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It's 5.40 pm, gua tengah bizi menyiapkan esemen yg suppose kena submit at this time. I skipped Sir Sidek's class, Selected Poems in English. Sorry sir, ni tengah buat lah ni. It's raining cats and dogs out there, macam takde can je nak bola petang nih. Watever. It's raining and raining is consider as rahmat from Allah. Tapi terkilan jugak sebab gua takde can nak gelecek sepam dua, shooting sepam dua or tackling sepam dua. Gua stumble, I cant think of anything. Gua tak tau apa lagi nak taip. Baru 1, 411 words. Sir Sidek asks us to analyse two poems not less than 5,000 words. Gua rasa nak nangis.

As usual, gua bukak firefox untuk menghilangkan tekanan. Gua usha fesbuk, gua usha nuffnang. Eh, baru 50sen. Haha. Macam biasa, gua mesti surf liverpoolfc dot tivi. Gua terkesima, breaking news !?

Liverpool Football Club today announces that the Board has agreed the sale of the Club to New England Sports Ventures (NESV).

New England Sports Ventures currently owns a portfolio of companies including the Boston Red Sox, New England Sports Network, Fenway Sports Group and Roush Fenway Racing.

Martin Broughton, Liverpool FC Chairman, said:


p/s: I am pleased to hear this news but I'm quite pessimistic about our future owner since he is American also. Gua wish Liverpool FC sihat belaka. Hari ni gua ponteng kelas Sir Sidek sebab gua tak siap esemen. Sori sir, InsyaAllah malam ni gua all out so that I can submit the assignment tomorrow. Sorry sir. You are the great.

2 tukang kipas:


October 6, 2010 at 11:04 PM

takde alasan lagi la nak cakap masalah performance sebab board . good luck Liverpool !


October 7, 2010 at 12:09 AM

haha. more or less. at least a season to make the major changes.

KAmon Liverpool !

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