Daily Mirror 29 October 2009

Liverpool are reportedly planning to take advantage of Valencia's crippling financial problems by moving for the £16million-rated Spanish left winger Juan Mata next summer.

But what do you need to know about the man known as Juanin? Dan Silver reveals all...

1) Juan Manuel Matija Mata García was born in Burgos, northern Spain, on April 28, 1988. His father (and current agent), also called Juan Mata, played professionally for Real Oviedo, and so little Juanin naturally joined that club as a nine year-old.

2) A prodigious talent, he moved to Real Madrid three years later and quickly became the rising star of their various youth teams. In his last season as a Juvenil, Mata rattled in an impressive 18 goals.

3) He further enhanced his reputation playing for Real Madrid Castilla - Los Merengues' reserve team - starring in a side brimming with talents including Negredo, Jurado, Alberto Bueno, Granero, and Antonio Adan. Mata finished his final season as second-highest top scorer, chipping in with nine goals.

4) He didn't just excel on the pitch in Madrid, either. While at the club Mata studied journalism at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Presumably this makes him that rare player who can make the headlines on the pitch - and then write them up himself afterwards.

5) He agreed to sign for Valencia in March 2007, a move that is still a cause of some regret to Madrid fans to this day. Indeed, an increasingly vocal number of fans would like to see Juanin return as a replacement for Arjen Robben.

6) He was an immediate hit at Valencia, where his goals - two in the semi against Barcelona, and one in the final against Getafe - helped secure the 2008 Copa del Rey. Understandably he was voted the club's Best Young Player after his first season.

7) He's gone on to make 87 appearances for Los Che and scored 25 goals in the process.

8) His international breakthrough came at the 2006 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship, where Mata's four goals in five games helped Spain win the title. He made his Under-21 bow two months before his 19th birthday in a friendly against England.

9) He made his senior debut in March 2009, coming on as a sub in Spain's 1-0 World Cuq qualifier win over Turkey, and scored his first in a 3-0 win against Estonia. You can watch video of that strike below...

10) His father went on record last July to say that Valencia would not sell Mata in response to stories in the Spanish press that Barcelona were about to make a move. Since then, however, Valencia have fallen on hard times, and if Liverpool were to come calling with some serious money next summer, they might find it harder to resist...

This story has been reproduced from today’s media. It does not necessarily represent the views or position of Liverpool Football Club.

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One Piece 562 [Pirate Great Swirling Spider Squad] is OUT !!!

Never thought that there is a traitor among Whitebeard pirates!!! Damn!!
Come on Luffy!! Save your brother!!!

p/s: I wonder what happen to Luffy's crew...

Carling Cup - Arsenal vs Liverpool

The game started early in the morning...around 3-4am. I am not sure how many times did I yawn [dua belas kali kot..ngantuk siot!]. I had to read some of the previous One Piece manga, to prevent myself from getting into 'sleep' mode.

Gaya Merida meraikan jaringannya dengan muka ala2 bongkak skit...

Someone knocked my door, it was farid a.k.a Gunners maniac [merangkap coursemate aku], asking me to join him watching the match using his laptop [pakai Sopcast, kinda annoying sbb kadang2 sangkut]. We were expecting another Gunners fan a.k.a my housemate to join us but he felt asleep earlier than I thought. [Dah kejut banyak kali..jgn salahkan aku kalau tak kejut!]
I started to watch that match at the 30th minute [tunggu laptop habis scan spyware, ader 2 plak malware sangkut!]. I missed both goals from the 1st half but I managed to watch Insua spectacular long shot. [Lawa sial gol mamat nih!]

Kelam kabut didepan pintu gol Liverpool. Ntah apa la ko buat Kyrgiakos..nak sebut nama pon susah. Yang ko sedap baring situ pehal?

It was fun to watch young lads such as Spearing, Plessis and Ngog to play on that match. Actually I was so eager to watch Aquilani to play but he came as a substitute. Kinda fair to him because he just recovered from an injury [6 bulan beb tak main...kena hati2]

Plessis mengayam2kan Bendter tapi itu cuma gaya sahaja. hahaha...

I noticed that recently Skrtel's performances are below par, mcm senang je kena beat dgn fowards. Bounce back Skrtel!
We lost fairly to the Gunners, just kinda dissapointed with few of referee's decisicions. One on Voronin's offside and one on Senderos's hand ball. [Penat je Aquilani aku gulung kaw2..kena tangan Senderos plak!]

Match ended, we lost against a better team. Though that was only a Carling Cup match, it's still a match and as a Liverpool's supporters, I want a win. Still, we managed to get something from this match. Babel get his full match alongside Cavelieri, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos and others.

Alberto Aquilani made his debut as a second-half substitute in Liverpool's 2-1 defeat at Arsenal in the Carling Cup.

Liverpool: Cavalieri, Insua, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos, Degen, Babel, Plessis, Spearing, Kuyt (captain), Voronin, Ngog. Subs - Reina, Aquilani, Benayoun, Darby, Dossena, Eccleston, Sanchez Ayala

Arsenal: Fabianski, Gibbs, Senderos, Silvestre (captain), Gilbert, Merida, Ramsey, Eastmond, Nasri, Bendtner, . Subs - Bartley, Coquelin, Frimpong, Randall, Sunu, Szczesny, Watt

Azan berkumandang menandakan waktu subuh.

I just want to say that "STOP THAT STUPID @#$% ANNOYING SIREN!!!"

p/s: ader siren bodoh kat blok E KAB, bunyi yg sgt annoying dari start match sampai sekarang nih, 6.54am. Nak subuh pon tak khusyuk!

Photos taken from Soccernet, and Eurosport. Thanks a lot!

Live! Liverpool vs MenYoo

Piece of cake...huh!

-This week is the study week for UPSi so most of us go back to their 'kampung'.

-My roomate a.k.a MenYoo fan and I decided to follow Azhar a.k.a Gunners fan go back to his kampung at Selama, Perak. Also together with us were Brommy and Pe-Dot [Im not sure which fan are they]

-We went to 'jeram' [Im not sure the name of the 'jeram']. 5 of us 'merempit' together [jahanam rosak moto ex5 aku masuk hutan]. The 'jeram' was quite good, thrill enough to test our swimming and diving skills. [Nasib baik tak jadi arwah,malas aku nak citer sbb aku mmg malas]

-That night we went to Kak Wan's restaurant [tak pasti nama kedai tu] to watch EPL match between Liverpool and MenYoo. It was 9pm and we thought the match will be at that time. Then my older brother told me that the match will be at 9.55pm! Demmit!! Ktrong dah order tapi match lambat lagi nak start!?

Oi..pervert! pegang2 bahu lak...

-Shameless we were but who cares! Dengan menggunakan skill-tanpa-malu-duk-kedai-lama2, we ordered few drinks [air panas skit sbb lmbt minum]
-The game started at 10pm and we gave full attention to 14inch television [time tu tak perasan ader skrin besar kat luar..cis!]
-End of 1st half, still 0-0. [Dalam hati terpikir, ader can nak menang nih..mcm fight je even without Gerrard]
-The 2nd half then started so does our attention to that 14inch television again. 65th minute! Torres scored! Weeeeehhhhhooo0o0o00wwwWWww !! Amek kau! Terdiam seketika roomate aku a.k.a MenYoo fan.
-3rd consecutive sending off for Vidic [main kasar mamat nih..padan muka!]
-David Ngod settels it at the 90th minute. Game over MenYo0!

Peluk bro..jangan tak peluk! [Jauh lak Reina lari naik atas]

-Went home with smile, still smiling until now.Hahahaha!!

Player Ratings: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United

Torres and Ngog two-good for United...


Reina - 7 - Excelled in his role as sweeper, charging out to any balls hit over the top of his defence. Dealt calmly with anything that came his way, although he had few saves to make.

Johnson - 6 - Quiet performance from the England man. Rarely got beyond the half way line, and seemed short of full match fitness

Carragher - 7 - The Carragher of old made a re-appearance. Tenacious in the tackle and always there to fire his team mates up. Lucky to stay on the pitch after he pulled over Owen when he was charging down on goal.

Agger - 6 - Could have been pulled up for a barge on Giggs in the box. Was otherwise solid, if not spectacular.

Insua - 5 - His lack of pace and height made him an obvious target for United. Couldn't keep a lid on Valencia and offered little going forward.

Lucas - 7 - Broke up play with aplomb, much to the frustration of United. He bends the rulebook, but that's what a central midfielder should do. Still needs to work on his distribution.

Mascherano - 6 - Made Liverpool a spiky opponent in the middle and harried Scholes all afternoon. His emotions boiled over as he was sent off for a second yellow in injury time.

Benayoun - 7 - Offered his usual invention and conjured up the chance that Torres was happy to take.

Kuyt - 6 - A bundle of energy and a constant annoyance to the visitor's rearguard. His high energy, low quality display left a little to be desired in the final third, though.

Aurelio - 7 - Offered Insua a lifeline with his diligent tracking back and provided an attacking threat to boot. Unlucky to not find the back of the net with a header and a free kick.

Torres - 8 - Always looking to summon the moment of inspiration to change the game and found it past the hour mark. His pace and strength was too much for Ferdinand to handle. Deserved his goal after leading the line expertly.


Ngog - 7 - Killed off United's hope with a calmly taken goal deep in to injury time.

Skrtel - n/a


Van der Sar - 8 - Has timed his return to fitness to perfection. Made several fantastic saves, was calm in possession and charged out to catch any high balls.

O'Shea - 6 - Decent show from the Irishman as he linked well with the impressive Valencia.

Ferdinand - 5 - May have a few regrets when watching his part in Torres' goal. Let him have a yard of space, which is more than enough for the Spaniard to strike.

Vidic - 5 - Given his marching orders for the third time in a row against Liverpool after a block on Kuyt. Played reasonably well otherwise and a soft first booking proved his undoing

Evra - 5 - Not at his best. Booked early for a wild lunge on Torres and gave the ball away a number of times in dangerous positions.

Valencia - 7 - A new found confidence saw him breeze past Insua every time. He delivered a number of measured crosses, from which Rooney almost found the back of the net in the first half. Rattled the bar towards the end of the match.

Carrick - 6 - Better half of United's under-par central midfield. Calm in possession, but that wasn't enough when his team cried out for a source of inspiration.

Scholes - 4 - Lucas and Mascherano's pace sent him off kilter and he didn't seem comfortable on the Anfield pitch. Hooked for Nani.

Giggs - 6 - Played game on the periphery as the battle took place in the centre. Still had flashes of class and played a part in Johnson's failure to supplement Liverpool's attack.

Berbatov - 6 - Non-event of a match for the Bulgarian as he failed to get involved. Booked for a wild lunge in first half and brought off for Owen.

Rooney - 6 - Looked a yard short of his best as Ferguson's decision to bring him back for today failed to come off.


Owen - 6 - Added an extra threat for the visitors and his ability to sniff out a chance led to Carragher hauling him down.

Nani - n/a

Matt Monaghan, UK

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Rock The World 9 akan diadakan pada 19 Disember 2009 di Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Apesal aku rasa lain jer Rock The World Kali ni. List-list band yang perform belum lagi diberi tapi memang kompom tarikh kat flyer tu 19.12.2009 dan tiket sudah boleh diperolehi dengan harga RM25 di cawangan Music Valley, Rock Corner dan Extreme Outlet. Kalau Rock The World hari tu ada dua stage je kan tapi kali ni 3 stages disediakan dan lebih dari 50 Band akan perform.

p/s: Kinda awkward to see RTW with this kind of flyer. Mcm ader something missing je...

King Of Fighters The Movie

Can you imagine Sean Faris [mcm nama aku...siot] playing Kyo Kusanagi role in this movie?? That is not so "Kusanagi" at all !!!! cant they get a Asian guy to play Kyo?
Kyo Kusanagi using a sword??

Iori Yagami with stupid Ice Hockey mask?? What just they did with my favourite character!!!

Maggie Q isn’t even that good looking for Mai Shiranui!

Terry Bogard is.......a CIA Agent?? oiiii...come on la! with stupid 'rempit jacket'??

Here's a picture of what they called Rugal.Damn!

p/s: Are we dealing with a “Dragonball” situation here? Just like what Maggie Q said in this trailer..."It is King Of Fighters..." Kepala otak dia!!

GIG !!! GIG !!! GIG !!!

These are some of the flyers for incoming GIG on November 2009! Watch out!

Woooh00o0o0o0... Kias Fansuri !!! Dun judge them by its name!!

HoHoHo...The Monaco Heart Attack!! Ch-ch-ch-check it out !!!

Ni sape tak kenal band2 nih memang nak kena rm50?? watafark mahal !!!!

Fuhh..antara flyers yg aku suka-suki giler babi...Metal+Grunge+Core+Indie?

Subculture+The Splatters !!! Enuff said!! RM5!!?? peewwwiiiitttttt !!!!

This may be the one of the best gig in November. Can you imagine As-Sahar will be performing?? Naratu?? [Carut lagi bai !!!] Symbiotic In Theory?? [Tak pernah dgr lagi tp member aku ckp band ni mmg sempoi...

Quaint #1

What's inside?

-RAMONES history
-Green River

-The U-Men


-Interviews with local bands (Mediomad & Intifada)
-Sub Pop
-A Little Bit bout Grunge

and many more.....

Editor - KeCiK & Din Panchor

Thanks to Aie, Wan Jepon, Aswan, Emi, Andy and all scene in Seremban and Malaysia also kepada sesapa yg tak pijak, ludah or bakar zine nih. 2nd issue will be out soon!

"The Ramones were loud and fast. They were stubborn, a marvel of bulldog determination and cast-iron pride in a business greased by negotiation and compromise. Once a Ramones, always a Ramones"

Ramones histroy.

p/s: Watafark is QUAINT?? It is a zine produced by two idiots, KeCiK and Din. Their friends also contribute some of their articles. FYI, Quaint means attractive in an unusual or old-fashioned way. Still tak paham? Get lost!!!

Alberto Aquilani Is Eager To Make Liverpool Debut

The Italian full-back says his compatriot is determined to return to action and help the Reds’ cause as soon as possible. In addition, the defender has reiterated his desire to stay at Liverpool...

Liverpool defender Andrea Dossena has confirmed that midfielder Alberto Aquilani is nearing full fitness and could soon play his first game in a Reds shirt.

The ex-Roma man has been sidelined since undergoing ankle surgery last May before completing his switch to the Anfield club, and Dossena is confident the 25-year-old's comeback will help turn around their fortunes.

“Alberto will be back in action in a few weeks,” Dossena said on Radio Incontro.

“He is running and he seems really motivated. I am helping him understand the English football world and I hope he will be back soon. He will be useful.”

Liverpool slipped to eighth place in the Premier League standings last weekend after suffering a 1-0 defeat by Sunderland. The Reds are now seven points adrift of leaders Manchester United.

Dossena is also on the sidelines at the moment but insisted he is ready to fight for his place in the starting XI, refuting reports he is considering a return to Italy.

“I have been out for about a month with an abductor muscle problem and I guess it’s going to be ten more days before I come back,” he explained.

“I am just asking to play regularly, particularly with the World Cup looming.

“There has never been any concrete interest from other teams, especially from Italian clubs.”

Vince Masiello,

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FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009

FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009

Ghana on Top of the World

Football is a game of emotions. Some might say that the lows experienced following a penalty shoot-out defeat are so crushing that an alternative to spot-kicks must be found. But, in contrast, it gives the victors a moment that they will remember for the rest of their lives, especially when they have the majority of their professional careers ahead of them.

It was a David versus Goliath encounter, in historical terms. Ghana, the African challengers who had never lifted the trophy before, met Brazil, four-time winners. A further gulf was added between the two teams when Black Satellites defender, Daniel Addo was shown the red card with just 37 minutes of the game gone.

Eighty-three minutes later, added time notwithstanding, the game needed a penalty shoot-out to separate the two teams, but with the advantage appearing to lie with Brazil, something remarkable happened. With Brazil leading 2-1 on spot kicks, Maicon, the two-goal hero against Germany only needed to score to win the trophy for his team. But the striker blasted the ball high over the bar, giving Ghana the chance.

"I had a feeling that Maicon might miss, or I might have saved his penalty, because he took such a long time to take it," said Black Satellites stopper, Daniel Agyei in an exclusive chat with after the match. "I knew I'd save a couple of penalties, so when I missed, I thought we might have the advantage. This is a win for Africa, not Ghana. I hope it brings people happiness all over the continent. This is our night."

After Dominic Adiyiah scored and Alex Teixeira missed, it was up to Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu to take the match-winning spot-kick. Africa drew its breath. He did not disappoint.

"I knew I was going to score the penalty," he smiled when speaking to" I always had confidence when I stepped up to take it. But during the match when we went down to ten men, we never lost that confidence, we never stopped believing. It's the best moment of my career."
We fought like dogs to win it, but we're world champions and all the tiredness goes away when you climb those steps to collect the gold medal.
Andre Ayew, Ghana captain.

Cue wild celebrations. The players ran to the player, while the technical staff and substitutes embraced as one. Soon it was time to climb the steps at the Cairo International Stadium to receive the trophy from FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. The man leading Ghana up those steps was captain Andre Ayew, who battled through the pain barrier to take part in the game.

"It was absolutely great," he told afterwards. I'd collected the trophy for the team at the African U-20 tournament, but tonight it felt extra special. We fought like dogs to win it, but we're world champions and all the tiredness goes away when you climb those steps to collect the gold medal. To be the first African country to win this cup is absolutely fabulous."

And what of the coach? Sellas Tetteh had a smile as wide as the Nile when stepping off the pitch, but the colourful coach was fulsome of praise for his opponents.

"The two best teams reached the final and it took a sudden-death penalty shoot-out to separate us," he said. "It was a final that had everything: good football, passion, and emotion. But to win it? Well, it's a great feeling. I'm emotional, but I'm happy. We ended this tournament so well and I am so proud of my boys, especially as they were down to ten men for the vast majority of the match."

Triple triumph for Adiyiah
Dominic Adiyiah is destined never to forget the FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009. The Ghana striker ended up with a phenomenal team and individual treble when the awards were handed out after the dramatic final. presents a full analysis of all the accolades after the absorbing event in North Africa.

adidas Golden Ball: Dominic Adiyiah (Ghana)
The Ghanaian marksman topped the poll for Best Player at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2009, amassing 38% of the votes cast by the tournament's accredited media representatives. Adiyiah's star shone brightly in Egypt, not just for his prodigious goalscoring, but also for his ability to pose a permanent threat in the final third and rattle even the most composed of defences. His reward for consistent excellence is the adidas Golden Ball.

adidas Silver Ball: Alex Teixeira (Brazil)
Brazil's Alex Teixeira came off second-best in the nerve-shredding Final, but that in no way takes the gloss off the 19-year-old's accomplished showing in Egypt. A tireless worker with the uncanny ability to turn up in the right place at the right time, he showed bags of talent both as a finisher and a provider.

adidas Bronze Ball: Giuliano (Brazil)
The Brazil captain oozed genuine leadership quality at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, combining the best attributes of a classic playmaker and a hard-working midfield dynamo. Giuliano's dream of the trophy was not to be fulfilled, but he takes home the consolation prize of the adidas Bronze Ball.

adidas Golden Glove: Esteban Alvarado (Costa Rica)
The FIFA Technical Study Group selected the Central Americans' shot-stopper as the best goalkeeper of the tournament, earning him the coveted adidas Golden Glove. Alvarado emerged as a star in a well-balanced team unit, thwarting an array of opposing strikers with a string of fine reaction saves as Costa Rica battled through to the last four. He and his team lost the semi-final and the third-place play-off, but can still be fully satisfied with a creditable showing at the finals.

adidas Golden Shoe: Dominic Adiyiah (Ghana)
Adiyiah finished as top scorer with an impressive eight goals, adding the adidas Golden Shoe to his overall winners' medal and the Golden Ball for best player. The triple triumph emulates the feat achieved by Argentinian hitman Sergio Aguero, who also lifted the FIFA U-20 World Cup trophy, Golden Ball and Golden Shoe in Canada two years ago.

adidas Silver Shoe: Vladimir Koman (Hungary)
The Hungary captain crowned a scintillating performance at the FIFA U-20 World Cup Egypt 2009 by claiming the adidas Silver Shoe. Koman, playing as a pivot in a slightly withdrawn role, racked up five goals and three assists as he made a major contribution to the Hungarians' storming run to third place.

adidas Bronze Shoe: Aaron Niguez (Spain)
The Spaniards packed for home after the Round of 16, but Aaron Niguez netted four times in as many games and laid on another two goals for team-mates. We will never know where he would have finished had the Spaniards avoided elimination, but it was still sufficient to win the adidas Bronze Shoe.

FIFA Fair Play Award: Brazil
Brazil missed out on the trophy by a wafer-thin margin, but they will be at least partly consoled by the FIFA Fair Play Award. The South Americans conducted themselves in a scrupulously fair manner throughout the tournament, and thrilled the crowds with their silky skills too.


Alberto Aquilani Will Be A Star At Liverpool - Andrea Dossena

Italian backs compatriot to impress Kop...

Liverpool defender Andrea Dossena has tipped his Italian compatriot Alberto Aquilani for success at Anfield.

The left-back believes that the summer signing from Roma possesses all the qualities necessary to perform well in the Premier League.

"He has the quality to adapt because he is very clever," Dossena told the Reds' official website.

"He understands the football here and knows how to make the right decision on the ball quickly.

"When you're in a match in England, you don't have a lot of time on the ball. You have to think before the ball comes to you.

"In Italy you have a few seconds to think and look up, but here you only have a second and then have to play the ball because you'll have two or three opponents closing you down.

"But Alberto is very excited about playing for Liverpool and he wants to experience a new kind of football.

"He is a great player. I can't wait to see him in the Premier League."

Aquilani underwent ankle surgery in the summer, and is yet to make his Liverpool debut since his £19 million summer switch from Serie A.

Dossena has no anxieties about his ability to make an impact once fully fit, though.

"He will be an important player for us. With Alberto, we can do something different with our formation," he added.

"He can play in the middle or between the lines alongside Stevie, and they can create something different for Liverpool."

"I am happy we have signed him because he is a good lad, a great player and I am sure he will have a lot of success at the club."

Zack Wilson, UK

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World Cup Qualifying - Palermo rescues Argentina

Argentina kept their World Cup hopes alive, but they needed a Martin Palermo goal deep into stoppage-time to secure a 2-1 win over Peru.

Gonzalo Higuain fired Argentina ahead on his international debut but Peru scored an injury-time leveller through Hernan Rengifo to stun the Monumental.

However, with rain lashing down and time running out, Palermo was on hand to stab home a corner from close range to spark uncontrolled scenes of joy - with Diego Maradona sliding across the turf on his stomach such was his relief.

With Ecuador losing at home to Uruguay, Argentina climb into the automatic qualification places but face a decider with Uruguay on Wednesday.

Maradona bowed to pressure and selected Real Madrid man Higuain and the decision paid off as the forward looked like Argentina's most likely source of a goal throughout, although he was somewhat profligate in the first half.

Argentina set up camp in the Peru half and after a number of bright moves were snuffed out, the energetic Angel Di Maria burst down the left and cut the ball back along the six-yard line for Higuain. The Real Madrid man came on to the ball and made clean contact, but somehow he slammed the ball wide.

A couple of minutes later, Higuain broke free of the Peru defence and into the box, but struck his shot into the ground and Leao Butron made the save with his boot.

Lionel Messi was at the heart of Argentina's attacking play but his only real chance came on 41 minutes when he sent a vicious drive a yard wide of the far post.

Peru caused Argentina real concern at the start of the second half, as a superb corner move from Nolberto Solano to Juan Vargas saw the latter crash a volley against the bar.

Maradona opted to recall Pablo Aimar from the international wilderness and the move paid dividends on 48 minutes as the midfielder created the opening goal.

His run from deep attracted defenders and he slipped a glorious pass into the path of Higuain and on this occasion his finish was an unerring, crisp strike into the bottom corner from 12 yards.

Instead of pressing home their advantage, Argentina retreated into their shell and invited Peru into the game.

The conditions were atrocious in the final 20 minutes, as wind and rain lashed the Monumental, and Rengifo took advantage of some shocking Argentina defending to head home a leveller.

The goal sparked Argentina into life and Palermo, another player brought in from the wilderness, popped up at the far post to turn home a corner three minutes into stoppage-time. Maradona dashed across the field before sliding face first along the sodden turf and it was clear what the goal meant to the whole of Argentina.

There was still time for further drama as Peru hit the bar from the kick-off, but Maradona's side held on and are now in pole to qualify.

Diego Forlan scored a stoppage-time penalty as Uruguay claimed a 2-1 win at Ecuador. Antonio Valencia had given Ecuador the lead, only for Luis Suarez to level and all this before Forlan slammed home a superb penalty.

Ecuador drop from fourth to sixth in the standings and now trail Uruguay by a point.

Chile ran out impressive 4-2 winners in Colombia to book their place in the World Cup finals.

Salvador Cabanas and Oscar Cardozo were on target as already-qualified Paraguay won 2-1 at Venezuela.


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English Premier League: Chelsea vs Liverpool

Check out all the facts and stats ahead of Chelsea's Premier League clash with Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea are unbeaten in their last 14 Premier League home games since losing to Arsenal in November 2008.

Fernando Torres has scored nine goals in his last eight Premier League matches.

The Reds have scored 56 goals in their last 18 Premier League matches since they last failed to find the net (v Middlesbrough in February).

Liverpool have drawn only one of their last 19 Premier League matches.

Liverpool have scored 22 and conceded 10 goals in the league this season both record highs for the club after seven Premier League matches.

Only two of the seven teams who have had 18 points or more after seven Premier League games have gone on to win the title one of those was Chelsea though in 2005-06.

The Blues have averaged 26 shots per game in the top-flight this season, Liverpool are second with 22 per game.

The Reds have scored a joint-league-high six goals in the final 15 minutes of matches in the league this season.

All but one of the 10 goals Liverpool have shipped in the league this season have come from set pieces.

Chelsea have fired in the most shots (127), but Liverpool have mustered the most shots on target (65).

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Indie Oh Indie! Part One

Wow! itu lah perkataan pertama utk artikel ini..heh,tak sangka aku masih lagi menulis walaupon dah lama habis zaman persekolahan..masa sekolah dulu masing2 tak sabar nak habis sekolah sbb nak rasa freedom,skrg rasa rindu plak...rindu kat kwn2,rindu kat cikgu,rindu kat rotan,rindu nak berbaris kat perhimpunan,rindu nak main bola kat padang masa pendidikan jasmani...i really miss the old days..

Orait,intro dah habis...time to get serious,fenomena indie semakin menjadi-jadi kebelakangan ini..ini gambaran sedikit masa zaman aku membesar dulu..

Korang perasan tak? kita ni hidup bergantung kepada trend,lepas tak tau la aku trend apa plak..indie? apa tu? it is a short term for independent...maksudnya adalah kebebasan,freedom ataupon mampu berdikari...kenapa ada music indie? masing2 ada pendapat not a musician sbb haprak satu instrumen pon aku tak tau main... bagi aku indie for music is not a genre,ianya lebih kepada kelahiran musik itu sendiri,dari pembuatan lagu,rakaman hinggalah kepada pendengar,semuanya d.i.y, do it yourself... isu lepas aku ader preview pasal d.i.y nih..dalam dunia bwh tanah ni, kita sendiri yg release dan tributekan stuff2 kita sendiri tanpa bantuan dari dunia luar apatah lagi dari badan2 korporat...kaedah ini mengelakkan dari hasil/idea kita dari diperdagangkan oleh pihak2 yg hanya memikirkan hasil..itu bagi aku la,tak tau la bg otai2 diluar sana...ini pendapat aku sendiri,indie is not a genre for music..

sekarang kecoh dgn band hujan,meet uncle hussein,bittersweet yg dikatakan sbg pejuang indie...aku sendiri pon tak tau mcm mana nak mengklasifikasikan musik indie nih..kalo metal dgn bunyi kerasnya,ska/reggae dgn kerancakannya dan pop dgn kelembutannya.. indie? hujan dgn bittersweet tak sama pon? the times dgn bittersweet tak sama pon? masing-masing hebat dan kreatif dgn karya masing2...aku sendiri rasa sgt bangga kerana mereka berjaya menembusi pasaran industri muzik yg dikuasai oleh muzik2 yg penuh dgn nilai komersial dgn irama yg mengasyikkan...tapi ada sesetengah dari kita yg mengagung2kan cara hidup indie...aku indie so aku merdeka,bebas apa nak buat!! bebas korang cakap?? sedih aku bila ada org ckp mcm ni...lagi2 bdak2 skolah,duit blanja pon mak bapak bagi inikan pulak bebas...

indie sbg fesyen? aku bukan nak menyalahkan mereka,tapi kenapa mereka mengikut arus indie ni hanya utk bergaya? ada mereka nak memperjuangkan apa yg sepatutnya diperjuangkan? tidak...mereka hanya memakai tshirt band2 indie dan berkasut converse kemudian berlagak sbg true-indie. bagi aku,muzik merupakan medium utk menyampaikan mesej dan mewujudkan kesedaran terhadap persekitaran kita.

Apa lagi perlu aku kata? ntah la...aku bangga dgn pencapaian anak-anak muda dgn idea mereka,walaupon rebellious tp tak sgt obvious,mereka bijak dan masih berjiwa patriotik. Namun aku juga hampa dgn sesetengah anak muda kita yg menjadikan trend masa kini sbg panduan hidup mereka yg disangkanya bebas semuanya...bangkitlah wahai anak2 muda,bangun dari mimpi mu...jadilah seorang yg berguna utk agama,bangsa dan negara!

1st Sem+2nd Sem in UPSI

End of 1st year...What did I get? experienced?

-Hari register, selamba pakai tshirt ngan selipar..kena sound ngan brader senior suruh gi tukar baju formal..hampeh...dah la dpt baju batik saiz besar giler babeng...
-Orientation the only person from n9..haha..sengal btol..
-Kenal2 ngan housemate ngan se-wing ngan aku...
-Dapat id card yang agak mengeciwakan...
-Went for lecture, meeting coursemates - 13 person including me.. Alhamdulillah,all of them were super sempoi+sporting+talkative

-First day main bola kat padang terus injured..cannot play football for a month..kena pangkak ngan Ryan [hampeh lu mat...]
-Tengkiu for our lecturers..

Mr Siva [suka sgt ckp "terrible people..."]

Ms Hasimah [sgt horror tp last few weeks baru tau kenape beliau sgt meng-horor-kan kami..tengkiu miss]

Tuan Hj Nazri [lecturer Sahsiah yg sgt-sgt-sgt terer influence kitorang, the only class yg aku slalu balik awal,pukul 9.30 dah cabut]

Madam Azizah [My "mom" yg sgt suka kucing]

Sir Rozaidy [lecturer yg ktrong tak pernah nmpk dia marah, the only lecturer who called me "KeCiK"]

Madam Napisah [Grammar master from Oxford yg sgt baik hati sbb bagi kami rehat lama-lama a.k.a 40 minit]

-Rumah xde air...mandi dgn air bomba kat tingkat 5...bajet nak jadikan alasan masuk lmbt kelas Linguistics tp rasakan...kena halau !!! hahahhahah...

Wing 2 Level 5 [1st Semester]

-Dpt housemates yg sempoi giler..
Azli, klantanese yg sgt pendiam dan selalu kejut aku bangun subuh..
Azhar, se-coursemate yg tua setahun..ader moto LC yg sgt laju,itu kata beliau..
Hamdi, future guru kaunseling from klantan yg sgt anti Liverpool aku..
Fakarudin, satu2nya ustad kat wing ktrong...antara peserta yg gagal dlm akademi nasyid..
Casey, guy from Kapit yg sgt terer main gitar...blanje ktrong makan sebelum balik Kapit..caya lah Casey !!!

-Hari terbuka KAB, menjadi antara photographer..pakai kamera SLR wooo...dpt makan free ngan tshirt free..yahoooo000ooo

-Masuk library sbb kena paksa review jurnal by Ms Hasimah..sakit wei nak review jurnal...

-Laptop pertama yg di-format oleh aku ialah laptop Casey..

-Seharian tak tdo sbb g slim river teman member buat repot dompet hilang..pagi tu Liverpool lwn Chelsea, kalah lak tu kat Anfield !!!

-Sekali miss tak g solat jumaat..tu la,tdo lagi...kan da ter-miss...

-Dpt sambut besday Cheng2 a.k.a my coursemate, we celebrate it at Proton City, it was a great day for us..sori Cheng2 sbb taruk tepung banyak2...budak ni yg suruh

-We also celebrate Juhin's besday...Praven was the mastermind of this plan...habis rumah kosong wing kami menjadi "platform" prank kami..

Tengkiu guys...that was nice! Dpt bantal spiderman!

-Bsok ader paper final grammar tp sempat lagi celebrate Praven's besday...kalo tak silap ader lebih 5 baldi air kami guna+tepung 2 paket...

-Baik punya plan nak pegi Langkawi during semester holiday tp hampeh, masing2 ader Lata Kinjang is our target after meeting for 5 hour..hahaha..joking!!!

Aksi beregu acara lompat bebas bersama Azhar...

Classmates..muka masing2 cover penat...

Jgn tiru aksi ini tanpa pengawasan rakan sekelas...

-Ingatkan hepi keta rosak !!! keta sewa lak tu...thanks for all coursemates yg sudi menghulurkan duit...ahhahahahaha !!!!

Time keta rosak..line tepon plak xder...cipan btol!

-Final exam yg sgt memeritkan..bdak2 TESL yg balik paling last...KAB ngan KZ sgt sunyi sepi...3 hari straight minum air gelas besar,balik je carik toilet...

-2nd semester nyer housemate not bad faces, Amin and Amir, sometimes I called them the wrong name. Chait...

-Dapat drop CALL subject tp kena add SLA plak...siput sungguh.

-All of us from TESL class were separated into different class for EC nasib baik classmates aku for EC II sgt familiar coz few of them are my close buddies...nice!

-Kelas Literature yg sgt 'memorable' !!! Satu batch tak g TESL nite, amek kau..kena hell fire ngan Dr...rasakan!

Making our version of 'Mariah' tp tak jadi...hahahahah...

-Kelas Kenegaraan yg sgt boring...I only attend the class for 3 times only for this semester..for the mean time la,next week kena gak g coz ada presentation..

-Sakit tangan+jari sbb taip assignment falsafah sebanyak 18 mukasurat!! sebenarnya tak penat sgt sbb pakai skill plagerize.

-Our lecturer for Writing Skills is so cool...cayalah Sir Zain !!!

-The only class yang aku passive giler ialah kelas SLA coz most of my classmates for that class are from senior student..luckily farid is there with me.

-Tetiba di-lantik mengepalai kumpulan B for Pengurusan Ko, sgt memeningkan coz aku paling tak suka mengarah org apatah lagi buat keja byk2. Experience...experience....

Pengurusan KoKo Kumpulan B

-2nd semester has taught me to be tougher and tougher, stronger and stronger, and of course, more friends!!! how lucky I am...Alhamdulillah...

-Spend time sahur, buka and terawikh with my friends are such a pleasureable moment.

-Hopefully these happy times will continue till end of my study. InsyaAllah.

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