Hammered by The Hammers: West Ham 3 Liverpool 1

Today is Monday. When it comes to Monday, most people will talk about;

"Ah, malasnya gua nak pergi kerja"
"Kena datang sekolah awal, ada perhimpunan rasmi"

But I'm different. According to my timetable, I am totally free from any academic participation on that day. I am free to sleep all day long on Monday. Just like today, I woke up exactly at 4PM. Kelam kabut gua mandi dengan harapan Asar belum masuk waktu lagi.

I am done with my rant, back to the topic. Tak perlu gua rasa nak highlight pasal last game involving my Liverpool. Yeah, we were out muscled by the Hammers at Upton Park. We were hammered by The Hammers easily with their sublime performance, well organized in defending and flawless while attacking. Credit for their trio, Parker, Noble and Hitzlsperger (Berbelit lidah gua nak pronounce nama mamat ni). So did Robert Green, I couldn't believe he was that good.

What telah happen with my Liverpool? We start with our usual formation by King Kenny, 5-3-2. Reina in front of the post, Kelly and Johnson as our fullback, Skrtel-Carra-Wilson play the role as centre back. Lucas, Meireles and Gerrard anchoring the midfield and pair Suarez and Kuyt playing upfront. Personally I guess this line up is quite strong since Gerrard is back and Suarez played really well in his last match.

Their first goal was super. The West Ham skipper plays a one-two with Hitzelsperger and toe-pokes a classy finish past Reina from the edge of the box. Gila ah main cedok je dah boleh score. Their second goal was another beauty. O'Neil chips the ball to the Ba who beats Reina at the near post with a lovely diving header. It was more of a falling header really. Sungguh unorthodox, but very effective. He scored 3 goals in his 3 appearances. Then my Liverpool pull one back, great skill from Suarez as he turns sharply inside the box and plays the ball across the six-yard box for Glen Johnson to finish at the far post. Cun gila punya turning. Gua rasa ada harapan nak steal at least a point. Tapi harapan gua hancur berderai when they scored their third goal. Carlton Cole has made sure of the win for West Ham with another quality goal. The substitute wrestles Skrtel off the ball, comes forward, bamboozles Carragher with a stepover before firing a low finish past Reina at the near post. Skrtel was so lembik because that Cole guy is definitely bigger than him. The final whistle goes and it's a great victory for the Hammers.

Parker and Hitzelsperger, the two culprits yang merosakkan malam gua.

Demba Ba bajet comel.

 Cole with a great finish. He beats Skrtel, acah-acah Carra with few stepover and gua terus carut sebab dia score.

Malam gua tidak kesedihan berseorangan. Ramai lagi yang sedih rupanya.

We lost the game, we got nothing from this match and we lost two key players, Kelly and Meireles. I guess Johnson will be playing again as a right back. The question is who will be playing on the left? Gua pernah jadi left back masa wakil rumah sukan sekolah rendah dulu tapi gua tak dapat tolong. Sabtu gua ada kelas dan gua for sure tak sempat ambik flight ke Anfield untuk training dengan player-player lain. Gua harap King Kenny dapat cari player lain. Sorry gaffer.

Gua agak demotivated. Esemen makin berlambak dan gua tak ada driving force untuk menyiapkan semuanya kerana sisa-sisa perjuangan gua tinggal ciput. I just finished with the summaries, the reflection and the skill analysis. More to come from reflection, literature and anguage test class. Table of specification, reflection portfolio and literature stuff. Gua mengambil inisiatif untuk tengok Wozniacki  kat youtube while warming up at semi final Qatar Ladies Open, wearing Liverpool jersey yo!

 Signed by Stevie G yo!

 Wozniacki, player LFC dalam sejarah yang dibeli tanpa perlu bermain untuk LFC itu sendiri.
 Abah gua juga seorang LFC dalam diam-diam.

p/s: The match I've been waiting for is this Ahad-day. The match against the Fergie babes.  

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