Live! Liverpool vs MenYoo

Piece of cake...huh!

-This week is the study week for UPSi so most of us go back to their 'kampung'.

-My roomate a.k.a MenYoo fan and I decided to follow Azhar a.k.a Gunners fan go back to his kampung at Selama, Perak. Also together with us were Brommy and Pe-Dot [Im not sure which fan are they]

-We went to 'jeram' [Im not sure the name of the 'jeram']. 5 of us 'merempit' together [jahanam rosak moto ex5 aku masuk hutan]. The 'jeram' was quite good, thrill enough to test our swimming and diving skills. [Nasib baik tak jadi arwah,malas aku nak citer sbb aku mmg malas]

-That night we went to Kak Wan's restaurant [tak pasti nama kedai tu] to watch EPL match between Liverpool and MenYoo. It was 9pm and we thought the match will be at that time. Then my older brother told me that the match will be at 9.55pm! Demmit!! Ktrong dah order tapi match lambat lagi nak start!?

Oi..pervert! pegang2 bahu lak...

-Shameless we were but who cares! Dengan menggunakan skill-tanpa-malu-duk-kedai-lama2, we ordered few drinks [air panas skit sbb lmbt minum]
-The game started at 10pm and we gave full attention to 14inch television [time tu tak perasan ader skrin besar kat luar..cis!]
-End of 1st half, still 0-0. [Dalam hati terpikir, ader can nak menang nih..mcm fight je even without Gerrard]
-The 2nd half then started so does our attention to that 14inch television again. 65th minute! Torres scored! Weeeeehhhhhooo0o0o00wwwWWww !! Amek kau! Terdiam seketika roomate aku a.k.a MenYoo fan.
-3rd consecutive sending off for Vidic [main kasar mamat nih..padan muka!]
-David Ngod settels it at the 90th minute. Game over MenYo0!

Peluk bro..jangan tak peluk! [Jauh lak Reina lari naik atas]

-Went home with smile, still smiling until now.Hahahaha!!

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