Here are a few reasons to hate Chelsea F.C:

1) Cheating, Diving Cunts!!
2) Didier Drogba - He sums number 1 up perfectly.
3) They give their 'fans' cheap plastic flags to wave to create an atmosphere because they can't by themselves.
4) Where were all the fans before Roman and his dodgy Russian Roubles??
5) That fucking yellow kit. (2007-2008 season!)
6) Fat Frank & his deflected goals.
7) Peter Cech's stupid bloody rugby cap.
8) Essiens double footed lunges.
9) The amount of penalties they are given at very convienent parts of games!
10) Ricardo Carvalho - £19.85million.
11) Shaun Wright-Phillips - £21million, for him to sit on the bench.
12) Michael Essien - £25.98million (That is taking the piss!!)
13) JOHN OBI MIKEL! Chelsea pay £16million. Man Utd get £12million of that and his original team only get £4million. All this because the twat changed his mind and signed for Chelsea after signing for Man Utd!!
14) Refs always on their side. (For examples please see Mitchell Tops' wall post - 10.01.2008 @ 2:29)
15) Peter Kenyon - What a wanker!
16) Henk ten Cate. (Although he has since been sacked!)
17) John Terry's a fucking whingeing cunt.
18) £30 million for Shevchenko. Hahahaha - You were robbed!
19) Roman Abramovich. An idiot-faced sugar daddy who has completely distorted an already surreal transfer market.
20) Terry's handballs which never get noticed!?!?!
21) Cashley Cole
22) Glory hunting fans.
23) Male fans hitting female opposition fans.
24) Soft / Easy draws in cups.
25) They can't even fill a 40,000 stadium for a European Cup game. (Chelsea v Rosenborg, Champions League group stage. 18th Sept 2007. Attendence: 24,973)
26) Chelsea fans joining this group.
27) People claiming to be life long chelsea fans when I swear I've seen them wearing a West ham/Spurs shirt just 4 years earlier.
28) Players that leave good honest clubs to go to Chelsea just to be greedy for all the fucking money and warm the bench thinking they are cool.
29) Joe Cole & his big fat head.
30) Michael Ballack
31) Florent Malouda - See item 1.
32) Khalid Bouhlarouz
33) That diving, cheating cunt Arjen Robben. He may have left but I still hate him & Chelsea for signing him.
34) Henrique Hilario, plays a couple of games a season yet walks around like he's the best goal keeper in the world.
35) Stamford Bridge isn't even in Chelsea, It's in Fulham.
36) Bolo Zenden played for them.
37) Jody Morris - Can you remember him Chelsea 'fans'? I doubt half of you can!
38) Kezman
39) Adrian Mutu (sniff sniff)
40) Jose Mourinho..."The Special One!!" My Arse!!
41) Driving top Euro ref Anders Frisk to retirement.
42) Maniche played for them & he's a twat.
43) That fucking stupid celery song.
44) Signing Jose Bosingwa for £16.2 million, who the fuck is he?
45) Bidding £40 million pounds for Fernando Torres.
46) Didier Drogba getting sent off in CL final.
47) John Terry Missing Penalty AND crying like a baby at yet another loss.
48) Blaming the new shirt as the reason for losing the Champions Final as they are yet to win while wearing it.
49) For corrupting Chris Norman, a genuine football fan?
50) Sacking Avram Grant after only 8 months.

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