Poetry time...

Alone in my world

this night seems to be a quiet night
i'm alone right know
sitting on a chair
listening to sad songs

am i feel alone?
alone that my ears
can hear the word coming from my mind
the word keep playing all around me
this is not good

i feel so sad right now
maybe only God can sense it
thank you God, for be with me
did others sense it too
the loneliness that i feel right now

so pity of me
pity of myself
no one acknowledge about me
am i that bad?
am i not good enough?

sometimes i feel like get left behind
family, friends and love
i try hard to understand their feelings
but do they care about me?

oh my God...
please help to get through this problem
im crying alone right here
since there is nobody to cry with me this night

i really hope that this will end
so that i can stand
strong enough to get this through alone
im not sure if there is someone or somebody
who would stand by my side
when i cry
when i happy
when i laugh
when i feel alone

the truth is
i need others to be with me
spend time with me
im not asking 24/7 to be with me
all i need is attention
please share your happiness and sadness with me
i really cannot stand it anymore

feel like im dying
but that is God's work
im not going to kill myself
but this pain really hurt me
please be with me
when im alone
thats all i need


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