Footballers when they were kids

I was just wandering around all over the internet and guess what, I found a blog that show photos of well known footballers when they were kids. Cekidout!

Miroslav Klose. Ex-Werder Bremen foward, now he plays for Bayern Munich. Gaya rambut yang retro habis. What were you pointing at baby Klose?

Iker Casillas - He plays for Real Madrid, known as Saint Iker. Kecik-kecik lu memang muka jambu lah. Antara keeper paling jambu dalam dunia selain Sani, keeper Nogori.

Thierry Henry - Former Gunners and now he plays for Barca, the Catalan giant. Dari dulu gua memang nak buat rambut macam ni. Bell-bottom weiiii....

Fernando Gago - Real Madrid's midfielder. Damn cute when he was a kid. Rambut yang sangat kewl.
Francesco Totti - A man from Roma. He is still playing and a skipper for his team. Terserlah kualiti maskulin beliau sejak muda lagi. Rambut sikat tepi beb.

Wayne Rooney - Ex-Everton foward now he plays for Manchester United. No comment, tak elok kutuk ciptaan Allah. :)

Cristiano Ronaldo - Ex Menyoo player and now he plays for Real Madrid. A holder of breaking record transfer fee. Never thought he was not-so-good-looking when still young.

Frank Lampard - Chelsea's midfielder. Damn fat. Mungkin mengamalkan Jus Mate 5 produk diet dari Dr Rozmey.

Ronaldinho - A Milan player. Ex-Barca, Gremio and PSG player. There's not much difference between this two pictures. Bayangkan masa umur dia 70 tahun, macam ni lagi kot.

Ronaldo - He played for several major clubs. One of the best foward I've ever seen in my entire life. Muka tak hensem tapi main cun gila. No comment on his picture when he was a kid.

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