AYA Awards 2008

What is AYA Dream Malaysia Awards?

The AYA Dream Malaysia Awards is about our future - and the people who are farsighted enough to invest in it. Started in year 2005, the Awards is in line with AYA’s objective of building tomorrow’s leaders today and to create a better and brighter future for Malaysia by inspiring, inciting and inculcating responsible attitudes and actions especially – but not exclusively – in the hearts and minds of our youths.

This Awards serves as an encouragement to emerging individuals and responsible institutions to persevere in their dreams of improving the quality of life for themselves and for those around them in spite of the difficulties and obstacles they encounter.

Check this out!!!

I vote for this girl...

Ummul Khairiyah bt Abdul Rahman (Ummul)

Born and raised locally, she defied the norm by stepping out to work at the early age of 18. Despite objection and denunciation of family and friends, she remained focused and at a young age of 19, she began earning a 5-figure salary and even establishing her own company “Innovate Smart” – selling marketing strategies.

Now an under-graduate at MMU pursuing Bachelor in Accountancy while juggling her work, she actively promotes entrepreneurship through SIFE (Student In Free Enterprise). She also teaches at AMPAC (Az-Zahrah Multi-Intelligence Academy), impacting and inspiring many young people to pursue and achieve their dreams.

19 years old [younger than me] and earns 5-figure salary? already establishing her own company? enough said...this award is meant for this girl...wish you luck mate!

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