Carragher welcomes 'mind games'

Jamie Carragher believes the fact that Liverpool are involved in the latest 'mind games' proves they are genuine title contenders.Reds boss Rafael Benitez fired the first shot at rival manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently, sparking an early war of words amongst the two.

But Carragher insists the 'mind games' merely represent Liverpool's progression as contenders.

"Being involved in the mind games is a good thing. We've always been on the outside looking in, something we're not proud of.

"I've always had respect for them (Manchester United). They're a proper club, like us, and they should have respect for us as well" stressed the reds defender.

Liverpool have not won a League title since 1990 as United look to equal their record of 18 League titles this season.

Despite only losing one league game this season, Liverpool's five home draws have cost them the lead at the top of the table, prompting Ferguson to suggest they are nervous.

"Will we get nervous? I haven't got a clue" replied Carragher.

"I'm not going to put an act on and say no, because I've never been there. It's only January. It's embarrassing, really, that I've only been in this position once, with Gerard Houllier".

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