Merseyside Merah

This group is basically a nobly intended attempt to reclaim the spirit and glory days of Friendster Liverpool Fc (Malaysia) Group.

In its heydays, it has more than 8k armies sharing one precious thing in common - a mutual love to Liverpool Football Club.Despite all the technical deficiencies,the discussions were quality-easily one class above the rest.

Here's hoping that this new base will carry the same wave if not better.

All prospective members are greatly encouraged to post what's on their minds (esp LFC-related or any off topics) or getting involved in the discussion and while doing so, remember one most important thing that we've learned back then in our FS days: you can post anything, you can bash anybody, but be sure to make them looked 'good'. Use your sense and back your arguments.

After all, LFC supporters are always being considered as the most knowledgeable on the land, yeah?

Spread the love to all the ex-es and former regulars that you know.Forget your mafias, your clans, your cafes, your farms because we have a much greater priority. The Reds are coming up to the hill.
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