Mangkuk Dunia 2010 Update #31

This is the first time in Spain's history that they have reached the final of a World Cup. A Carles Puyol header in the second half was enough for the European champions to keep alive their World Cup dreams.

For all of Spain's brilliant passing in their World Cup semi-final against Germany, it was a Carles Puyol header from a corner that put them into the final. Puyol rose highest in the second-half to seal Spain's first ever appearance in the final, against Netherlands.

Antara yang telah menderhaka kepada negara masing-masing.

Espana lady or Germany hottie (Arm-pit dia sungguh mengiurkan) ?? Dua-dua boleh tak ??

Relek la bro, gua nak suruh Alonso sign vuvuzela gua ni je. Kecoh lah.

I thought it was Faizal Tahir.

Lu oll ni banyak sangat main lah, meh sini aku setel kan.

I'm not pretty sure why I attach these pictures for this entry.

Ngeh me a pervert, I am.

Boo-Yah !!!

Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme !

She was there at Durban to see his...tak nak sebut, sakit hati gua je.

She is Sarah Brandner. Yummy Sarah. Siapa punya Sarah ? Lu pikir la sendiri.

p/s: Forget about those most prolific passers, here comes Puyol. Setel.

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