reggae root, dub reggae, root reggae, ska and ragga. Eventhough this genre has little group of ‘fellow traveler’ in Malaysia yet it gets big support from reggae music community and as for the different way of the band performing the music, Rivernation has started becoming the community’s favourite band and also other music followers have started to open up with reggae music. Thus, the flaming spirit of the band wanting to carry on with the music and to make it internationally becomes the biggest plan in the agenda.

Rivernation has started their first showcase at Cherating on the new year’s eve of 2008 and started to get invitations by gig organizers around the capital ever since. The band has performed many cover songs during on stage from classis Bob Marley to modern Ekolu’s Hawaiian beat, from catchy Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ to fancy Big Mountain and also the band’s idol UB40’s number never been left out in every show. Not forgotten the evergreen songs that have been remixed to reggae sound. Later on Rivernation has decided to come up with a single ‘Ku Tak Sengaja’ and it was released at ‘A Tribute to Bob Marley’ gigs which was held in KL city on 10th May 2008, then followed by the band’s E.P. ‘Keep On Flowing’ on the mid of the same year. Collaborated the creative ideologies of the band and Mr. Bakri of BMW studio, The E.P. contains five songs and a bonus track which are neatly planned and more ‘matured’ music this time to give out the best modern reggae sound to the community. With the satisfaction that had been achieved, Rivernation will precede the dream of producing the very first album within this year or next.

Lobak on Vocal
Chitaroe on Guitar

Pie on Bass

Mie on Drums
Mogort on Percussions

Skaloot on Keyboard

*Lobak and Chitaroe are former members of Rosewood, Pie is a former member of Infectious Maggot and Projek AK, Mie is a session drummer for the band, Mogort is a street buskers in Kuala Lumpur

Mamat "Beb, dah pukul berapa dah?"
KeCiK "Dah kul 9.15 nih, sempat tak ko rasa?"
Mamat "Kita tengok dulu...aku rasa sempat lah"
KeCiK "Lepas ni Aggro main lah, paling bastard pon satu band mesti perform lebih 30 minint"
Mamat "Nak buat macam mana, kul 10 kalo POH tak main jugak kita gerak lah"
KeCiK "Dah 2 tahun siot tak layan POH main LIVE, bosan tengok kat YouTube"
Mamat "Macam ni lah, kalo tak sempat jugak kita gi booth POH, kita rembat dalam ertikata beli tee POH, amacam?"
KeCiK "Brilliant sungguh! Tapi kalo beli duit aku tinggal rm10 dol, cukup-cukup tambang balik"
Mamat "Beli la dol, kang leh tayang kat mak ko"
KeCiK "Dah-dah, River dah habis main, jom layan Aggro, kita all out sampai boxer kita rabak, ke ko pakai spender?"

This stupid-non-ethical-conversation was created to stimulate fun for readers. Dont take it too serious. Itu hanyalah perbualan dan diskusi kami untuk pulang sebelum 10 malam since both of us have something fucking-important-task to do tomorrow. The Aggrobeats will be the last band for us, it pissed me off to miss POH's performance that night. Before I start on abang-abang Aggro, here's a bit info bout this band. I got it from their Mespes.

AGGRO = violent or threatening behaviour, especially between groups of young people. In The Aggrobeat's own definition, they took the term and apply it into their music ; an aggressive music with an aggressive attitude on stage. The Aggrobeats are the ‘Boss Reggae’ band of Malaysia. Having the similarities with their super duper Californian heroes, The Aggrolites; The Aggrobeats are extremely inspired by them, but, musically, both are looking up to the same pioneer from the hard-screaming edge of James Brown to The Meters to the really authentic 60’s skinhead reggae in the mix.

The band crystallized their musical ideals for the genre by cutting down the ska beat and mixed with funk and soul into it. With a simple catchy sing-a-long melody & a soulful vocals, fuelled with life lyrical content; guitar-works, screaming hammond organ & the 60’s style live studio recording sound are their priority. The band played their first gig at The Brandals ( an Indonesian Rock & Roll band ) tour in Kuala Lumpur. Few months after, they recorded a DIY demo ‘The Good, The Bad and The Reggae’, which resulted in the released of their own brand 7” vinyl, distributed by Copasetic / Scorcha Records, Germany. Up to this hour, they still continue the old-skool self promo strategy, perform at gigs and music events. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the band consisting Edy J. Herwan / Aggro-Boss ( vocals, guitar ), Sodd / Soul-Boy ( guitar, vocals ), Amir Hamzah / Madcap ( bass, vocals ), Bakri / Groovin’ ( drums , vocals ) and Ed / Shooter ( organ, vocals ) .

What more can I say, sungguh reggae, sungguh funk dan sungguh soul. Laju, pacy dan kentut. "Kentut? the hell with kentut ?" saja je aku tambah, bagi pissed sikit kat readers. Both of us, me and mamat meng-pogo-kan diri as hard as we can. Edy macam biasa, gemar sekali meng-gitar-solo-kan dirinya. Adakalanya aku rasa ter-sangat lah pissed off sebab tak dapat layan sampai habis. The pissed-off-ness inside me was insurmountable at that time. The same goes to Mamat, konpem dia pon frust juga macam aku. Habis je last song kitorang bergegas ke booth POH seperti dalam rancangan. We keep walking without looking at the back, geram nak mampus!

Mamat "Aik, mana baju POH yang kaler hijau tadi?"
KeCiK "Apa kata ko menanyakan soalan tersebut kepada brader-tukang-jual-tee"
Mamat "Bang, tee yang logo depan kaler hijau ada lagi tak?"
Brader-tukang-jual-tee "Sori dik, dah habis dah, ni je yang tinggal"

Mamat hampir mencarut tapi keadaan masih terkawal.

Mamat "Adeii..habis pulak, kalo design yang ni size S ada tak bang?"
Brader-tukang-jual-tee "Sori dik, design ni tinggal size M je"

Aku terus berbisik kepada Mamat yang nyata terkilan "Let's go home dude, there's nothing for us here" Mamat nyata kesal tak sudah kerana kempunan mendapatkan tee POH. "Pig ! Nyesal aku tak beli awal-awal" "Dah-dah, jom gerak. Kang ada yang terlepas train kang" Dalam perjalanan pulang mangkuk dua ekor bertukar-tukar berswitching-switching pendapat regarding this Skankin Fest. Memang saja aku sembang bagi menyedapkan hati kerana tee yang dikehendaki tak dapat dimiliki apatah lagi terlepas POH punya LIVE performance. Bangang lak ai, jauh la plak stesen Masjid Jamek nih, tadi macam dekat. Perkataan nasib baik terpacul kat mulut aku melihatkan tren RapidKL masih ada, kalau tak, tak pasal-pasal kena overnight macam 4-5 tahun lepas. Benda yang tak best jangan diungkit. Alhamdulillah, we managed to perform Isyak prayer at Sentral, kang balik ter-forget plak. Jumpa member Adzali kat kaunter tiket.

"Beb, Adzali mana, tak keje ke?"
"Dia hari ni off lah, balik JB. Pak Cik dia kawen"
"Owh, ni last train balik Seremban kul bape?"
"Kul 11.15 dol, ni dah kul bape ni, baik ko runner cepat skit"
"Cibai, tadi Adzali kata last train kul 11.37"

Maka kelam kabut lah kami me-runner-kan diri turun ke platform no 6. Dem, ramai gak orang. Ingat dapat duduk tadi. Jam kul 12 tengah malam, tak sampai lagi. Mamat awal-awal dah tido dengan gaya yang kurang menyenangkan. Exactly at 12.15am, the train arrived at Seremban. Aku jentik telinga mamat "Woi, ekau tanak balik ko?" Mamat yang masih mamai mendengar kata aku tanpa banyak songeh. Maka merempit lah kami pulang ke Senawang.

Mamat yg kepenatan sedang tidur sambi memegang sesuatu dengan postur tidur yang tidak elok untuk tulang belakang mahupun mana-mana tulang yang ada.

Here are few comments regarding this event. Ada positive, ada negative. Standard lah.

"Guys, frankly speaking the event was great. Tapi, it's so frustrated sebab POH dapat perform kejap sgt dgn alasan DBKL dah datang and kena stop immediately. masa tu baru 1145pm. kalau dah lepas 12am logic jugak la. perkara camtu x sepatutnya jadi kalau event start as scheduled. kat flyers tulis start 1pm tapi, dekat pu...kul 3 baru start."

"Kalau start dalam pukul 1 or 1.30 benda ni xkn jadi. silap2 blh abis awal"

"permit sampai 11pm je kot tu. tapi ape2 pun syabas to organizer,the event sangat2 baik, pasal time nak kena ade bahagian disiplin jaga sy rase"

"tapi, reality susah nak 'jumpa' event yg start on time."

"benda mcm ni sume kena all out peeps=organizer+bands. . Around 3.30-4pm baru show start. Apart from that, it was fword-ing awesome. stage dive, ska-pit n train juga ada. bloody awesome dari saya
p/s: first time gua layan monkey man LIVE ! even cover song pon takdehal !"

"GSC and Roots n Boots sekejap sgt perform. tak puas."

"thanks kpd yg dtg utk support event ni, u guys mmg best...alhmdllah semua brjln dgn lancar walau start lambat korang tetap tggu......mane2 event pun msti ade slack sikit, tu perkara biasa dlm menganjur kan ape2 event pn.hehe..(tp dr pihak kami, kami telah bersedia dr semlman lg, hanya tggu perform shj).. walo mcm mane pun kami dh wat yg terbaik, di mase akan dtg kami akan wat yg lebih baik lg...insyaallah..."

"semua band telah di maklumkan yg soundcheck di buat pada petang jumaat.. tapi hampa walaupun hujan rintik2 sampai ke malam.. hanya 3 buah band yg tak lengkap saja yg dtg.."

p/s: Sampai rumah, mandi kerbau terus landing atas katil. Esoknya aku jadi peronda untuk sekolah punya event, JOGATHON. Haha. Best dowh. Dulu masa sekolah lari-lari sekali sekarang dah jadi peronda.

p/s last: Rasa bengang masih ada ciput-ciput gara-gara terpaksa balik awal dan intentionally ter-miss POH punya LIVE performance! Gambar nih je buat aku sejuk sikit. Sikit je, tak banyak mana pon.

You missed the first part ? Have no fear, cekidout this ----> Part before Two.

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