Conteng-Conteng Tujuh

It's already 6.00 PM and I guess I won't be playing football this evening due to some technical problem. Darn. Petang-petang yang nyaman macam ni gua rasa rugi gila kalau duduk rumah mengadap laptop Travelmate 2400 gua. I think it's going to rain tapi apa gua kesah? When I was a kid, padang dah macam sawah pon gua masih semangat nak main bola. As long as I have a ball and few buddies, gua akan teruskan niat gua untuk bermain bola.

Again, pay no attention to my introduction. I am a retarded weirdo who likes to bullshit 24/7. This entry has nothing to do about football. It's about my hobby regarding conteng-conteng again. This time I'm back with another work of art. As far as I remember, I drew this picture last year while I was having a lecture. Like I told you idiots before, I like to draw just to make sure I do not sleep in class. Still better than sleeping rite?

Who is this unlucky fella? She is my coursemate, her name is Tan Cheng Cheng. Why she was unlucky? She sat in front of me in that particular class. I decided to draw her figure since I got no idea what to draw. When I'm in class, I have this tendency to draw anything in that class and transfer it in any notes that I have at that time. I guess Cheng Cheng was unlucky enough to be that 'thing'.

Who is Cheng Cheng? Cyber cafe? Cyber crime? Cyber Cop? Cuci Cuci the movie? If you idiots refer to my previous post on conteng-conteng, you idiots might have the idea of who is she (She didn't wear her glasses in the picture). Apart from that, if I'm not mistaken, I posted an entry about celebrating her birthday on 2009 at Proton City. Never mind, continue with a short briefing about this fella. She took Spanish language and she don't even know who is Fernando Torres. The slimmest nyonya around, she can hide behind Praveen without anyone noticing her. Imitating the way she speaks is my specialty. It's easy, I'll share it with you guys. Just close you nose using two fingers and start talking. Easy and fun, try lah. She wont get mad. She likes basketball just because Kaede Rukawa looks cool in Slam Dunk. Sorry nyonya, I think my Miyagi is better than your Rukawa. She taught Khursiah on how to swim when we went to Kalumpang last time but few minutes later, she gave up. I just dont know why.

Just now I called my mak to tell her that I'll be back tomorrow. Belum sempat gua beri salam mak gua dah sound;

"Oh dah lama tak call, baru ingat nak call?" in sarcastic tone.

"Relek la mak, angah call ni pon sebab duit tak ada. Keh keh keh" gua counter balik with another sarcastic reason.

"#$%@*& !!!" my mom replied just like I expected. I used to tease her whenever I call my mak. Like mak, like son :)

p/s: Last two days were heaven. I was absent on Thursday due to fever, cold and sore throat while classes on Friday were cancelled. Gila best. 

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March 5, 2011 at 12:14 AM

ada bakat melukis. lama2 asah tu mesti lagi cun lukisan tu.....

ztie dah tuka link...



  zahidah dihaz

March 5, 2011 at 11:25 AM

bestnya pandai melukis...

jalan dari 100penulis..

New Entry: Selamat berhujung minggu


March 5, 2011 at 2:46 PM

Bakat tu dah memang ada. Tapi malas plak yang dah terlebih asah. Haha.

If drawing is part of the esemen definitely i'll be the one who finished it first. Hari tu jugak submit.


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