Liverpool 0 Fulham 0 !!??

Benitez rues missed opportunity

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez insisted the frustrating 0-0 draw with Fulham at Anfield on Saturday was "an opportunity lost".The hosts laboured against a well-organised side, who took only their second away point of the campaign.

"It was a bad day, we did not have enough energy and we did not pass the ball well enough," said Benitez.

"And then when we got back into the dressing room we discovered that Chelsea had drawn and Arsenal had lost.

"Those results would have been good for us had we won this one. I would assume Chelsea feel the same way about our result and Arsenal's defeat."

He added: "We had a situation when maybe five players were well below their best. The players who had been away with their countries looked tired.

"I know the crowd were calling for Xabi Alonso to come on but he had played 90 minutes for Spain and we needed fresh legs.

"When he did come on Fulham pressurised him straight away. In don't think one man makes that much difference in such circumstances, when so many other players are off-form you cannot expect one player to change things."

My opinion on these match;

-no creativity between Mascherano and Lucas,they are ball-winner,not a great passer

-Robbie Keane getting deeper and deeper to get the ball

-Torres sure work a lot for bringing the ball inside the penalty box, he doesnt get the right ball from the our midfielder

-Babel and Nabil, two late substitutions that doesnt improve the game

-naseb baik pon ader sbb chelsea seri
-rasa rugi pon ader bcoz we could lead them by 3 points, imagine this; we win against fulham,chelsea and manure draw with their opponent and arsenal lost against should be a great day for us...
-i hate to see lil chief and lucas playing at the same time,they are ball-winner not a great creativity from our midfielders...
-kesian torres kene beat defender semata-mata nak mendapatkan gol..glad to see him fit in that conclusion? poor performance from our to newcastle and villa for being our saviour..haha...

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